Is Perfection Possible?


When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target. - Unknown

"Do, or do not, there is no try." -Yoda


Law IX - by Djwhal Khul& Alice Bailey

Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good, is harmlessness. This is not negativity, but perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding. This law is profoundly simple and means exactly what it says. It can be interpreted in two ways: It concerns the spiritual development of man through the medium of form, and the mode or law whereby the latent hold of matter - impregnated by selfishness and by all that is recognized as evil - is removed, and man stands free. It can also be interpreted in terms of healer and patient. Oft the effect of the activity and knowledge of the true healer is to bring to the surface (in an acute form) the evil (disease) within the form. The result of this can either be the elimination of the disease and the securing of health, or the form will succumb to the increase of the difficulty and the probability is that the patient will die. It is therefore fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a dire possibility is not present!


Some questions for contemplation

What does perfection mean?


Is our path to move towards perfection in ourselves and our environment?

Is that realistic?

Are we ever going to be perfect, at least in this lifetime?

Should we strive for perfection?

Evolution is the search for perfection

or are we perfect already, maybe we just need to be in a 'position' to see it?

If God is perfect, and we are part of God, aren't we perfect already?

Or perhaps, the part of God within us is perfect, so we need to get to it and then we will be / feel perfect / content. We need to polish our inner diamond - beneath the coal.

Is God perfect? There are views that God is imperfect.

Maybe we are fallen angels?


You get what you need, rather than what your ego desires - in that respect everything is perfect for our evolution.


An endless circulation goes on that has neither a conceivable beginning nor possible end from the point of view of finite man, for its source and end are hid in the unknown cosmic fount. Were conditions everywhere perfected this circulation would proceed unimpeded and might result in a condition of almost endless duration, but limitation and termination result as the effects of imperfection giving place to a gradual perfection. Every cycle originates from an other cycle of a relative completeness, and will give place ever to a higher spiral; thus eventuate periods of apparent relative perfection leading to those which are still greater.


Most of us are only human?

Maybe the ego is imperfect and the spirit is perfect

Maybe the journey is a cycle between imperfection to perfection - and that cycle, and all other cycles are illusions so we are already perfect (spirit).

Feeling perfect implies feeling - at the 'top of the world' - feeling love and aware of the interconnectedness & beauty of life.

For an idea and an ideal are two different things-an ideal is that that may be sought for, while an idea may lead into troubled waters. Reading 5502-2 Edgar Cayce


Perfection, idealism

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