How it all began?

Where did we come from?

Believe it or not we are made all made from star dust! Elements that existed at the beginning of time, namely hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen are present in our human bodies today. This implies we are all linked together at some level.

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Planet Earth

Planet earth is a tiny spec in our Solar system in a vast Universe. Scientists would argue that The Universe, formed as a result of a big bang - the beginning of Space, Time and Matter / Energy.

Matter evolves by moving into the next, higher level of vibration. Matter had evolved from the element Hydrogen, the simplest vibration of energy, to carbon which vibrates at a very high rate. Matter is energy.

The Sun was formed from a gas cloud collapsing by its own gravity. As it shrank it started spinning faster and faster while the central part was getting harder and harder much like a (bicycle tyre being pumped up).

The debris spinning in orbit around the sun cooled and formed into planets, and thus Planet Earth which contained. As the Earth cooled, gases once caught in the molten mass rose to the surface to create water vapuor. Then the great rains started and formed Oceans on the barren crust. When water covered most of the Earth the skies cleared and the Sun began to shine bringing light heat and radiation with it .

Another way of looking at it is that the planet is made up of four elements; Fire, Air, Water & Earth. Everything physical on the world is made up of those four elements. The sum total amount of these elements always stays the same.


The continually evolving matter on Earth needed to absorb matter to grow. It had to eat and thus Life was born. Restricted to living in water at this stage this Life took two forms; plants (living on inorganic matter) and animals (absorbing organic life).

The Oceans filled up with fishes. Where the plants had released enough oxygen into the atmosphere amphibians - used lungs to breath. Then matter /energyjumped forward to the next level of reptiles and dinosaurs. Then warm blooded mammals came and then after much progression we came along

This evolution can be seen further, if we look into our own lives and perspectives. In Celestine Prophecy, coincidences, if followed up, are seen as a way forward in life - a way of evolving.

I wonder what the next level of vibration is? Spiritual awareness perhaps!!

OK so there was a big bang, but was before that. Now belief comes into it.


Something must have caused the bang. Was it a Creator or God or Higher Being? Even if you are a logical scientist you will see that this gas cloud that later led to the creation of man contained such a precise concoction of ingredients that it is virtually impossible to be created by chance.

Indeed look at our biology and the biology of insects and animals - someone must have thought of that. Try making as mosquito from scratch!

This leads me to believe that we were not created by some random fluke but by some greater force. Someone / something had to have conceived us in their conscience. Anyway that's my belief!

Look at the beautiful form of trees, look at the waves of the Ocean, listen to the singing of the birds. There seems to be a special formula of life. Ratios of natural life is it something to do with the natural log 3.14, or perhaps related to fractals, flower of life or fibonacci's numbers (phi =1.61803)?

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