Is Consciousness

all there is?!

"Consciousness is the cutting edge topic in scientific circles, its precise nature holding huge implications for the future of science itself."

"Consciousness is the ground, or matrix, out of which physical matter emerges."

"Consciousness as a process, is a feeling of observation - and total observation is the ending of consciousness, when the observer and the observed melt." Manuel Schoch


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Mystics & Scientists - 25 Year Silver Jubilee

The Search for Unity - Mind and Heart in Science and Mysticism

5th April -7th April 2002 - King Alfred's College Winchester

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Ken Wilber, Speaking of Everything, the first-ever live audio interview with the world's most widely published spiritual philosopher. Just $24.95 for 2 CDs plus Alex Grey illustrated Glossary pamphlet. Only at Enlightenment.Com.

'Thinking beyond the Brain' - A Wider Science of Consciousness -

Edited by David Lorimer, Floris Books

David Lorimer is the former director of the Scientific and Medical Network.

"Consciousness is the cutting edge topic in scientific circles, its precise nature holding huge implications for the future of science itself."

£14:99 available from - tel - +44 (0) 131-229 6800 - or by e-mail

Possible Definitions of consciousness:

As to the definition of consciousness, here is one: "What most panpsychists mean by consciousness or mind is not what I mean by consciousness, which is depth. Because consciousness is depth, it is itself literally unqualifiable. It is depth, not any particular, qualifiable level of depth (such as sensation or impulse or perception or intention) -- those are all forms of consciousness, not consciousness as such" ( Sex, Ecology, Spirituality , p. 538). [Frank is exactly right; I have also pointed out that, because consciousness is ultimately unqualifiable, it is synonymous with Emptiness (see several endnotes in SES on this theme). That also means that, in the conventional or manifest realm, consciousness appears as all four quadrants, but in the unmanifest realm, consciousness is pure formlessness--and ultimately Emptiness and Form are "not-two" or nondual. As such, ultimate or nondual consciousness is known, not conceptually or mentally, but only supramentally with satori or realization. This is why consciousness cannot ultimately be defined, only directly realized.--K W]

Ken Wilber (extract from his website - links beloe)

Quotes by Manuel Schoch

Global Consciousness Is Being Measured

by William Lee Rand

A team of researchers headed by Roger Nelson of Princeton University has been conducting an experiment to measure the effects of focused global consciousness on random events. They have had some very interesting results.

Called the Global Consciousness Project, their experiment involves the use of 37 computers located around the world using random number generators to flip virtual coins. The experiment has been going on since 1998. Each computer flips 200 virtual coins at a time and the results of all computers are compared. The results are usually completely random with the virtual coin tosses come up heads or tails 50% of the time. However, when a global event takes place that focuses the attention of billions of people, the randomness of the coin tosses changes and they tend to go significantly more one way than another. In other words they become more coherent or non-random. This took place on September 11 when so many people worldwide were focused on the events of the World Trade Center disaster. This produced the strongest effect so far, but other events have coincided with changes in randomness too, including: each New Years Eve, the papal visti to Israel, the first hour of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, a variety of global meditations, several major earthquakes, the funeral for Princess Diana and last years sinking of Russia's Kursk submarine. This seems to indicate that consciousness has an effect on other wise random events.

This is a profound scientific discovery as it tends to validate the basis of Reiki and other forms of spiritual healing. Of course anyone who has sent distant Reiki knows this is true from personal experience, but it is important that science is discovering ways to measure these effects. As more attention is focused on scientific studies of this type, they are bound to motivate larger groups of people to use Reiki and other kinds of healing. It is also possible that a better understanding of healing and prayer will develop. This is an important indication that a paradym shift is taking place which will usher in the age of consciousness which I have previously written about in "The Spirit of Reiki." Any scientific method that demonstrates a measureable connection between the mind and events in the physical world is revolutionary in nature and worthy of further study . The Global Consciousness Project will continue.

The Global Consciousness Project:

There have actually been over 200 scientific experiments in the area of spiritual healing. To learn more about this, click here:

'The Human Consciousness Project' - Excerpts from:

Theory of Everything,by Ken Wilber, Shambhala Publications

This psycholgical research is a cross-cultural mapping of all the states, structures, memes, types, levels, stages, and waves of human consciousness.

