As Edgar Cayce said,

"Why worry if you can pray!"


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Deepak: How is this kind of prayer different from the typical western prayers of today?

Gregg Braden: Prayer researchers today identify four modes of prayer and suggest that when we pray in the west, we use one, or some combination of these modes. In no order of significance the four modes are identified as colloquial prayers, petitionary prayers, ritualistic prayers and meditative prayers. The common denominator of these, and all prayer, is that each mode is based in a quality of thought, feeling and emotion. The technology of prayer stems from our ability to choose which thoughts, feelings and emotions we embody in the moment. As we do so, science tells us that we create specific chemistry within our bodies, with the effects extending far beyond our bodies, through the medium that we now recognize as consciousness.

Deepak: How does this kind of prayer differ from a religion or a religious practice?

Gregg Braden: Our lost mode of prayer is based in abilities that each of us already have. To participate in such a prayer requires no leader, asks for no outward sign, physical posture or expression, and has no words that may be misinterpreted. Our lost mode of prayer is based only in attaining the feeling as if our prayer has already been answered. Quantum science now suggests that it is precisely such feelings that "touch" the world around us and allow the miracle of our prayers to be answered! While religions and organized spiritual practices may have been built around the knowledge of this kind of prayer, our ability to speak directly to God and creation preceded any organized rules regarding how such communication takes place.

Gregg Braden: The Isaiah Effect is my response to the question that I am asked many times each week of "What can we do to alleviate the suffering and tragedies in the lives of those that we love and hold dear?" An empowering message of hope and possibility, this book is my way of bringing the wisdom of the Essenes to bear upon the conditions of our world today.

At the close of 1999, prominent scientists and engineers suggested that within the first decade of the new millennium, humankind would be faced with the greatest challenges of recorded history. The scientists described scenarios ranging from the destruction of precious natural resources and the loss of a significant percentage of the world's population to AIDs, to unprecedented extremes of weather and a third global war. The same scientists suggested that our outer technology may fail us in the presence of these challenges! In the event of such scenarios, we are reminded of another technology, an inner technology, that ancient traditions suggest is the single most potent force in creation. Quantum science now suggests that it is this very technology, the power of focused and unified human emotion, synchronized through global communication networks, that may hold the solution to averting humankind's greatest tragedies. To bring lasting change to what is happening 'out there', we are invited to change the conditions that 'out there' is showing to us." Hear "Hymn of the Rig Veda" read by Deepak Chopra

Remember to help the healing along by generating good karma through tithing and service. eg. support charities, become vegetarian, show mercy and forgiveness to animals and others.


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