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"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."

"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."

Albert Einstein


Technology is a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn't have to experience it.
-- Max Frisch

Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic.
-- Thomas Szasz

  1. Technology Out Now / Soon
  2. Deepak Chopra - Science, Spirit & Synchronisity
  3. Wayne Dyer - Subatomic connections
  4. Naessens - Dark Field Microscope,
  5. Nikola Tesla - Tachyon Energy
  6. Space Exploration - wormholes, black holes
  7. Quantum Science - East meets West?
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New products out soon / now;
(archive 2002)

  • Teleportation - holographic technology - similar in Star Trek
  • anti gravity
  • nano technology - tiny technology on the head of a pin!
  • infinite memory storage - spiral golden mean ratio technology
  • Fridge with TV - telling you what's in the fridge, Internet Access, Camera and MP3 player - out noe
  • World's largest Plasma TV - out in 2002, uses less electricity
  • Robotic Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner back pack, for people with back problems
  • mini mp3 players
  • smallest remote control cars
  • night vision video cameras
  • various pin-hole camera surveillance systems - camera and transmittor in wall clock, bug in calculator, or bug in phone that is activated when rung

Technology has no bounds and we really are living in a dynamic technological age. 'Blue Tooth' technology is seeping into everyday products. Watch out for blue tooth mobile accessories eg. headsets with no wires ( radio waves replace wires),

We will be able to replace any organ in our bodies with real living tissue. Tissue re-engineering has already grown an ear on a mouse!! For real! Good news for smokers!!

Well the above is the technology we already know about, what about the military intelligence (amazing aircraft) which is 10 - 20 years ahead of us now!

Forget that! what about secret governent intelligence - according to Bob Frissell they are at least 100 years ahead of anything we see now!

In the Future:

Light and colout will be increasingly used for healing.

Numbers of hospitals will decrease as people learn to heal themselves and others.

Staying young and healthy is increasingly important - everyone will live until 150! But that's not necessarily that good because the world is already overpopulated.

When the amount of information / technology available to us becomes too great (infinite) we may actually stop being what it means to be human!

Singularity Theory - Prediction for 2035 - based on rate of growth of information available,

...making a sharp distinction between modern science and spirituality is a mistake.

Deepak Chopra - Science, Spirit & Synchronisity

Both points of view are interested in discovering the unity that underlies the apparent disconnections that surround us. Spirituality is based on the idea that there's more to life than meets the eye. Modern science is also based on this. In the twentieth century, science has taught us that a material world that seems solid and tangible is actually made up of mostly empty space and pure energy. Our physical bodies are really material expressions of light - and so is everything else. Our bodies are both receivers and transmitters of the light energy that is around us at every moment, and all of this happens completely outside our conscious awareness and perception. There are a great many other aspects of the physical world that you don't perceive ....

Wayne Dyer

"Research at the subatomic quantum level reveals an invisible connection between all particles and all members of a given species. This oneness is being demonstrated in remarkable scientific discoveries. The findings show that physical distance, what we think of as empty space, does no preclude a connection by invisible forces. Obviously there exist invisible connections between our thoughts and our actions. We do not deny this, even though the connection is impervious to our senses."

"The non-spiritual being cannot make such a leap, but the spiritual being knows that this invisible force connects him to all others, and therefore treats all others as if they were a part of himself. It is all a question of knowing. The non-spiritual being acts as if he were an island, separate and distinct from others, unconnected. Plainly stated, miracles and real magic are simply unavailable to those who believe themselves to be islands in the sea of humanity. " from Wayne Dyer's Book 'Real Magic'

full article


Naessens & Dark Field Microscope

According to Naessens, an ecological framework exists within the body by which micro-organisms are molded and within which is the impetus for mammalian cell division. The theory was developed from his observations through the special dark field microscope he invented which provides greater magnification than the ordinary light microscope. This instrument also allows the visualizing of living organisms rather than the killed and fixed ones required for electron microscope viewing.

Using a combination of Laser and ultraviolet technology, he developed the instrument called the "Somatoscope" that permits the observation of living organisms up to a magnification of 30,000 times with a resolution of 150 angstroms.