We return, then, to Clare Grave's work, which has been forward and refined by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan in approach they call Spiral Dynamics. Far from being mere armchair analysts, Beck and Cowan were participants in the discussions that led to the end of apartheid in South Africa. The principles of Spiral Dynamics have been fruitfully used to reorganize businesses, revitalize townships, overhaul education systems, and defuse inner-city tensions.

Spiral Dynamics sees human development as proceeding through eight general memes. "Meme" is a word that is used a lot nowadays, with many different and conflicting meanings - and many critics say the word has no meaning at all. But for Spiral Dynamics a meme is simply a basic stage of development that can be expressed in any activity.

Beck and Cowan affirm these memes (or stages) are not rigid levels but flowing waves, with much overlap and interweaving, resulting in a meshwork or dynamic spiral of consciousness unfolding. As Beck put it

"The Spiral is messy, not symmetrical, with multiple admixtures rather than pure types. These are mosaics, meshes, and blends."

Beck and Cowan use vasious names and colours to refer to these different memes or waves of existence. Moreover, as much research has continued to confirm, each and every individual has all of these memes potentially available to them. And therefore the lines of social tension are completely redrawn; not based on skin colour, economic class, or political clout, but on type if meme a person is operating from.

As Beck puts it, "The focus is not on types of people, but types in people."

The first six levels are "subsistence levels" marked by first tier thinking." Then there occurs a revolutionary shift in concsiousness; the emergence of "being levels" and "second-tier thinking," of which there are two major waves. Here is a brief description of all eight waves, the percentage of the world population at each wave, and the percentage of social power held by each.

1. Beige: Archaic-Instictual.

The level of basic survival: food, water, warmth, sex, and safety have priority. Uses habits and instincts to survive. Distinct self is barely awakened or sustained. Forms into survival bands to perpetuate ;life.

Where seen: First human societies, new born infants, senile elderly, late-stage Alzheimer's victims, mentally ill street people, starving masses, shell shock. Approximately 0.1 percent of the adult population, 0 percent power.

2. Purple: Magical Animistic.

Thinking is animistic; magical spirits, good and bad, swarm the earth leaving blessings, curses and spells which determine events. Forms into ethnic tribes. The spirits exist in ancestors and bond the tribe. Kinship and lineage establish political links. Sounds "holistic" but is actually atomistic"There is a name for each bend in the river but no name for the river."

Where seen: Belief in the voodoo-like curses, blood oaths, ancient grudges, good lucj charms, family rituals, magival ethnic beliefs and superstitions; strong in third world settings, gangs, athletic teams, and corporate "tribes." 10 percent of the population, 1 percent of the power.

3. Red: Power Gods.

First emergence of a self distinct from the tribe; powerful, impulsive, egocentric, heroic. Magical-mythic spirits, dragons, beasts, and powerful people. Archetypal gods and goddesses, powerful beings, forces to be reckoned with, both good and bad. Feudal lords protect underlings in exchange for obedience and labour. The basis of feudal empires - power and glory. The world is a jungle full of threats and predators. Conquers, outfoxes and dominates; enjoys self to the fullest without regret or remorse; be here now.

Where seen: "The terrible twos," rebellious youth, frontier mentalities, feudal kingdoms, epic heroes, James Bond villains, gang leaders, soldiers of fortune, New Age narcissism, wild rock stars, Attila the Hun, Lord of the Flies. 20 percent of population, 5 percent of the power

4. Blue: Mythic Order.

Life has meaning, direction, and purpose, with outcomes determined by an over powerful Other or Order. The righteous Order enforces a code of conduct based on absolutist and unvarying principles of "right" and "wrong." Violating the code or its rules has sever and perhaps everlasting repercussions. Following the code yields rewards for the faithful. Basis of ancient nations. Rigid social hierarchies; paternalistic; one right way and only one right way to think about everything. Law and order; impulsivity controlled through guilt; concrete-literal and fundamentalist belief; obedience to the rule of Order; strongly conventional and conformist. Often "religious" or "mythic" [in the mythic-membership sense; Graves and Beck refer to it as the "saintly/ absolutistic level], but can be seculr or atheistic Order or Mission.

Where seen: Puritan America, Confucian China, Dickensian England, Singapore discipline, totalitarianism, codes of chivalry and honor, charitable good deeds, religious fundamentalism (e.g., Christian and Islamic), Boy and Girl Scouts, "moral majority," patriotism. 40 percent of the population. 30 percent of the power.

