Meaningful Coincidences,
Synchronicity & Synchrodestiny




A Remarkable Coincidence!!

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.
Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both were shot in the head.
Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.
Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners.
Both successors were named Johnson.
Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.
John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy was born in 1939.
Both assassins were known by their three names.
Both names are made of fifteen letters.
Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse.
Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.
And last but not least,
Before Lincoln was shot he was in Monroe, Maryland.
Before Kennedy was shot he was in Marilyn Monroe.


Have you ever thought of someone, and just at that moment they call the phone!

Or have you opened a book on a random page only to find the solution to a current problem.

Or have you switched TV channels at the right moment to find a programmed about something you were interested in.

Or do you keep bumping into or seeing certain friends while you drive or walk about.

Of course you have! On the surface some may pass this off as pure chance but I challenge you to be more aware or these occurences and you will be pleasantly suprised, as when you follow the trail of coincidences you are pleasently rewarded with magical, meaningful even miraculous occurences.

(just as I typed the word 'friends' above - the word friends' was spoken on TV - 6:37pm 17/2/02 and again at 6:38pm when reading the word 'friends' - Ed.)

Esoteric texts refer to the Law of Synchronicity - it is real and has existed as long as time.

In Dutch the word for coincidence is "toeval":
toe = towards
val = to fall

In German it is "zufall", with exactly the same meaning. Something falls towards you out of the blue. So let is start with those coincidences in my life that have to do with encounters. This will give the reader an idea of what it is all about.

"Synchronicity can be defined as a non-causal but meaningful relationship between events or states of mind within the human psyche and events in the outside world. More simply, we could call it the experiences of "meaningful coincidence". We have all had experiences that we intuitively recognize as meaningful, though we would be hard pressed to explain them in rational terms. In fact, these "meaningful coincidences" are not coincidences at all but spontaneous realizations of the underlying interconnectedness of all things within the Universe." Laurence Boldt - Tao of Abundance

As Heraclitus put it, "The unseen design of things is more harmonious than the seen."

James Redfield, in the 'Celestine Prophecy', describes the first insight which is about following meaningful coincidences. Coincidences, if followed through, are seen as away of evolving, to a higher level of vibration. When we are in the flow we experience more synchronous events, more pleasure and less pain. The flow of coincidences is our path to higher ground.

If you bump into someone you have n't met in a long time then it is advisable to stop and talk to them. Be aware of a message that they might have for you. Follow the coincidence through and you'll be amazed, as I am, on a increasingly regular basis!

Coincidences are often a sign that you are going with the flow of life, doing what your heart desires (divine will) and following your in-tuition (inner guidance - gut feeling).

Meaningful Coincidences fill us with a sense of awe, even shock, as we experience more and more unlikely events.

Be prepared to take off!!

'SYNCHRODESTINY' by Deepak Chopra

Dear Friends,

In previous sessions, we've made several very important points about the phenomenon of meaningful coincidence. First, we've stated that this phenomenon is highly significant. Although many people dismiss the importance in their lives, I believe this is because they lack the tools to think about it in any other way. For thousands of years in human history, striking coincidences were taken very seriously. They were seen as omens or messages from the gods. They were carefully interpreted and profound meanings were derived from them.

In my opinion, the fact that we now regard coincidence as insignificant does not mean that our society is intellectually superior. It simply means that we have embraced one way of looking at the world to the exclusion of all others.

Our second point about coincidence is that it is not rare. It is not unusual. It is not an anomaly amid the workings of the world. On the contrary, the entire universe is built on an almost infinite number of incredible improbabilities. Perhaps the greatest of all these improbabilities is our own existence as human beings.

A third point is that meaningful coincidence has a direction. It is a process of manifestation, of unfolding - just as the development of a human embryo is the unfolding of a genetic destiny encoded in the DNA.

The word SynchroDestiny expresses awareness of a developing pattern in the events of our lives. Of course, SynchroDestiny is also more than just awareness. Awareness is not an end in itself.

SynchroDestiny also means understanding and participating in the process of meaningful coincidence. It means lending your attention and intention in order to bring the process to fruition.

When this happens, the result is a phrase that I've used many times in my books and lectures: the spontaneous fulfillment of desire in the field of infinite possibilities. Right now, I want to discuss the different categories of response that are open to you when you encounter a moment of meaningful coincidence. This will illuminate what I mean by the spontaneous fulfillment of desire in the field of infinite possibilities.

Suppose you suddenly encounter a synchronistic moment. Suppose you're at the public library, and for some reason you're thinking about how you would like to have a bit more spending money. Right at that moment, you take a book from one of the shelves, and a hundred dollar bill falls out. This actually happened to a friend of mine. What kinds of responses are open to you at a moment like that?

At one extreme, you can always say it's just a coincidence. It means nothing. It's amusing, but insignificant. You have another hundred dollars to spend and that's all.

On the other extreme, you might think that this is the most fantastic thing that's ever happened! This is going to change everything!

Maybe you think, "All I have to do is want something and it will appear! I'm going to the racetrack. I'm going to Las Vegas."

