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Tibetan Incense comes from a centuries old formula of combining special medicinal and therapeutic substances (over 31 in total) derived from herbs, flowers and minerals that when burned, deliver an aroma which can help to soothe and calm a restless mind.

The word 'incense' has numerous connotations. In its widest sense it refers to the material which burns (or releases a vapour) with a fragrant odour. It may also refer to the fragrance produced in this way.

Akin to what a candle does to a darkened room, the aroma of incense offers warmth and tranquillity to the senses. Thus, it serves as little wonder that its origins are deeply rooted in the spiritual and religious practices of the Orient. Incense is an essential element in virtually all Oriental religious offerings, it is seen in all Buddhist temples where fragrant smoke spirals up from the countless sticks placed in front of the presiding Buddha.



Various cultures may view the burning of incense as an end in itself, as an offering, or see it as being symbolic of prayers ascending to the heavens. One widely held belief sites incense as a channel for communication, a 'telephone', between man and the divine spirits. The 'call' to the other world begins as the incense is lit and ends once the the stick is burnt. Similarly, incense presented with food offerings is not part of the gift, rather the smoke serves as a signal to God that a meal has been prepared for him.

For meditation light one stick & gently inhale the fumes for a few minutes. This facilitates concentration, enhances meditation & promotes physical and mental well-being.

Each box contains approx. 30 incense sticks and each stick is about 6 inches long.

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Tibetan Healing Incense Sticks (30)
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Tibetan Healing Incense Holder
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