Let's Shape the Future

Molecular Talent Scouting

Future stars of the football pitch, athletics track and ski-slope will come from a squad of the genetic elite. Places at sporting academies will only be given to youngsters who have tested positive for genes known to enhance performance.

The ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) gene could be a signal of athletic potential. It plays a role in regulating blood pressure, cell growth and the growth of heart muscle. A certain form of the ACE gene is common in Australia's olympic rowers. Some scientists think this could be the secret of their success. Or are the genes involved in the production of red blood cells and those that regulate muscle growth more important?.

Although the winning formula has yet to be identified, scientists are confident they will develop a genetic test for athleticism. Children who fail the test will be left to lag behind while the genetically victorious will be pushed on to become the sporting high achievers of tomorrow. And once the genes relevant to specific disciplines have been tracked down things could be even more cut-throat. A simple blood test could mean the difference between taking to the running track in a blaze of glory.or being left to throw the javelin.


'Designer babies' has become an umbrella term for many different scenarios, present and future. Embryo Selection In some circumstances, during the process of IVF treatment, embryos are already selected on the basis of their genes.

As UK law stands, embryos can only be screened for the presence of life-threatening genetic diseases, and healthy embryos then implanted. Some parents have already selected the sex of their child in this way, although it is banned in the UK.

In future it may be possible to project a "virtual" child from the test results and implant only the embryo of choice.

Genetic enhancement - The quest for the 'perfect baby' may lead people to directly manipulate an embryo's genes. Human genes for specific traits could added - intelligence or athletic ability. There is even speculation that 'useful' genes from elsewhere in the animal kingdom might be engineered into an embryo.

Entire artificial chromosomes could even be created, in addition to the 46 we inherit. This might sound like science fiction, but artificial chromosomes have already been created in mice.

In future it may be possible for same-sex couples to have a child that is genetically their own.

Fatherless babies

Scientists have shown that mice eggs can be fertilised without the need for sperm. They are fertilised with a cell taken from anywhere in the body of another mouse. This technique offers hope to lesbian couples who wish for a child without involving a man. The resulting child would always be female.

Artificial eggs

Another possibility is to create artificial human eggs containing one set (23) of a man's chromosomes. Such eggs could be fertilised with the partner's sperm, like a normal egg. Viable human eggs have already been manufactured this way but, as yet, have never been fertilised.


Human chimeras occur naturally when two embryos, instead of developing into twins, fuse at an early stage in pregnancy to make a single individual. This opens up the possibility of fusing two embryos, one fathered by each partner, to create a child with multiple biological parents.



Transhumanists seek to expand technological opportunities for people to live longer and healthier lives and to enhance their intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities.

for more info - bbc.co.uk/genes


What we do now, will effect the future

What we create , sow, cultivate
will be experienced and reaped in the future

Polution, ignorance, greed, hatred and fear need to be addressed & tamed.

Let's make is good for future generations!


What will we do?

Peace and Love, natural green ethical products / services / technology


Armaggeddon - reliving Atlantis!


Next Phase

Soon we may realise that we have made enough technological advances, that our standard of living is comfortable enough, and our economic environment is secure enough / not secure at all - and so we'll realise that we have to change , adjust and move to the next level. Which I think is to a higher level of awareness and sharing.

Now and in the future we should all-



What if there's an Armageddon what do we do?

Live on Mars? Live underground or underwater in Atlantis?!

Question is - Would you want to survive Armaggeddon!?

Maybe only people left would be politicians, and rich people with a ticket to the moon! or would it be that the only ones that survive are 'service to others orientated'


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