Of course, it doesn't really work that way. SynchroDestiny is not about waving a magic wand to gratify ego-based wants. It is about something very different - the fulfillment of intentions that exist at much deeper levels, and of desires that are based in spirit rather than ego.

Suppose you see a rose growing, and you want that rose. It will look really great pinned onto your jacket or your blouse. Should you pull the rose off the bush? If you do, that's just an ego-based action. It's obviously not SynchroDestiny. What if you look at the rose and at that very moment it falls off the bush? If that kindles a kind of ego greed in you, then that's not SynchroDestiny either. If you suddenly think you've become master of the universe, that's not what would be called a positive transformation.

Let's say you're admiring the rose, and you hold your hand under it, and then it just falls down into your hand. You think, "Something wonderful and beautiful just happened. It seems to be a kind of flowing together of what is in me and what is in the rose bush. It was unforced, but there was an intention present in me - and I'd like to know more about how this happened and what it means. I'd like to bring more of these moments into my life. I'd like to see where they lead me. I'd like to learn what they have to teach me."

This is the frame of mind that fosters SynchroDestiny. This is setting the stage for the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. Most people would call this a very spiritual point of view, but it's actually closely related to the insights of modern physics. In fact, making a sharp distinction between modern science and spirituality is a mistake.

Both points of view are interested in discovering the unity that underlies the apparent disconnections that surround us. Spirituality is based on the idea that there's more to life than meets the eye. Modern science is also based on this. In the twentieth century, science has taught us that a material world that seems solid and tangible is actually made up of mostly empty space and pure energy. Our physical bodies are really material expressions of light - and so is everything else. Our bodies are both receivers and transmitters of the light energy that is around us at every moment, and all of this happens completely outside our conscious awareness and perception. There are a great many other aspects of the physical world that you don't perceive, but they're all around you nonetheless.

Until you turn on a radio, you don't perceive the radio waves that can be transformed into classical music or the broadcast of a basketball game. It's amazing to realize that the empty space that we're in has more activity than anything that is solid. If you could eavesdrop on even a little pinpoint of space, such as between your index finger and your thumb, you'd see that the whole energy and information of the universe is present in that space. Every radio and television broadcast is happening there. CNN news is right between your thumb and your index finger. There are millions if cellular phone conversations in that space as well. All this information and energy - yet it does not interfere with any other information and energy.

The BBC, All India radio, radio messages from intergalactic space probes - it's all there but there's no interference because everything is in different frequencies. In a similar way, you see only light within the boundaries of certain wavelengths. You don't see ultraviolet light on one end of the spectrum, and you don't see infrared on the other side of the spectrum. Conversely, you do see color because you have learned to see it.

Color is not a property of light rays - color is a sensation in the human mind. When a certain wavelength of light stimulates your brain in a specific manner, you see the color red. The color red as it exists in the human sensory apparatus is not "out there" in anything like the same way. We say that a cape waved in front of a bull is red, but it is only red because we have learned to create red in ourselves. In other words, we perceive certain phenomena - like the color red - because we have learned to perceive them. We don't perceive other phenomena - like ultraviolet light or high frequency sound - because presumably they are outside the range of our perceptions - both those of the mind and those of the body.

We may have been taught that our mind only exists inside of our heads. In reality, our minds and our thoughts unite us with the universe in the same way that our breathing exchanges atoms between our bodies and the atmosphere. When you understand that, it will be the same kind of moment that Isaac Newton experienced when he saw that gravity moved the planets and an apple fell to the ground. It is a moment in which you see unity instead of fragmentation. It's a transforming event. I want these sessions to help you create that kind of moment many times over. I want you to see connections where previously you saw only unrelated fragments. I want you to be able to use those connections and transform your life for the better, just as the insights of the great scientists have transformed the world. This will certainly be a process of spiritual growth, but I would not describe it as mystical or even mysterious. It's simply a process of opening yourself to the truth.

Love, Deepak


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(An excerpt from God's Vision by Maitreya Ishwara )

Cause and effect is a law of the material universe. Science knows that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Synchronicity extends this law into all of the complex interconnected web of human life. All positive and negative energy that we put out returns to us in equal and appropriate measure, as existence echoes back our inner world, sometimes instantly, but more often in our future. This is the law of balance, or karma. God has a very tidy, just and fair mind. He always perfectly balances everyone's thoughts, words and deeds with appropriate life experiences, eventually. Some of our best scientists are still trying to discover the secret to the mind of God. God's greatest creative challenge and interest - as He is programming every soul with all of the experiences that they require - is the complexity of perfectly balancing all human energy exchanges, between billions of souls over thousands of years. Understanding the law of balance helps you to accept your situation with equanimity, and gives an insight into the cosmic mind of God.

Synchronicity is the application of the law of balance in all realms of human life. It differs from cause and effect in its apparent unpredictability. Meditation, for example, can appear to generate very different results - every meditator knows the unpredictable nature of their practice, as do psychics and healers. But deep down synchronicity also follows the law of cause and effect. It is perfectly fair and just, although humans can never understand the complexity of all the connections involved. And the time delay between most actions and their inevitable consequences can give the impression that life is unfair.

