Transformation in the Workplace

The Following is an excerpt from Maitreya Ishwara's mailing list

Transformation in the Workplace

«How do you perceive the practical role of spirituality in the workplace, where such a spirituality would be a radical transformation of the way we work, relate to each other, and care for the environment

.« Transformation of all human affairs is vital for the full expression of our spirituality. We must walk our talk in all areas of life, including how we function in the workplace, in our relationships and in caring for the environment.

The primary issue is of values. No meaningful social transformation can really occur within the context of a world economy based on greed, corruption and exploitation of people, animals and the environment. First, we need a radical shift of values from our present uncaring materialism to a world economy that takes care of our real needs, without damaging the environment, animals and people who share life on Earth.

The apparent unlikeliness of this happening leaves most spiritual people trying to juggle their values with the economic reality of consumer capitalism. Many seekers that I meet in satsang express a deep longing to be able to live in a way that reflects, expresses and supports their inner exploration. But the harsh realities of modern society leaves little room for the caring, holistic values of the more conscious minority.

There have been many experiments in alternative living and working that have indicated more creative, caring and conscious possibilities for transformation in the workplace. However, most of them fail to bridge the gap between their ideals and the economic reality of the world we live in. And many conscious individuals are compromising their values every day just to survive economically.

Work is a vital part of spiritual life; it allows us to share our creative energy with others and balances our material needs with our practical contribution. But unless and until the economic reality evolves in a more fair, sustainable and caring direction, most seekers will have to continue making their own adjustments and compromises with a world order that is clearly out of balance.

In the meantime, we can benefit from understanding that the essential energetic contribution we make is managed by the Whole for the Whole. And that by giving of ourselves consciously we learn to transcend our selfish ego limitations.

In our New Zealand buddhafield we have a balanced lifestyle that includes four hours silent satsang and four hours work a day. This balance between work and beingness is essential for most seekers to fully develop different aspects of their systems.

Work is vital to bring the creative, dynamic, responsible energies of the third body to their full potential. Those who avoid these challenges are likely to remain immature in some way. For the ego must come to a peak of positivity before it can be fully surrendered in the deep let go of awakening.

When work happens in this context it is more relaxed and playful, and much less stressful than in many other environments. For those who still work in the real world in unconscious stressful situations the challenges are far greater. Many sensitive people have tremendous difficulty adapting to their work environments.

In the coming age of conscious civilisation, we will enjoy a miraculous transformation of life on Earth that includes a shared communal lifestyle that is balanced, fair, sustainable, and exploits no humans or animals; yet provides abundant resources that take care of all our real needs.

The following excerpt from "God's Vision - The New Dawn of Consciousness" outlines the set up.

The Financial Structure When everyone lives in communes, there are no personal assets. Whatever you need is available and "owned" by the commune. There is no private enterprise, stock market or banking system. Each commune is given credits from Central Finance for the goods, services and labour it contributes.

These credits are used to buy whatever the commune needs from Central Supplies. Investment in industry and manufacturing are financed by Central Finance at 0% interest and repaid in credits. Natural resources in the area of any commune are owned by Central Natural Resources. The commune that develops and utilises natural resources is paid for its work in credits from Central Natural Resources. Central Infrastructure builds and maintains all transport and communications systems to an equal standard in between and in all communes.

A unit of credit is only theoretical, there is no money, credits are transferred electronically to keep track of energy. The value of goods, services and labour is determined by Source.

Some communes will earn more credits than others. The standard of living is the same in all communes. The richer communes donate any surplus to Central Finance. The poorer ones are given credits to buy their needs from Central Supplies.

All this means wealth is equal for everyone and is just a game. The motivation for work is creative expression. Everyone works for four hours a day, six days a week, except those on retreat. Everyone is free to choose their work and their commune. Everyone has equal access to all material things.

Standards of accommodation vary according to the needs of people. Young people will live communally in big houses of up to twenty. Couples with children have their own place, each with their own room. Older single people can have their own cottage, or live in a communal house as they feel. Children are commune members and are supported by the commune, not their parents. Childcare and education and all health care are free, as is everything.

People are free to move to any commune and return if they want. Travel is free.

People who want to live outside the commune in nature can be connected to the nearest commune for supplies. They can contribute energy in some way to the commune. Central Finance keeps track of all resources and investment and calculates the "profit" for each commune. Central Property manages all property in between communes and prepares them to become communes as needed. These simple arrangements make life easy and abundant for everyone. Those who manage the credits have the same rewards as unskilled workers.

This is real communism and is fundamentally different from the failed totalitarian nightmare of the last century. It is based on respect for the individual and can only work when we are more conscious and have spiritual growth as the first priority.

Until that miraculous transformation occurs try your best to be conscious, creative, playful and efficient; while working in a world that has a somewhat different agenda. And remember its all a perfect play of divine consciousness. Even you.

Love Maitreya


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