Time only exists because we perceive it. Time is a concept, and it allows us to experience change in our environment.

Seconds, Minutes, Days, Months, Years are just symbols.

'Time is like a river.'

Time stops everything from happening at once!

Scientists now refer to time as the Space -Time continum. Space and Time are interelated not independant. Time is relative, space-time is absolute.

If you ask a physicist s/he would tell you that, 'No experiments have ever been done that prove the existence of time!'


Time- like space- is an aspect that characterizes our universe, and therefore it exists only in relation to matter, in its manifestation of mass/energy. Outside the world of matter- which Damanhur's philosophy calls the 'World of Forms'- we can imagine that time does not exist. In Damanhur's philosophy time can be considered from two points of view:

1. as a linear sequence of events

2. as a temporal sea of eternal present In order to understand time travel theory and its practical application, it is necessary to comprehend these two aspects.


Current Scientific Views

The Beginning of Time

We can actually look back in time when we look at the stars! The further you look the futher you look back in time. This is because light takes time to travel(300,000km/s).

Big Bang

Looking back things were once very close together and very hot. Tracing back theories of astronomy we can look back to 19/20 age of the universe - further back there was a dark age - further still we see hot radiation and there is good evidence to suggest that there was a big bang. Current theories are based on less than a second after the bang.

There was nothing before the big bang - becasue there was no Space, Time or Matter.

Time Travel

It is theoretically possible to travel into the future. If I had a ship weighing several million tons travelling for 33 years I could travel 200 years ahead in time.

However it is virtually impossible to go physically back in time. Imagine the consequences if I went back back in time and killed my mum! What then - not possible - my ship would n't have been built!

(However I feel we can travel back and forth in time - but as a silent witness / observer - feeling and seeing everything but not being able to change anything there).

Some people call Time the Fourth Dimension.



In 1919 Einstein found out that time is different for others people. The higher you are faster your time goes by! The greater the gravity

If you were an observer outside the Universe everything would be static - the future, present and past would all be one. (spiritual link )

He said that speed slows down time

If an athlete runs constantly at the speed of light - a spectator would see time going more slowly for the athlete. Time is slower for an athlete running at a constant rate. The time slowing down is measurable but it is very tiny

Reality, Space and Time are elastic but connected

Maybe we perceive that time goes by - is it an illusion?

Time is either cyclical therefore endless,

or linear; so there was a beginning, there is now and then there is the end


Spiritual / Metaphysics / Truth? Points of View


On a deeper level it is said that there is no Time or Time is not important.

The PAST is just a recollection of memories

The FUTURE is anticipation

Only the PRESENT is real and eternal. WE JUST ARE!. Live in the NOW!

Truth IS! God just IS! Life is the flow of ISness!

So looking at time like this - what has happened before now is not real now! So only NOW, this moment is real.

Soon this moment will be gone, so you have to move from moment to moment, and even rest in the gap between moments*!!

This leads on to that is real that never changes!!

The Universe was created by Mother / Father God / Source / Creator . Space-time is a part of that Universe and will disappear with the Universe. As the Universe had a beginning it must have an ending. When the Universe finishes (big Crunch) back to the Void of Creative Conciousness or Unified Field or Field of Pure Potentiality - space - time go will with it.

So that will be the end of this Universe, and Space-time as we know it. However it will not be THE END, because unmanifest pure potential God is still there and likely to create another Universe when he is ready! As We are One with God, we too will survive. However not in the way most conventional minds think today!

We are pure potentiality - pure conscious awareness!


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