Serendipity, happy coincidence, is only one minor aspect of synchronicity. The apparent unpredictability of inner science separates it from the obvious predictability of material science. And inner scientists cannot prove their results objectively, their laboratory is their subjective experience. This subjective knowing from direct experience is enough for the inner scientist.

Buddha knows what enlightenment is but cannot prove it objectively. Mysticism and science do share some common ground. They both start with a hypothesis and experiment to verify it, but the unpredictability of synchronicity (due to the time delay) apparently renders inner science inconsistent. Whereas the certainty of cause and effect in the material realm allows the outer scientist the luxury of consistency.

Love Maitreya Ishwara

Linda Goodma - excerpt from Gooberz

a strange Universal Law I'd read about in esoteric texts - The Law of Synchronization or the Harmonics of the Universe

It is taught, in metaphysics, according to ancient writings....also according to modern mystics, including the respected Carl Jung that everything in this Universe, at any given moment in Time is synchronized to everything else all working together, all interlocked and interdependent all related, inseperable astrology itself being a demonstration of this Law


each human being upon this Earth is a living, walking Moment of Time

'each person....the solidification-into-flesh of that exact instant of Time when he or she was born reflecting the pattern of planetary vibrations of whatever harmony and discord existed in the the moment if the first breath, representing literally, not just symbolically the relationships of each planet to the other

.....the natal position's of the Sun and Moon revealing even the attitudes of the infant's father to its mother and also representing the relationships of all the stars moving and all other solar systems and galaxies so that, for example, a person born on March 7th, 1948 at three fifteen p.m. is actually...that Moment of Time represented at the geographical location of birth

almost as though, when people are meeting and mingling it is really Moments of Time which meet and mingle adding more comprehension to Einsteinic theories of Time's relativity and making it easier to see how Time is single - is all one still....

and I meditated deeper as I drew pictures in the sand with a small stick....

...of what use is the proven law of Synchronisity to me ... right now? of what practical use to me the Harmonics of the Universe?

....supposedly, when something impresses itself upon the mind with enough intensity to be considered a part of beingness itself, not minor worries . .petty problems nor trifles of fretting but something of serious and real concern.

The solution to that problem is there for us to learn..the answer to that question lies in the Universal Mind . .infallibly there, to be plucked from the air imbedded into the ethers, requiring only that one looks and listens ...for it

For at the same time the question arises to its greatest pitch of anxiety in the human heart since all is inter-related. When something is seriously wrong and one honestly seeks guidance in the matter, it may be found . . threaded through the ribbons of the lyric of the song, buried in the reporting of the Five o'clock news, to arise unexpectedly at the turning of a dial

....perhaps hiding within a chance remark heard while one is moving through the rushing people traffic walking along . .or crossing a street

...voices discussing an unrelated subject, into into the ear, in a familiar restaurant..from customers conversing in a nearby booth, bearing for the aware - and for the truly listening some unsuspected truth

sometimes, words dropped by a clerk, a waiter, a waitress - occasionaly a friend, a enmy..or a stranger.

These having no idea they are playing a cosmic part in the Synchronicity drama, never guessing they're being employed as channels for a message, symbolically relayed messages which, if no one is there, or sufficinetly aware to receive them remain as pieces of themselves, in the larger puzzle

let those whi have eyes - see
and let those who have ears - hear

if one opens the eyes, to truly see, and opens the ears, to truly hear, the messages coming through will be startingly clear.

Excerpt from Gooberz by Linda Goodman, pp 375 - 377

Deepak Chopra, Return of Merlin:

There are no accidents... there is only some purpose that we haven't yet understood.

Accidents & Synchronicity: Messages from the Soul

by Ashok Bedi, M.D.

Synchronistic Events

The soul often whispers to us through synchronistic events. A synchronistic event occurs when we recognize that two or more causally unrelated events resemble each other and catch our attention. For example, you're trying to remember the name of a childhood classmate. In the course of conversation, somebody mentions the very name you had been searching for. Synchronistic events can be a powerful "heads-up", calling us to pay attention.

Another example that many have experienced is the thunderclap that resounds just as we are making some very important statement. Of course, not all synchronistic events are so transparent, and sometimes we do not recognize a synchronistic series until we look back and see all the clues.

For example, one patient kept noticing advertisements for exercise cycles. Time and again, he opened the newspaper and there was a store advertising exercise equipment, including cycles. Then, he reported that his neighbor had an exercise cycle in his garage sale, but my patient did not buy it. For six months, he noticed no exercise cycle ads. Then he had a mild heart attack. As part of his rehabilitation program, his doctor prescribed exercise, specifically on an exercise cycle!


When we don't pay attention, the message has to be more powerful, perhaps in the form of an accident. Once, when I was on a radio talk show discussing dreams, a listener called in to report that, for several years, he had a recurring dream of falling off a roof, but never hitting the ground. Then he no longer had the dream. He asked me what I thought. To answer his question, I had to find out more about him -- how he lived, what sort of work he did. He told me that he worked as a roofer. He liked to live it up -- no challenge was too outrageous, no risk too great.