5. Orange: Scientific Achievement.

At this wave, the self "escapes" from the "herd mentality" of blue, and seeks truth and meaning in individualistic terms - hypothetico-deductive, experimental, objective, mechanistic, operational - "scientific" in the typical sense. The world is a rational and well -oiled machine with natural laws that can be learned, mastered, and manipulated for one's own purposes. Highly achievement oriented (especially in America) toward materialistic gains. The laws of science rule politics, the economy, and human events. The world is a chessboard on which games are played as winners gain eminence and perks over losers. Marketplace alliances; manipulate earth's resources for one's strategic gains. Basis of corporate states.

Where seen: The Enlightenment, Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Wall Street, emerging middle classes around the world, cosmetics industry, trophy hunting, colonialism, the Cold War, fashion industry, materialism, secular humanism, liberal self - interest. 30 percent of the population. 50 percent of the power.

6. Green. The Sensitive Self

Communitarian, human bonding, ecological sensitivity, networking. The human bonding, ecological sensitivity, networking. The human spirit must be freed from greed, dogma, and divisiveness; feelings and caring supersede cold rationality; cherishing of the Earth, Gaia, life. Against hierachy; establishes lateral bonding and linking. Permeable self, relational self, group intermeshing. Emphasis on dialogue, relationships. Basis of value communities (i.e., freely chosen affiliations based on shared sentiments). Reaches decisions through the reconciliation and consensus (downside: interminable "processing" and incapacity to reach decisions). Refresh sprituality, bring harmony, enrich human potential. Strongly egalitarian, antihierachy, pluralistic values, social construction of reality, diversity, multiculturalism, relativistic value systems; this worldview is often called pluralistic relativism. Subjective, non linear thinkingl shows a greater degree of affective warmth, sensitivity, and caring, for earth and all its inhabitants.

Where seen: Deep ecology, postmodernism, Netherlands idealism, Rogerian counseling, Canadian health care, humanistic psychology, liberation theology, cooperative inquiry, World Council of Churches, Greenpeace, animal rights, ecofeminism, post-colonialism, Foucault / Derrida, politically correct, diversity movements, human rights issues, ecopsychology. 10 percent of the population, 15 percent of the power.

With the completion of the green meme, human consciousness is poised for a quantum jump into"second tier thinking." Clare Graves referred to this as a "momentus leap", where "a chasm of unbelievable depth and meaning is crossed." In essence, with second-tier consciousness, one can think both vertically and horizontally, using both hierachies and heterarchies (both ranking and linking). One can therefore, for the first time, vividly grasp the entire spectrum of interior development, and thus see that each level, each meme, each wave is crucially important for the health of the overall Spiral.

As I would word it, each wave is "transcend and include." That is, each wave goes beyind (or transcends) its predecessor, and yet it includes or embraces it in its own makeup. For example, a cell transcends but includes molecules, which transcend but include atoms. To say that a molecule goes beyond an atom is not to say that molecules hate atoms, but they love them: they embrace them in their own makeup; they include them, they don't marginalize them. Just so, each wave of existence is a fundamental ingredient of all subsequent waves, and thus each is to be cherished and embraced.

Moreover, each wave can itself be activated or reactivated as life circumstances warrant. In emergency situations, we can activate red power drives; in response to chaos, we might need to activate blue order; in looking for a new job, we might need orange achievement drivesl in marriage and with friends, close green bonding. All of these memes have something important to contribute.

But what none of the first tier memes can do on their own, is fully appreciate the existence of the other memes. Each of the first-tier memes thinks that its worldview is the correct or best perspective, It reacts negatively if challenged; it lashes out, using its own tools, whenever it is threatened. Blue order is very uncomfortable with both red impulsiveness and orange individualism. Orange individualism thinks blue order is for suckers and green egalitarianism is weak and woo-woo. Green egalitarianism cannot easily abide excelence and value rankings, big pictures, hierarchies, or anything that appears authoritarian, and thus green reacts strongly to blue, orange, and anything post green.

All of that begins to change with second-tier thinking. Because second-tier consciousness is fully aware of the interior stages of development-even if it cannot articulate them in a technical fashion-it steps back and grasps the big picture, and thus second-tier thinking appreciates the necessary role that all of the various memes play. Second-tier awareness thinks in terms of the overall spiral of existence, and not merely in the terms of any one level.

Where the green meme begins to grasp the numerous different systems the pluralistic contexts that exist in different cultures (which is why it is needed the sensitive self, i.e., sensitive to the marginalization of others), second tier thinking goes one step further. It looks for the rich contexts that link and join these pluralistic systems, and thus it takes these separate systems and begins to embrace, include, and integrate them into holistic spirals and integral meshworks. Second-tier thinking, in other wordsm is instrumental in moving from relativism to holism, or from pluralism to integralism.