Nikola Tesla

At the turn of the 19th century, scientist Nikola Tesla thought about harnessing gravity field energy (same as chi).

Tesla discovered cosmic rays in 1896 and is known for introducing to the world alternating current - the basis of all electric motors and modern electrical devices.

In 1930 Nikola Tesla was able to drive a Pierce Arrow (a standard modern car of it's time) at 90 miles an hour with zero pollution and zero fuel costs, he was also able to jar an entire block of houses, by creating an artificial earthquake, in New York City by tapping into the tachyon Energy Field.



The term, gravitonics, is used as proportional to electronics. Electronics is the technology with the use of Electro Magnetic Waves(EMW), whereas Gravitonics is the technology with the use of GraviTational Waves(GTW). EMW is horizontal, whereas GTW is vertical. With GTW of much higher frequency than EMW, we will be able to build a perfect harmonious civilization on the earth. According to Dr. Hideo Seki, gravitonics is the technology of the super ultra elements of graviton for health, environment, and the new clean energy source.

Graviton can beSuperLight, A Nuous, Chi, Biomagnetic Energy, Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy, Tesler's Free Earth Energy, Animal Magnetism, Space Energy, Vacuum Energy, Zero Point Energy, Qi, Life Force, NeutrinoCetc. with different names depending on different cultures and different fields(by John Milewski).


John Milewski

These are the strongest, and most perfect materials in the World ! They are 10 times stronger than piano wire, fiberglass and carbon or boron, the aerospace materials. I will describe how I grow these crystals and what I am doing in the lab a little further into this paper and how this technology will fit into converting the energy of SuperLight into useful energy source for every day.

SuperLight is magnetic light; it is magneto-electric radiation. Regular light is electric light or electro-magnetic radiation. There is parity or symmetry the Universe, everything has an equal and opposite mirror-image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and anti matter, the electron and the positron. Why not light? Both science and metaphysics have honored this parity law in all things except light. They are wrong. There is parity in light as well !

Harnessing SuperLight Will Give Us An Infinite Supply of Non-Polluting Energy

Gravitational Waves (c) Masakazu Karita

Space Exploration

At the moment the only habitable planets in our solar system are Mars and Earth. Even so mars is a bit cold and has no atmosphere. Mars used to have life but a catastrophy changed that!

Astronauts are no longer in demand for long journeys as machines can be sent instead.

The Hubble telescope, sent into orbit about 10 years ago, 2 metres in diameter, has an amazing view. Clarity is improved because the telescope is outside our atmosphere.

A black hole is a massive star that is so big that light can't escape because it is drawn in by the gravity of the star.

A wormhole is a pathway to another dimension - a parallel universe. This means that there is another version of you, but taking a slightly different path in life. (So Gods sees all the infinite paths you can take in life at one moment in time). This phenomena could explain deja-vu and flashbacks!

So in case of emergency if we just find the nearest wormhole!. Or perhaps when the Sun expands and it's too hot to live on Earth, we can back pack to Mars or Pluto because they might be warm enough then!

Note: there are already secret underground bases, - on the dark side of the moon and on Mars (According to Bob Frissel - see Zecharia Sitchinl)

Now there's a problem with NASA, in that the data coming in is taking 8-10 years to assimilate!

Science is now confirming what ancient tribes / cultures / traditions have known / understood for thousands of years. (Read about Hopi's, quantum physics, sacred geometry)

Just because the available instruments are not capable of measuring 'unseen' phenomena does not mean that the phenomena do not exist.

I feel there needs to be a balance between science and spirituality.

Quantum Mechanics


Triumph and Limitation of Science ?

Quantum Mechanics provides us a key to understand particles, atoms and molecules. Out of which has come molecular biology, genetic engineering, molecular medicine. It explains properties of metals, insulators, superconductors, semiconductors and transistors. And out of that came computers, masers and lasers. It also has profound impact on astrophysics to explain the red giants, white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes and the Universe. It is the base rock on which our twentieth century flourishes. It has been estimated that Quantum Mechanics accounts for over 25% of the GNP of U.S. industrial output. It is the most accurate and precise tools we have ever found for successful description and prediction of the workings of Nature. Using Quantum Mechanics, the g-factor of an electron's magnetism was calculated to be 2 x 1.001159652190.