"Doc, there's nothing I wouldn't try at least once!" he boasted. "Well," I said, "sounds as if, for you, the sky's the limit." "Oh, yeah! Try anything at least once." "So," I continued, "what was going on about the time you no longer had the falling dream?" "Well," he said, "I don't know. I was out of work for a while there. Seems as if I didn't have that dream after that." "Oh, you were out of work? How did that come about?" I asked. "You see," he said, "I was up on this roof one day and just stepped off the edge. Dumbest thing I ever did! Hit the ground and broke my pelvis. Laid me up for months. Hurt, too." "I think I understand," I replied. "Seems as if you took lots of risks without considering the consequences; always pushing the envelope.

Dreams try to show us an image that balances and corrects our conscious view of things. Repeatedly, you had the falling dream. Then, when you fell, or stepped, off the roof, you no longer had the falling dream. It looks as if the dream were trying to show you how risky your lifestyle was. When you didn't get the message from the dream, the next step was the accident." "Well, Doc," he said, now more thoughtfully, "I guess you're right. That fall sure did knock some sense into me."

Symptoms and Illnesses

What happens if we don't pay attention to dreams, collapsed projections, synchronistic events, or accidents? Often, we develop symptoms and fall ill (as did my patient who suffered the mild heart attack). Illnesses often develop over time, heralded by symptoms. We don't feel well, aren't as energetic as we are accustomed to be.

Symptoms alert us that our body is not functioning properly, that we are not taking care of ourselves adequately, or that we have contracted something noxious. Of course, medical conditions call for medical diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment. But we also do well to consider that medical and psychiatric symptoms may be encoded messages from the soul. In other words, symptoms may also be symbols.

It is important to clarify what is and is not a symbol, and why a symptom may mean more than the medical condition to which it refers. As I use the term, a symbol is the best possible expression for something otherwise unknown to us. Something whose meaning or reference is fully known -- like the red octagon bearing the word "STOP" -- is not a symbol in my usage. An image becomes a symbol for us only when we still find the image fascinating and meaningful, even though we are at a loss to say what its unexpressed meaning is.

In this sense, a person to whom we have a powerful emotional response or reaction that we cannot account for becomes a symbol. In other words, the carrier of our projection (of a part of ourselves we don't recognize) is, for us, the best possible representation of that unknown aspect of ourselves.

Likewise, a medical symptom can be symbolic. We have all heard someone say, "It's all in your head!" when the doctor has been unable to identify a medical condition even though we feel miserable. The term often applied to these sorts of complaints is "psychosomatic".

Fortunately, medical practitioners are becoming more sensitive to the reality of "psychosomatic" complaints, although many people fear being labeled as crazy when no organic problem can be identified. While we should exhaust all the possibilities of medical diagnosis, we should also seriously consider these sorts of conditions as messages from our soul encoded in the body.

The hard-driving executive (or middle-manager trying to survive) who has a heart attack at 40 or 45 is a classic example in our society. Working sixty to eighty hours a week leaves very little time for anything but eating, showering, commuting, and a little sleep. Usually, the overworked person in our society neglects personal health and "matters of the heart" -- meaningful relationships, compassion, empathy. Eventually, the heart protests against such mistreatment in the form of cardiac problems, sometimes preceded by noticeable symptoms. When people see their doctors about symptoms, we hope that they find one who knows that lifestyle has an effect on physical conditions, and who will listen to the symbols.

The Soul Speaks Through the Small

The Primal Soul often presents itself to us in seemingly insignificant events and experiences. It is the "still small voice", something we can easily overlook in the rush of modern life. It may speak to us in a dream, a chance encounter, a meaningful coincidence, or even an accident or illness. Yet if the Primal Soul is to help us, we must help it by listening carefully, by nurturing its message, and building a place for it in our conscious lives.

We do not travel the path to the soul by leaps and bounds. The path to the soul is a life's work made up mostly of seemingly trivial acts and events. The devil, as people say, is in the details. So also is the higher power. C. G. Jung tells the story of the person who asked the rabbi why it was that, although people used to hear the voice of God, now nobody does. The rabbi responded that perhaps they did not stoop low enough.

People usually manage the "big" events of life pretty well. It's the daily challenges that get many people down. The big events -- births, deaths, catastrophes, all of which are ancient experiences of the human race and are therefore appropriately called archetypal -- lift us out of the daily round. Big events, archetypal events, cut through our personal idiosyncrasies to our human core where archetypal responses to archetypal challenges take over. The seemingly "small stuff" of life challenges us because we have to learn to respond from our essence, from our soul. We all know how to manage "big" events in life, but how we spend time listening to a friend in need when we are preoccupied, or help a child with homework when we are tired, or play with a dog when we would rather watch the ball game are the times when our soul can speak the loudest.

When we look back over our life history, or when someone writes our brief obituary, the big stuff is often glossed over. What is recognized as important are the "small" encounters of life through which our soul spoke. A spiritual life honors the small, the seemingly insignificant, the undervalued, the marginal. As Jesus said, "I tell you solemnly, in so far as you neglected to do this to one of the least of these, you neglected to do it to me" (Matthew 25:45).

