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Please note the Zappertek Zappers have been discontinued by the manufacturer.


We now recommend the K100 Zapper (CE Marked Medical Device)
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Zapping for Health  

Get switched on to better health with the Zapper 2000

Research by an eminent American doctor, Dr. Hulda Clarke, has shown that every living creature broadcasts its presence with a radio frequency which differs with the size of the creature.

Results demonstrated that the lower the form of life, the lower the frequency broadcast, while the more advanced creatures are much higher up the scale with a much larger bandwidth.

For example, moulds, bacteria and viruses are between 77 and 900KHz, a domestic cat's is between around 1,400 and 8,000 KHz while the average range of the human being is between 1,520 and 9,46OKHz.

The doctor also discovered that an electrical pulse applied via a unit called a 'Zapper' can be used to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in the body in minutes, not days or weeks as is required by antibiotics.

Zapper 2000 has been designed to provide a frequency which when passed through the body via two brass handgrips will eliminate virtually all the bacteria, viruses and parasites which are the root cause of illness and disease.


The new Zappa ST is an advanced version, which embodies state-of-the-art frequency sweeping technology, which more effectively targets organisms in the 29-50Khz range, has two hand grips and an adaptor jack.


  • Dr Hulda Clarke's trials with zapping have proved particularly beneficial in the treatment of a wide range of common diseases including cystitis, endometriosis, herpes and thrush. Dr. Clarke is the author of "The Cure for All Cancers" and "The Cure for All Diseases".
  • Both Zappers are made in England, contain solid state electronics, and are powered by a standard 9v battery and are perfectly safe to use virtually regardless of age. However, it is not recommended to use them if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.
  • It is very easy and quick to use as each treatment requires you to Zap for three seven minutes periods with a half-hour interval between each Zapping session.


Zapper ST has the following additional features:

1. Two people can zap at the same time.
2. ST model has an adaptor jack in the side so you could run it from the mains if you get
the cables.
3. Zapper ST goes to a lower frequency than the original zapper and therefore is targeting
organisms that the origianl one doesn't reach and
4. Instead of giving out one broad band with all the notes mixed up in it, this model hits each note
individually and workings in a sweeping pattern. For example La Laa Laaa
Laaaa Laaaaa. This makes it more effective.

Most people buy the Zapper ST because of these two last benefits.

ZP-2000 Zapper 2000
£65.95 incl. delivery


ZP-ST Zapper ST
£89.95 incl. delivery

Prices include delivery within Mainland UK





Delivery: Unavailable

We recommend the K100 model of Zapper (CE Marked Medical Device)



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related feedback:

Thankyou for the speady response to my order, I recieved the zapper on Friday and I'm delighted.

Your website is excellent and much needed in the UK..... keep up the good news...... I've put you in my favourite, thank you.

Julie, Surrey.

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