It took physicists years to come up with this number. For verification, an experiment was performed and the result is 2 x 1.001159652193, amazingly accurate almost to the twelve digits. "There was a time when there was only one man understood the Theory of Relativity, because he was the only guy who caught on before he wrote the paper.... On the other hand, I think I can safely say that Nobody understands Quantum Mechanics !" said Richard Feynman. It works. Ironically, no body knows why. It is because the Quantum knowledge is Indirect Knowledge. The knowledge is not gained through direct experience, rather knowledge is accumulated through numerous Indirect Observations and Measurements. We can know only what our instruments can reveal. It describes something which can never be experienced directly by us in the current scientific way...... The result is that it is absolutely counter-intuitive. "Anyone who is not shocked by the Quantum Theory has not understood it !" claimed Niels Bohr. It is so shocking that it was unacceptable even to Einstein and Schrodinger. Einstein rejected it with the famous saying "God does not play dice !".

Click here to enjoy a quantum leap into the following bizarre world of Quantum :

Point Particle Schrodinger Wave Equation Tunnel Effect Double Slit Experiment Uncertainty Principle EPR Paradox and Bell's Theorem The Schrodinger's Cat In Two Places at the Same Time - Quantum Computer Quantum Cryptography Many Worlds Creation Out of Nothing Theory of Everything

The true face of Nature is protected by this shield of quantum in-comprehensibility. Indirect Knowledge is not and will not be capable to reveal the Nature itself. The quantum knowledge is merely the Nature exposes itself in response to our ways of queries. This limitation is intrinsically embedded in the conventional way of scientific observation.

Unprovable and Undecidable Godel's Incompleteness Theorem Limitation of Mathematics ?

The most influential mathematician in the early part of this century was David Hilbert, who thought that all possible mathematical truths could be captured within some formal system. The goal was widely regarded by mathematicians as extremely difficult but could be reached and it would then serve as the base rock that the mathematics was a reliable system of reasoning. However, his hope were blown away by Kurt Godel, who astonished the mathematical and philosophical world by proving that no formal axiomatic system of mathematics can be at once consistent and complete. Godel showed that such a system cannot be constructed. If our mathematic system is consistent, then it is doomed incomplete.

The Incompleteness Theorem of mathematics clearly shows that the mathematics as a whole, with its infinite scope and content, cannot be captured simply by the axioms and rules of logic. There always exists some mathematical statements expressed in the symbols of the system that cannot be proved by the system. Adding new axioms to an incomplete system can never cure the problem. The mathematical whole is always more than the sum of its parts. Therefore, mathematics - the language of our science, cannot reach closure. A related theorem was also uncovered by Alan Turing and independently by Alonzo Church. They had showed that no procedure or algorithm exists for determining whether or not a Turing Machine (an idealized computer) will ever stop and thus solve, in a finite time, a particular problem posed to it. Thus, not only do undecidable propositions exist, as shown by Godel, but no procedure exists for deciding if a proposition is decidable. Godel himself thought that the implication of his theorem was that human beings cannot be just machine because they can do things no machine can do. More pointedly, at least some part of such a human being cannot be a mere machine or even a huge collection of gadgets. Human minds can perform something that no mere algorithm computing machine can perform. The machine may only imitate impressively the parts but not the whole. As Einstein had once pointed out "as far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to the reality." Not to mention there are infinitive number of other attributes of the world which are simply not quantifiable or computable, such as beauty and ugliness, happiness and misery, intuition and inspiration, compassion and love etc. These are completely outside the grasp of any mathematical Theory of Everything. Since scientific theories are built upon mathematical systems, Incompleteness must be inherited in all our scientific knowledge as well. The Incompleteness Theorem reveals that no matter what progress is made in our science, science can never in principle completely disclose the Nature.