For most of us who are seeking the Primal Soul in the "big" events, in momentous enterprise or magnificent insights, it is worthwhile to remember that, often, the soul speaks through those aspects of our experiences and relationships that may be considered marginal, devalued, and insignificant.

Many of us look for clues to the soul in the joys or tribulations of the past or seek a reflection of our individual soul in glorious events, experiences, and endeavors in the future. Yet, clinical experience and spiritual wisdom reiterates time and again that we discover the soul only here and now, or not at all.

This article is excepted from the book 'Path to the Soul' 2000, by Ashok Bedi, M.D., Samuel Weiser Inc.

Penney Peirce - Over Obssesive with Signs?

We should also examine our need for drama, magic, and miracles. A woman I recently met at a luncheon told me of a particularly dysfuctional relationship she had entered into primarily because she'd been attracted to a house she saw as she walked along a beach. A few days later she met and befriended a girl on the same beach who turned out to be living the house, and soon after that, she met a man at a conference who turned out to live in the house, and soon after that, she met a man at a conference who turned out to be the girl's father. "It's synchronisity!" she thought. "This must mean something; it must be significant. Why else was I drawn to that particular house? This must be a powerful relationship.

I've also known people who got involved in disatrous relationships and adventures because they had a precognitive, though somewhat vague, dream that seemed to highlight some aspect of the subsequent real-world experience." But he was wearing a red shirt and his name was Dan - just like in my dream." Perhaps our subconscious mind is drawing attention to the man with the daughter with the house on the beach or to the man named Dan in the red shirt, not because they're our soul mates, but because they represent unfinished business in our subconscious or an example of what not to do.

From Intuitive Way, by Penney Peirce see bottom of page

Excerpts from "As Chance would Have it - Study in Coincidences" - by Hans C. Moolenburgh - The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd.

Magnetic Centre - Why some believe & others don't

Nicoll, in his commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdieff & Ouspensky, says that there are two sorts of people: those who have a "magnetic centre" and those that have no magnetic centre. What is this centre?

It is not easy to define. Materialistic science has got everything cut and dried and thrown mystery onto the dungheap. Everything is described in scientific terms. Essentially, all data are derived from sensory perception and our world is explained in terms of itself. That somewhere mystery pervades all existence and that many things cannot be explained and probably never will be explained irritates the materialistic scientist like a wasp sting. Somehow he lacks the capacity to detect mystery and to recognize phenonmena that, though happening in this world, do not belong to it but to some other, probably higher dimension. It is that dimension which provides life with meaning. A feeling for mystery comes from a magnetic centre and mystery is a dirty word in our universities.

In our materialistic age, the magnetic centre has atrophied nearly completely in leading scientific circles, and this leaves its mark on our whole educational system. That is why so many people nowadays suffer from a feeling of meaninglessness. It has become a ubiquitous disease, which young people especially try to heal with drugs. These in the end, make the feeling only worse. Another way to escape this feeling is by trying to increase the amount of decibels, numbing the intolerable awareness of nothingness.

Young people acting like this are not the worst part of society. They long for a glimpse of the mystery, thus showing that part of their magnetic centre is still active.

About the stories I have told so far, someone without a magnetic centre will say, "We have not found the explanation yet but no dount when we have more information it will be found some day. Wait till we get to work with our new generation of computers. It is all a question of statistical calculation of probabilities. The stories you have told are not convincing at all and they should be called what they are: just mere coincidences."

Someone with a magnetic centre, on the other hand, will recognize the mystery, will feel attracted to that mystery, and will remember examples of it in his or her own life, becoming more alert to them when they happen in the future.

For this is a fact that has been noticed by those who are on the lookout for coincidences: as soon as they adopt an expectant attitude, coincidences begin to multiply and reveal a breathtaking pattern beneath the apparently random nature of existence. Apart from the awe that inspires in those who experience this, it is quite fun when it happens. Life begins to sparkle and the dull clouds of materialism are blown away.


"We must now try to find an answer to the question. First let us summarize that we have found thus far:

From time to time people ask me during a consultation, "Why is it that men or women say that the Lord has told them something? I never hear His voice."

Of course there are people who hear God's voice and act upon it (and they are wise to do so) but as far as I can evaluate the situation, they belong to the small minority. Most people indeed hear nothing and many people who say that they hear something are caught in an illusion bred by their own desires.

The "small, still voice"; Elijah heard so clearly on Horeb (I Kings 19:12) is silent. Perhaps in our 20th century there is too much noise to hear it.

For those people who long for the small still voice and yet do not hear anything, the voice of coincidence often speaks loud and clear.

By observing coincidence conscientiously they become aware of the fact of life, though seeming chaotic at first sight, is not such a haphazard business after all. Through the chaos or drabness or silence one can catch glimpses of beautiful structures. At one point it is only vague, dream-like, at another it is so intense that it translates itself into a feeling of "I am being cared for."

One can often rely on coincidence.

In my profession one patient gives me a piece of information which can be applied directly to the next one. The coincidence is a message in disguise.

