What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Wicca? Wickedness, evil, Satan worship?

Surprisingly even though information about the religion known as Wicca is in every library, and bookstore many people do not know what it is to be called wiccan or in other terms a witch. Lets first begin by saying that Wicca is in no way evil nor do Wiccans or any other pagan religion worship Satan. Wiccans do not believe in hell and therefore there isn't even a Satan to worship! He doesn't exist. Wiccans do not sacrifice babies, fly on brooms, and especially are not green faced old women with warts.

Where as Christians believe in the 10 commandments, Wiccans have one basic commandment that they base their lives and practices around, "If ye harm none, do what ye will."In simple terms do what you wish but don't hurt anyone in the process. Many of the principals of the Wiccan religion are simply the things that most people of all religions are taught growing up.

Thirteen main beliefs are the backbone of the Wiccan religion, they can be put like this.
1.) Keep yourself balanced and in tune with the beauty of nature and the wonder that is life around you.
2.) Don't Litter
3.) There are powers beyond that which we know, whether you call them God, Goddesses, Angels, spirits, or the supernatural. 4.) Male and female entities are equal. Not one is greater than the other and its only when they are connected that they are whole.
5.) There is a heaven and other great things waiting for us when we pass on.
6.) Do not worship the idle man but respect all people.
7.) See magick and wisdom in the world around you.
8.) Calling yourself something does not make you anything. You must find your forces and motivation within and control them in yourself to live wise and well.
9.) We all have a place in the universe no matter your sex, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or lifestyle.
10.) Let others have their beliefs and opinions even if you do not agree with them.
11.) Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift that's why we call it the present. Sort through the past find the silver lining and leave the rest behind you.
12.) There is no devil or Satan. You are responsible for your own actions, not a little red man with horns. So choose the direction your life takes wisely. The consequences are yours alone.
13.) Respect the earth and take care of it.

I have explained these principals in such a general way because I want the person who does not understand this religion to be able to relate to these beliefs. It seems to easy, but that's all it takes to live your life well.

There are many Gods and Goddesses worshipped in the Wiccan religion, however since this is a brief insight I will leave the many Gods and Goddesses for another article.

Now I would like to explain the one word that has followed the mention of Wicca around since the beginning. Spells. Yes Wiccans cast spells. However they do not stand hunched over their cauldrons mixing eye of newt and toe of dog while chanting in dead languages. Sorry that's only in the movies. (Good thing too because I would imagine toe of dog would be quite difficult to obtain.) In actuality spell-casting is a very spiritual and personal process for most. Let me say this before we go any further, Wiccans do not cast love spells!

Wiccans have a strong policy not to take away the free will of any person. Therefore any good and honest witch would never cast a love spell on another person. The only type of love spell tolerated would be one cast on yourself to make you more open to love.

However even this is tricky because if you are thinking of a particular person at all you may effect their free will. It is very common to perform spells for prosperity, luck, blessing, protection, healing, and much more.

One more thing I will address is the term's good and dark witch. It is a shame to say yes there is such a thing as dark witches, just as there can be darkness in a member of any other religion. The way the power inside every individual is used is in the heart of the person.

Dark witches are called so because they harness their powers and use them selfishly and to take away free will. Just as you must have dark to have light to stick it in, the wrongdoers can be balanced and even outweighed by the good. That is one main goal of a witch. I hope this has given you some idea of how the Wiccan religion works, and its properties.

Article by Sophia Fortune



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