Tibetan Singing Bowls

Made from seven base metals: Iron, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver & Gold, these singing bowls are used by Tibetan monks for rituals, healing and meditation practices. In Tibetan tradition the powerful vibrations of the singing bowl respond to the sound of the universal creation and inner consciousness.

A stick is rubbed around the rim of the bowl, releasing the sound of several notes which gently rise to a single note of harmony until the bowl is singing to you. This singing bowl can be also used for space clearing in Feng Shui.
All singing bowls are supplied with a stick, a pouch and instructions.

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Small Singing Bowl (approx 5" in diameter)
£34.95 incl. delivery

Medium Singing Bowl (approx 6" in diameter)
£44.95 incl. delivery

Large Singing Bowl (approx 7" in diameter)
£54.95 incl. delivery



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