A chance meeting, as we have seen, can trigger a whole series of events. This makes every moment precious because at all times, especially at unexpected times, adventure is just around the corner.

Sometimes one ponders a problem, takes rather absent-mindedly a book from the bookcase, opens it and there on the page lying open is the solution to the problem.

I have also observed that when I clearly formulate a question in my moring prayer, I can so to speak, wait for a coincidence to give me the right answer.

I learned from that wonderful old evangelist, Corrie ten Boom, an important lesson: "If you need ten pounds, four shillings and sixpence, do not ask for money or for eleven pounds, but ask for the exact amount you need."

I have already said that forcing coincidence to appear in any other way, such as astrology, Tarot or I Ching, is in my view not relevant any more. It is as if we had thrown out watches away and reverted to sundials.

I am not downgrading the historical value of these methods but I encourage people not to use them, just to pray in a trusting manner. Magic can be fun but we should leave it to the great entertainers like Paul Daniels. Nowadays we have a direct approach to God. We had better use that instead of trying the indirect way.

Let us try and answer that difficult question: "What is coincidence?"

It now becomes clear that the question cannot be answered because it is wrong.

What I mean is this:-

Imagine that someone asks "Why don't elephants' sings have feathers?"

The question itself cannot be answered because the question itself is wrong.

So is the question: "What is coincidence?" It can be no more answered than one about the feathers on elephant's wings. The question should have been:


The the answer stares you in the face straightaway. Coincidence is one of the subtle and modest ways in which God talks to His children. He wishes for our love, not our fear, and by means of coincidence. He gives us little hints of His presence.

Coincidence is God's Voice.

What about bad coincidences happening? Are they His voice too? On the whole I have found that coincidences are usually benevolent.

Yet sometimes, one seems to stand in the wrong place. A sliding glass door hits your face, or you jump from your bicycle onto an uneven piece of road and sprain your ankle, or - far worse - you say the wrong word in the wrong company.

If the usual benevolent coincidences are the hints God drops to those who are beginning to wonder about Him, the occasional bad coincidences need not be negative in their effects for those who know Him slightly better. Afterwards they can often see that it is a blessing in disguise, confirming what Paul said to the Romans:

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that Love God" (Romans 8:28)

The accident may slow you down at the right moment; saying the wrong thing can teach you the power hidden in words. But I do not want to dwell on the occasional slightly darker side of coincidence. ......

...there is a very old piece of wisdom which says that in our life we should proceed from the initial question, "What is this?" (posed by all children when they begin to talk) to. "Who is this?"

Our whole path of life should be a walk from What to Who. A voyage from an encounter with the world around us towards a meeting with Him who created the world.
Coincidences can be signposts along that road.

.....As a conclusion to all these adventures let us end with a poem. It can be considered as an "Ode to coincidence". It was the favourite poem of Corrie ten Boom.

"My life is but a weaving, between my God and me.
I do not choose the colours, He worketh steadily.
Offtimes he weaves sorrow, and I in foolish pride,
Forget He sees the upper, and I the underside.
Not till the loom is silent and shuttles cease to fly
Will God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.
The dark threads are as needful in the skilful weaver's hand
As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned."

God bless you.

Above abridged excerpts from "As Chance would Have it - Study in Coincidences" - by Hans C. Moolenburgh - The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd.


16/3/00 - I had a feeling I needed to / was going to speak with my (half) sister Dana.

Result: Dana rang at work to speak to Dad, I happened to pick the phone up, and I talked to her about her daughter's christening. I, the Godfather to be, soon realized that I would be in America on the day of the Christening. Now if I had not spoken to her my dad wouldn't have realized and she might not have changed the dates.

2nd October 2000

Ever since writing this article in March this year I have been experiencing more and more coincidences on a regular basis - from small to large degrees of significance.

I've got over the initial fear but I am still pleasantly suprised when I meet someone with many of similarities, or when I bump into somebody I haven't sen for a while, but was recently thinking about.

Life is truly beautifully mysterious!

10th December 2000

I had a heavy night on Saturday night, so on Sunday I was dozing in and out of sleep between 11:00am and 1pm.

During this period I dreamt several weird things, connecting me with Ali. When I mentioned them to Ali, I realized that I had picked on his conversation with his brother, while I was dreaming!!

In the dream I saw myself (not very common for me to see self) with a blood shot eye. During that time Ali and his brother were talking about bloodshot eyes!!

November 2001

Asking Questions, Being Aware, Probing SIgns, And getting the Message

An Example:

I was thinking about what to do this next year. I know I feel like travelling and seeing Sacred Sites.

On the way to my friends house, I'd noticed a double Billboard sign

"Every great journey starts with the first step" Lao Tsu - Dao De Ching. Johnie Walker.

On the corner of a wall facing this poster, was another one, by the same company,

"If there isn't a way I will make a Way" Hanibal. Johnie

Now I found this interesting because I would always see these posters on the way to my friends. However it was only on the way back, that I was more impressed with the Law of Synchronisity.