The extensive research of Graves, Beck and Cowan indicates that there are at least two major waves to this second-tier integral consciousness:

7. Yellow: Integrative.

Life is a kaleidoscope of natural hierarchies [holarchies], systems, and forms. Flexibility, spontaneity, and functionality have the highest priority. Differences and pluralities can be integrated into interdependent, natural flows. Egalitarianism is complemented with natural degrees of ranking and excellence. Knowledge and competency should supersede power, status, or group sensitivity. The prevailing world order is the result of the existence of different levels of reality (memes) and the inevitable patterns of movement up and down the dynamic spiral. Good governance facilitates the emergence of entities through the levels of increasing complexity (nested hierarchy). 1 percent of the population, 5 percent of the power.

8. Turquoise: Holistic

Universal holistic system, holons / waves of integrative energies; unites feeling with knowledge; multiple levels interwoven into one conscious system. Universal order, but in a living conscious fashion, not based on external rules (blue) or group bonds (green). A "grand unification "[Theory of Everything] is possible, in theory and in actuality. Sometimes involves the emergence of a new spirituality as a meshwork of all existence. Turquoise thinking uses the entire Spiral; sees multiple levels of interactions; detects harmonics, the mystical forces, and the pervasive flow states that permeate any organization. 0.1 percent of the population , 1 percent of the power.

With less than 2 percent of the population at second tier thinking (and only 0.1 percent at turquoise), second tier consciousness is relatively rare because it is now "leading edge" of collective human evolution. As examples Beck and Cowan mention items that include Teilhard de Chardin's noosphere, the growty of transpersonal psychology, chaos and complexity theories, integral-holistic systems thinking, Gandhi's and Mandela's pluraistic integration, with increase in frequecy definitely on the way, and even higher memes still in the offing.......

The Jump to Second Tier Consciousness

As Beck and Cown point out, second tier thinking has to emerge in the face of much resistance from first tier thinking. In fact, a version of the postmodern green meme, with its pluralism and relativism, has actively fought the emergence of more integrative and holistic thinking. And yet without second tier thinking, as Graves, Beck, and Cowan point out, humanity is destined to remain vicitms of the global "autoimmune disease," where various memes turn on each other in an attempt to establish supremacy.

This is why many arguments are not really a matter of the better objective evidence, but of the subjective level of those arguing. No amount of orange scientific evidence will convince blue mythic believers; no amount of green bonding will impress orange aggressiveness; no amount of turquoise holism will dislodge green pluralism - unless te individual is ready to develop forward through the dynamic spiral of consciousness unfolding. This is why "cross-level" debates are rarely resolved, and all parties usually feel unheard and unappreciated.

Likewise nothing that can be said in this book will convince you that a Theory of Everything (T.O.E.) is possible, unless you already have a touch of turquoise coloring your cognitive palette ( and then you will think, on many a page, "I already knew that! I just didn't know how to articulate it.")

As we were saying, first tier memes generally resist the emergence of second tier memes. Scientific materialism (orange) is aggressively reductionistic toward second-tier constructs, attempting to reduce all interior stages to objective neuronal fireworks. Mythic fundamentalism (blue) is often outraged at what it sees as attempts to unseat its given Order. Egocentrism (red) ignores second tier-altogether. Magic (purple) puts a hex on it. Green accuses second tier consciousness of being authoritarian, rigidly hierarchical, patriachal, marginalizing, oppressive, racist, and sexist.

Green has been in charge of cultural studies for the past three decades. you will probably already have recongnized many of the standard catchwords of the green meme: pluralism, relativism, diversity, multiculturalism, deconstruction, antihierarchy, and so on.

On the one hand, the pluralistic relativism of green has nobly enlarged the canon of cultural studies to include many previously marginalized peoples, ideas, and narratives. It has acted with sensitivity and care in attempting to redress social imbalances and avoid exclusionary practices. It has been responsible for basic initiatives in civil rights and environmental protection. It has strong and often convincing critiques of the philosophies, metaphysics, and social practices of the conventional religiois (blue) and scientific (orange) memes, with their often exclusionary, patriarchal, sexist, and colonialistic agendas.

On the other hand, as effective as these critiques of pre-green stages have been, green has attempted to turn its guns on all post-green stages as well, with the most unfortunate results. This has made it very difficult, and often impossible, for green to move forward into more holisitc, integral constructions.

