Cell Sensor
Mobile Phone Radiation & EMF Sensor

Are you and your children safe? Serious health risks are linked with electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.


Isn't It Time You Checked The EMF Levels In Your Environment, Home, Office, and School? The CellSensor shows you which areas are above or below 2 milligauss. Most experts agree that chronic exposure to more than 2 milligauss is inadvisable. For example, you will be able to rearrange furniture in order to avoid sitting or sleeping in high fields for long periods of time.



The Cell Sensor shows you safe distances from appliances, such as computer monitors, alarms clocks, air conditioners, heaters, kitchen & household appliances. The CellSensor helps you make informed purchasing decisions, so that the next time you buy a TV, a computer monitor, a cellular phone, or a home, you choose one with low EMF emissions.


". . . Sweden has concluded that EMF's do lead to higher rates of cancer . . . I frankly was somewhat impressed by the arguments made by the Swedes."
Ex-President Bill Clinton.


Cellsensor: Mobile Phone / EMF Sensor
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