I was driving back, and for a while I was behind a White Volvo - with the registration 'K144 DAO' and it had a GB sticker.144 being an important sacred number and DAO being the TAO - The Way from The Dao De Ching / Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. GB = Great Britain, or my initials - Greg Barclay

I did n't think much of it. Remembering not to read into signs too much. But I liked it. However it was only when he was in front of me up until, a during the drive past these two billboard posters, that things started hotting up.

Now the road that turns up past the second hanibal poster, is a steep, winding road. But I was wondering, what is the sign / message here?

It was only when I got up to the top on the hill, up close to his rear bumper that I could see the final piece of this puzzle, - a car sticker, previously obscured by his rear spoiler, saying in big letters 'AUSTRAILIA' National Flag Car sticker!

I was feeling tingles up my spine, a waves of bliss and energy moving through my body, much like it is right now - while typing this,

Can you feel the hairs standing on end, goose pimples and shivers?!

Can you believe this - while I am typing this - The radio is right now playing: 'The Beach Soudtrack -by All Saints -

"Take me to the Beach..I'm moving, I'm coming Take me to the Beach...swimming closer...

...can you hear what I hear, - -I 'm calling you, swimming closer to you',
I'm moving, I'm feeling, closer, I'm coming"

I'm not joking, I am feeling so much energy, vibrations tingles right now.


Getting the message -

Although it is difficult to ever know for sure - I like to think this means that I can go to go to Austrailia , If I so choose (I can make a way if need be - 2nd Poster). However I need to take one step at a time (1st Poster) , and Austrailia, is at the top of the steep, windy round.

I suppose time will only tell. However the radio playing 'Take me to the Beach, just as typing this up, for me , symbolizes a confirmation - that I am getting closer.


Harry Potter -The Movie - just did as well as Star Wars - Ohantom Menace, in its first week in the box offices.

Now song - Devotion, come home to me, and I

16th November 2001

I dreamed a white kitten with a colour on her leg.

I spoke to Ali later that day and he said he had just arranged to pick up his new kitten. - white with patches of colour.

It seems that during my sleep my dream body travels around and picks up info.

20th November 2001

Manifestation, Attraction, Telepathy, Intuition, Synchronisty or all?

Woken up by Henry calling me. Needed a hand moving some stuff - because he was moving out of his house and going to Poland on the same day! I knew I needed milk, so I thought that I could quickly nip out and buy some...but I didn;t need to. When I went to give him a hand and he gave me a bag full of food - bread, milk, butter, ham - as he wouldn;t need it going away.

Went home quick for breakfast and to see Justyna. She was drinking coffee - obviously looking for milk. - I came with some!!

Later Stuck in traffic Jam, coming south to the Blackwall Tunnel. Justyna asks what was the building called - Docklands - Canary Wharf. She thought a friend of hers works there.

Later that night that building was on the beginning of TV program - 'The Bill'.

21st November 2001

Picked Angel Oracle for Justine - it was the "Freedom" card - at exactly the same time the tune on the radio was singing the lyrics,' Set me free, Set me free'. Unbelievably the next tune also heavily used the word 'Freedom'. Also Justyna told me she had picked that card herself earlier in the day.


26th Jan 2004

Been thinking about buying a sound card for my pc. In the morning I asked the angels to help me find a good soundcard if it was meant to be (at a reasonable price would be nice too!). In the evening on the way to PC store, I stopped at a petrol station, (not one that I regularly visit) and happened to bump into brother. It was good timing and we had some stuff to talk about. He was also thinking about going to the store so after a few mins chatting he followed me there. Unfortunately there weren't any decent sound cards there (ones that had 'midi' in/outputs). The bonus came when my bro told me that he had bought a sound card a while ago, never used it, and that I could use it, at least for the foreseable future! Nice one, thank you bro, thank you Angels! This way i've saved money, and i can give amateur music making a shot!

Asking for signs:

If you have a question, or problem - say it out a few time in your head. I need to know about... or what is the meaning of . . . .. . ., Who Am I?

this is often enough to apparently 'set off' a series of events.

Ask angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Nature Spirits, Animals to show you signs or clues of what step to take next.



Read 3 times the following Formula:

May the positive forces, whatever be their name,
render me worthy of accessing the mysteries of Synchronicity
Here I am; I am ready. Here I am;

I breathe and participate in the wave of the Synchronic moment.
So be it.


It is said, that God is 'talking' to us constantly but many of us aren't listening. God is beyond language of words.

God's language is through symbols, archetypes, weird coincidences, organized chaos.

Be on the look out for signs:

However to make the most of these signs / clues we need to be aware.

Follow the trail. You don't get the whole picture in one go.

As your getting closer, and on right path - the frequecy of synchronisities increases.

Probe Coincidences

Look for confirmations

Use In-tuition

Feel inside - for anxiety signals, truth signals, - be aware of gut, stomach, solar plexus, your centre, heart chakra, Soul Consciousness (above crown).

