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About this site:

What I have to say has all been said before,
And I am destitute of learning and of skill with words.
I therefore have no thought that this might be of benefit to others;
I wrote it only to sustain my understanding

My faith will thus be strengthened for a little while,
That I might grow accustomed to this virtuous way.
But others who now chance upon my words,
May profit also, equal to myself in fortune

(1, 2 - 3 - Shantideva - Bodhicharyavatara)

"What is presented here is like a map; it is an entirely different experience to actually make this journey. It requires a guide to make this journey, and as well, we must make the proper preparations; our minds must be tamed and trained through the practice of meditation. Only then can we see the vajra world."

Chogyam Trunpa, Journey Without Goal

  • This site is really a database of interesting facts, topics, quotes, excerpts picked up by Greg over the years during his 'spiritual' journey.
  • excerpts from well known books by well known authors teachers, guru's, mystics, saints etc.
  • The aim of this site is to share information, ideas and inspiration and increase levels of consciousness, and providing a space for people to share ideas and interact
  • To let people know of the options available - 'knowledge is power' - so people can update
  • Browse this site with an Open Mind. You don't need to believe anything. But try it out. This is all based on Science, logic, as well as experience, insight, and intuition.
  • Recommended Links on each individual page as well as main links page
  • Related Reading on each page as well as
  • We do not support any particular political or any particular spiritual organisation - you make your own mind up
  • We do not support use of anger, greed, hatred, delusion, ignorance, psychic attack to harm to any sentient beings or organisations.

Message -

Quick Tips & Truths

All the joy the world contains
is through wishing happiness for others.
All the misery the world contains
has come through wanting pleasure for oneself

(8.129 - Shantideva - Bodhicharyavatara)

The unexamined life is not worth living. Plato

"Be a student not a follower" Jim Rohn

'Wherever you are, be there fully'

more truths - the essence

short points

Amazing Times

Due to events in the last 30 years,
involving exile of Tibet and the opening of the Vatican Library
previously ancient, sacred, esoteric , mystical, knowledge
has been made available to the general public.




Did you hear about the tiger that was brought up by sheep, and so thought he was a sheep, until one day another tiger saw him and showed the tiger both of their reflections in a clear pool of water - and so the tiger from then knew that he was not a sheep, but somthing quite different indeed!

One could say the same for us, Within us, beneath our obscurations, bad habits, negative emotions, lies our true nature - loving-kindness, compassion, peace, joy, awareness, Oneness

In order to cultivate, sustain, and enjoy our true nature one first has to become aware of one's true nature - now this can be through self discovery and the grace of a teacher

We have a diamond within us, however one could say it is covered in mud

For some of you This site will help you find the diamond, identify it, understand it, clean it and then keep it safe

For others this will be passed off as mumbo jumbo - and the diamond, although always there will never be realized - don't be like the tiger thinking it is was sheep!

possibly through a teacher showing you both of the reflections in a pool of water

You have a choice - just to get by, or live fully to the full

Are you are sheep or a tiger?!












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