Even if we do manage to construct a Theory of Everything, this theory cannot in principle claim to be a Complete, Final, Ultimate theory. The True Knowledge of the universe as a Whole is forever beyond the reach of our current conventional Science.

The East Meets The West ???

If you have studied the Eastern philosophy, then some of the above quantum theory may seem quite familiar. Is there any parallelism between the Eastern Wisdom and Western Quantum Theory ??? Since the last few decade or so, some physicists have come to see a relationship between their work and the ideas behind some Eastern philosophy. They believe that the paradoxes, odds, and probabilities as well as the Observer dependent reality, the dynamic cosmic dance of the energy and matter, creation and dissolution cycles, complementarity, role of consciousness, non-emptiness, higher dimensions, interconnectivity or undividable wholeness etc, have all been in the writings of Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Qigong for thousands of years

. They point out that the Quantum Mechanics is merely a re-discovery of the ages old Eastern Wisdom. David Bohm, professor of theoretical physics, was one of these new physicists. He thought our conventional science is a dead end. By understanding the Eastern philosophy, Bohm suggested, physicists can free their mind and grasp the seamless web of the higher reality.

At Cambridge, Brian Josephson, winner of Nobel Prize and one of Hawking's colleagues, also believes that by understanding Eastern philosophy he can gain insights into the true objective reality. "I think it is absolute rubbish," said Dr. Stephen Hawking, our contemporary famous giant in the theoretical physics, whom some have called the most brilliant since Einstein, "the universe of Eastern mysticism is an illusion.

A physicist who attempts to link it with his own work has abandoned physics !"

Can the East and the West ultimately meet in the Quantum World ?

On several occasions Einstein said and wrote, "God does not play dice !" and "the good Lord is subtle, but He is not malicious." Finally Bohr admonished Einstein, "Stop telling God what to do !". Decades later, Dr. Stephen Hawking replied to Einstein, "God not only plays dice, but sometimes he throws them where they cannot be seen." Time and knowledge have at last overtaken Einstein. In 1991 at a scientific symposium, Dr. Hawking proposed a bet for $100 Pounds to Dr. Preskill and Dr. Thorne that there is no such thing as a naked singularity in nature. Because of its far reaching theoretical implications, news of their bet spread among physicists throughout the world. Recently with the power of supercomputer, Dr. Matthew Choptuik concluded from his mathematical analysis that in theory, there could be special circumstances in which a naked singularity might be created from a collapsing black hole. On Feb. 1997, Dr. Hawking finally conceded defeat and has paid up the 100 Pounds, a T-shirt "to cover the winner's nakedness" and a thumb print (see picture) on a concession statement. On the T-shirt, the message reads "Nature abhors a naked singularity". Could Dr. Stephen Hawking also be wrong about Eastern Wisdom when he declared, "Eastern mysticism is an illusion !" ? The great debate of human civilization continues ................

Food for Thought

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to the reality.
Modern science does not claim to possess all knowledge.
It claims to follow the only road to knowledge.
In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities. In the expert's mind there are only few. What we observed, using the current scientific method, is not the nature itself, but nature exposured to our method of questioning.
Emptiness is like water, existence is like its waves.
Do not confuse the moon with the finger that points at it.
The no-mind not-thinks no-thoughts about no-things.
It is not surprising that our language should be incapable of describing the processes occurring, for it was only invented to describe the experiences of our daily life.
One of the most highly developed skill in contemporary Western Civilization is dissection : the split-up problems into their smallest possible components. We are good at it. Soo good, we often forget to put the pieces back together again.
With all the technological advances and changes : Where is the Life we have lost in living ? Where is the Knowledge we have lost in information ? Where is the Wisdom we have lost in knowledge ? Knowing is the measure of a man.
By how much we know, so we are. As the island of our knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance.
He's the Master of Balliol College. What he doesn't know just isn't knowledge.

from - Science, Skeptics and Yan Xin Qigong


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Royal Raymond Rife

(controlled broadcasting of radio frequencies using Photons as the carrier into the body to target unwanted viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast and fungi)

Harry Oldfield - Electrocrystal Therapy

Philidelphia Experiment

Montauk Project

Drunvalo Melchizedek

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