In academia, the pluralistic relativism is the dominant stance. As Colin McGuin summarizes it: "According to this conception, human reason is inherently local, culture relative, rooted in the variable facts of human nature and history, a matter of divergent 'practices' and 'forms of life' and 'frames of reference' and conceptual schemes.' There are no norms of reasoning that transcend what is accepted by a society or an epoch, no objective justifications for belief that everyone must respect on pain of cognitive malfunction. To be valid, is to be taken as valid, and different people can have legitimately different patterns of taking. In the end, the only justifications for belief have the form 'justified for me'"

The point is perhaps obvious: because pluralistic relativism has such an intensely subjectivistic stance, it is especially prey to narcisism. And exactly that is the crux of the problem: pluralism becomes a supermagnet for narcisism. Pluralism becomes an unwitiing home for the culture of Narcisims, and narcissism is the great destroyer of any integral culture in general and a T.O.E. in particular (because narcissism refuses to step outside of its own subjective orbit and hence cannot allow truths other than its own). Thus, on our list of obstacles to a genuine Theory of Everything, we might list the Culture of Narcissism.

Ken Wilber, Theory of Everything, Shambhala Publications

Ego and evolution - extracts from Ken Wilber's Site - Mail forum

Wilber's description of human development as going through the general stages of physiocentric, biocentric, egocentric, ethnocentric and worldcentric, valid and useful as it may be in itself, Jacobs views as "naive and simplistic," for it equates consciousness with cognition, and "fails to perceive the depths and complexity of human personality." [The equation of cognition and consciousness is not my position at all; see Integral Psychology , where I explain at length why consciousness and cognition cannot be equated.--KW]


. The standard 4Q (four quadrant) diagram that I usually give is true for this gross manifest realm. But even in the dream realm, there are four quadrants. Moreover, the great traditions of Vedanta and Vajrayana maintain two important points: mind or consciousness is never independent of some sort of body or energy component, but there are the gross bodymind, the subtle bodymind, and the causal bodymind, and those can be indepedent of each other in certain circumstances, e.g., in the bardo realm. I acknowledge this view clearly in several places, including most recently in "A Summary of My Psychological Model" posted on this site. I will reprint the relevant sections from that essay here:

In many of the wisdom traditions, the three great normal states (of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep) are said to correspond to the three great bodies or realms of being (gross, subtle, and causal). In both Vedanta and Vajrayana, for example, the bodies are said to be the energy support of the corresponding mind or state of consciousness (i.e., every mental mode has a bodily mode, thus preserving a bodymind union at all levels).

The point is that, according to these traditions, each state of consciousness has a corresponding body which is "made" of various types of gross, subtle, and very subtle energy (or "wind"), and these bodies or energies "support" the corresponding mind or consciousness states. In a sense, we can speak of the gross bodymind, the subtle bodymind, and the causal bodymind (using "mind" in the very broadest sense as "awareness" or "consciousness").

In my own system, the "body/energy" component is the Upper-Right quadrant, and the "mind/consciousness" component is the Upper-Left quadrant. The integral model I am suggesting therefore explicitly includes a corresponding subtle energy at every level of consciousness across the entire spectrum (gross to subtle to causal, or matter to body to mind to soul to spirit). Critics have often missed this aspect of my model because the typical four-quadrant diagram shows only the gross body in the Upper-Right quadrant, but that is only a simplified summary of the full model presented in my work.

In the traditions, it is often said that these subtle energy fields exist in concentric spheres of increasing embrace. For example, the etheric field is said to extend a few inches from the physical body, surrounding and enveloping it; the astral energy field surrounds and envelops the etheric field and extends a foot or so; the thought field (or subtle body energy field) surrounds and envelops the astral and extends even further; and the causal energy field extends to formless infinity. Thus, each of these subtle energy fields is a holon (a whole that is part of a larger whole), and the entire holonic energy spectrum can be easily represented in the Upper-Right quadrant as a standard series of increasingly finer and wider concentric spheres (with each subtler energy field transcending and including its junior fields). Each subtle energy holon is the exterior or the Right-Hand component of the corresponding interior or Left-Hand consciousness. In short, all holons have four quadrants across the entire spectrum, gross to subtle to causal, and this includes both a "mind/consciousness" and a "body/energy" component. For a discussion of body/realms--e.g., gross body (Nirmanakaya), subtle body (Sambhogakaya), causal body (Dharmakaya)--as the energetic support or "body" of each of the consciousness levels and states, see SES, note 1 for chap. 14. I often use the words "body," "realm," and "sphere" interchangeably; see Integral Psychology .