'Intuition allows us to make Karmically correct choices' - Deepak Chopra

'If you bring forth what is within you, will save you'. Jesus (Gospel of Thomas)

Listen to the 'small, still voice'

Meta View

"In the Meta View, we look at the connective meaning = what is more common between all. We look from one item to the other in connecting interpretations. This gives ALWAYS a positive result at the bottom line, and the 'positive energy' increases while diving deeper. Each meaning of the adjacent item increases the understanding of the others. At the end, you come in contact with a very essential characteristic of the person or the group of items. He feels seen and understood in his soul and he will go to great length to find a mutual way of co-operating, doing business, following therapy with you or what-so-ever.

Every time we do this exercise with somebody, this person feels really understood. In the analytic, detailed 'negative' way of looking the meaning of the items has a destabilizing effect as there is going on a constant evaluation and comparison with the meaning of the adjacent item. Conclusions are closed and negatively biased, trying to 'separate' something. End result: bah, not very interesting, drop it, is that all?....

Creativity runs higher and the general 'energy' household of a person is heightened. And the main driving force behind this Meta View is: "?", our question mark. You start to understand what happens? You feel curious now? You like to learn more about it? Interesting isn't it? Yes!

This Meta View is more than simple holistic viewing. It actively searches for connective strings of meanings or 'energy' on a deeper level, causing a higher flow of kundalini, positive 'stress hormones', broad smiles and above all: curiosity. "

Dec. 1999 - Rik Wellens


I guarantee you have experienced many coincidences as well. You may think that it's just chance, but I bet that if you follow the coincidences through you will reap the rewards. You may also see that there does seem to be something weird, mystical going on.

Be aware of the coincidences and try to follow them through. Also try to keep a diary and write down any coincidences you may experience. Notice how when life seems to be flowing and generally 'good', the frequency of coincidences may increase.

There really seems to me that there is a higher force that is directing our lives in certain directions. When we find the right path and we know what we want, we are unstoppable, everything that we desire is just attracted to us. Just know that you'll have it - and you will, just don't worry when or how!

As for mind reading and thoughts and ideas - I have a feeling that thought and ideas are 'out there' in the collective unconscious and subconscious - and at the right time they come into play or people pick up on them.

eg. simultaneously people pick the same card / number / place / colour etc.

DNA and many other discoveries & inventions were patented in the patent office at exactly the same time in opposite ends of the world! The ideas just came to them!!

The 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching work with the law of synchronicity.

Group Consciousness

According to author of 'The 4th Dimension and how to get there', people that are close together (family, partners, good friends) may experience events at the same time of day even though they are in different locations. He shows how life paths of loved ones get entangled and there seems to be some sort of influence that causes a set of people to experience some sort of change at exactly the same time. This suggests that coincidences are meaningless.

I have experienced this many times. People have bad / good times at the same time. I have also noticed this with friends from the spiritual circuit. When we see each other after a while we realize we have been studying the same things, having similar insights, and are currently dealing with a similar situation or question.

A small example of this synchronisity or group vibe, I have noticed when playing computer games with one friend, while another friend is mixing records on my turntables. I have found, many times, that the mood and dynamic of the game is related to the the mood and dynamic of the mixing.

For instance, playing a soccer game (fifa) - and one of us just scores a great goal - quite often the mixing is doing good also. Likewise when there is a poor attempt at goal, and somebody says,

'oh..that's crap'

and at exactly the same moment the DJ is panicking to salvage a mix! (keep the records in time with each other.

It is said by Alice Bailey that we operate in soul groups or monads. 12 people to higher self, 12 higher selves per monad. Therefore 144 soul per monad.

"Research at the subatomic quantum level reveals an invisible connection between all particles and all members of a given species. This oneness is being demonstrated in remarkable scientific discoveries. The findings show that physical distance, what we think of as empty space, does no preclude a connection by invisible forces. Obviously there exist invisible connections between our thoughts and our actions. We do not deny this, even though the connection is impervious to our senses."

"The non-spiritual being cannot make such a leap, but the spiritual being knows that this invisible force connects him to all others, and therefore treats all others as if they were a part of himself. It is all a question of knowing. The non-spiritual being acts as if he were an island, separate and distinct from others, unconnected. Plainly stated, miracles and real magic are simply unavailable to those who believe themselves to be islands in the sea of humanity. " Wayne Dyer full article

Don't just believe or reject what I have to say;



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recommend reading:

SynchroDestiny - by Deepak Chopra

James Redfield Carol Adrienne

The Celestine Prophecy (UK / US)

Synchronicity: the Inner Path of Leadership ~Joe Jaworski, Peter Senge (Introduction)

Spiritual Growth : Being Your Higher Self (Earth Life Book Iii) Sanaya Roman (UK / US)

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The Life You Were Born to Live Dan Millman (UK / US)

Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman (UK / US)

The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck (UK / US)


***** The Intuitive Way, A guide to living from Inner Wisdom , by Perrey Peirce
(read more)

This book is one of the easiest to understand on how one can become aware, in-tune-with the universe. The exercises help with intuition but even more important, her views are that of the ancient mystery schools but offered to us in ways we are sure to understand. I highly recommend it.

There is a excerpt of this book on the 'Traps on the Spiritual Path' page


Carl Jung

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