The important point is simply that each state of consciousness is supported by a corresponding body , so that consciousness is never merely disembodied. Even though it is said by, e.g., the Tibetan tradition, that subtle consciousness/energy or the subtle mind/body can detach from the gross mind/body, as in the chonyid bardo realm following death; and the causal mind/body can detach from both the subtle and gross mind/body, as in the chikhai bardo or the clear-light emptiness post-death experience (Deutsch, 1969; Gyatso, 1986). This conception allows consciousness to extend beyond the physical body (and survive physical death) but never to be merely disembodied (since there are subtle and causal bodies). In my opinion, this is a profound body/mind (or matter/consciousness) nonduality at every level, a conception I have incorporated into my own system.--KW]


To be continued..

Above from The Theory of Everything, by Ken Wilber

"Consciousness is the ground, or matrix, out of which physical matter emerges."

We have spoken of the Mind of the Creator as the matrix for all of the Creation, and your individualized consciousness is a portion of that Infinite Mind, as long as you are still veiled and in the experience of separation. Once your veils have fallen and the barrier is removed, you will be in full and continuous communion with the Mind of the Creator and when you have learned to operate from that platform, you will be able to affect, alter, and create material reality from that place of infinite blessing. All of the powers of the Creator will be vested in your individual locus of attention, and you will consciously be aware of yourselves as the creator-gods you have always been."

This is a natural expansion of your consciousness into full consciousness. As your consciousness expands, it will affect everything else -- your body, your surroundings, the quality of your interaction with your environment. You will begin to merge with the Mind of the Creator. You will experience the peace and serenity, the infinite spaciousness of that, and you will become that peace; you will become that spaciousness that is vast enough to hold it all within you -- in love and without judgment. That is where you are going. That is the experience you are moving into, even now. As you move forward within time, you will gradually stop caring about where you are going and when. The chatter and the impatience will simply fall away. You will feel when something is no longer appropriate for you -- whether it is the clamor of the media, the noise of deepening conflict, or anything else that is not in keeping with this deep sense of peace and infinite space. When this occurs, simply let go and let God. Let the peace and spaciousness of the Creator become your field of play. Let go of anything that does not belong in that space. You don't have to engage in conflict. You can simply let go of your resistance, of your attachments to being "right" or "better than." You can simply let go and let God. Let everyone do the same for themselves. If people have attachments to their way of seeing and being, allow them to remain that way. They will receive what is perfect for them, also. This is an "operation" based in love and respect for all choices. Be responsible for YOUR choices, and let everyone else have the same privilege. We shall speak to you again on this topic.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth.

We are the Hosts of Heaven.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This Message is one of a series of Messages, available in full and without charge on the Operation Terra Web site ( It is best understood in the context of the prior Messages, and may be freely distributed, as long as no modifications of the text are made and this information is included.

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Edited by David Lorimer, Floris Books

David Lorimer is the former director of the Scientific and Medical Network.

"Consciousness is the cutting edge topic in scientific circles, its precise nature holding huge implications for the future of science itself."

£14:99 available from - tel - +44 (0) 131-229 6800 - or by e-mail

Ken WIlber -

Ken Wilber, Speaking of Everything, the first-ever live audio interview with the world's most widely published spiritual philosopher. Just $24.95 for 2 CDs plus Alex Grey illustrated Glossary pamphlet. Only at Enlightenment.Com.



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Exploring the truth behind existence - Audio Cassette by Barry Long

‘I am going to make real for you the final mystery of existence. This is the rarest knowledge on earth.’

The journey of self-discovery leads back through everything we know about ourselves to a point of perception, beyond the brain. Barry Long draws us back towards that point by telling us the story of existence and helps us see ourselves as we truly are.

Tape One: The Unbelievable Truth ~ Why truth is unacceptable to the human brain; how it makes sense of the world; how to get through to the consciousness at the centre of it.

Tape Two: Who I Am ~ An exploration of a reality beyond the brain’s comprehension; a demonstration in our living experience of the perception at the centre of every spiritual realisation — the knowledge of what ‘I’ am and where ‘I’ come from.

Authors -

Clare Graves, Don Beck and Christopher Cowan in approach they call Spiral Dynamics

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