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Message from Sogyal Rinpoche about September 11th

This is a crucially important time for spiritual practice - whatever our practice may be - and for us to pray and practice as strongly and as wholeheartedly as we can.

This is a time for wisdom and for courage. On one hand, we need to pray strongly for all those who have died, and all those who are suffering, shocked and traumatized around the world. On the other hand, we need to pray for the world, and what lies ahead.

Think of all the leaders of the world. Pray that they may have wisdom, discernment, foresight and guidance. Pray that the violence will not escalate; that it does not spiral into new areas of conflict, and that it does not aggravate the conflicts that already exist in the world.

Pray that innocent people do not suffer and that innocent people are not persecuted.

May these terrible events awaken us to the deeper causes and grievances that may have provoked them. Pray as strongly as you can; whatever the causes, may they be remedied, healed and removed.

Let us have the courage to look unwaveringly at the causes of the hatred and despair behind this violence, whatever they may be, and really to address them.

Pray strongly that we do not give in to the temptation to think only of the short-term. Pray that we will think in the long-term. For this is how history will judge us.

Sometimes a situation like this can make us go through a real change in our lives. Our day-to-day existence can often leave us slightly complacent, until suddenly one day something wakes us up. Suddenly we realize that life is precious, and that the life we have may not be too bad. The only thing is that we constantly forget to appreciate it.

For spiritual practitioners, we must let these events spur us on towards practice, towards living meaningful lives and becoming ever more authentic practitioners.

How can we begin to transform the feelings and emotions we are going through? Sometimes they are unbearable and overwhelming.

First and foremost, we all need refuge, protection and guidance. As strongly as possible, invoke whoever for you is the embodiment of wisdom, compassion and holiness, the source of spiritual inspiration and the object of your faith. It could be Buddha, God, Christ or Allah. Then pray first that refuge may be given to all those who have died and are suffering. Think of them, and think of their families and loved ones too. Bring them all, every one, within the embrace of the refuge. Then include all of us as well, as we all need the blessing and the protection this practice will bring.

Look into any spiritual teachings, any prayers and practices, that have been an inspiration to you in times of difficulty. Find the assistance and support that you need. Sometimes, even though we have help, we forget that it is there.

Above all, do not despair. When you are consumed by pain and sadness, feel and invoke your sources of refuge. Invoke them, with all their compassion, blessings and love. And ask for their strength.

And whenever you become afraid, let your fear itself serve to invoke these sources of refuge, so that fear transforms into confidence and blessing. When everything seems to fall apart, and all our old certainties are suddenly snatched away, we understand the purpose of spiritual practice. Because it is through spiritual practice that we can find an inner strength and inner refuge. We discover an aspect of ourselves that will never die or be destroyed, and this will bring us peace, joy and confidence.

Could this be an opportunity for the world to be united as never before, and for leaders to take wiser and more enlightened action? Could this tragedy be turned into a commitment by all countries to renounce violence and resolve their conflicts peacefully? Changes like these would give meaning to the loss of all those lives. If their deaths only incite more anger and more violence, more death, this is not the way to remember them, this is not going to help them. As Buddha said: "Anger is not destroyed by anger. But by love alone. This is the ancient and eternal law."

Pray that this may come to a good conclusion. Pray that the world finds the stability it craves. Pray strongly that all harm be transformed into good. It is important for the sake of all those who have died, to ensure that their deaths bring some good into the world.

Copyright © 2002 Rigpa Fellowship


Dearest Pranic and PPM Families,
Loving Greetings from Bogota!
A few days ago, Master Choa agreed to lead us in a Live Audio Streamed Meditation on the 11th of September. After some fast negotiation and arranging, tonight it was confirmed that we can actually materialize this objective! WOW!!!

Therefore, PPM International in cooperation with PPM Colombia, and the Pranic Healing Foundation of Cali, invite you to join our Beloved Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for a Live Audio Stream for World Peace on September 11th, 8PM from Cali Colombia!

As all of us know, this date will mark the first year anniversary of the shocking tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York City. What better opportunity to join hands around the world to Pray and Meditate for World Peace?

Please invite your families, your friends, your working colleagues, your social acquaintances, and as many other people as you can think of, to join Master Choa in praying and Meditating for Peace on this important day. Let's make this a global effort to make a positive difference in our troubled world!

Please contact PPM International Coordinator Marilette Liongson for a personal password at: or go to the PPM International website at:

We very much hope that you will join the family in this important opportunity to Meditate with our Precious Master Choa LIVE from Colombia.

Infinite Love, Peace and Blessings to All of You, Charlotte

My Dear Friends

Just a reminder about our WORLD PEACE MEDITATION which we have arranged for September 11th

This Wednesday, as you all know, is the first anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. None of us will ever forget the scenes of utter carnage which were devastatingly shown on our Television Screens wherever in the world we happened to be on that day!

All of us, who did not have loved ones, or friends, working in the Twin Towers that fateful day, cannot possibly imagine the grief and heartache of those who suffered the personal loss of their husband or wife, one of their children, or even close business colleagues or family friends.

But we shall NEVER forget - and so next Wednesday, September 11th, 2002 at 10pm (your time) wherever you are and whatever you may be doing - I would like to invite you to join my wife, Chooi-Chin, and I in a WORLD PEACE MEDITATION.

In your WORLD PEACE MEDITATION please send out all your healing thoughts, energies and prayers to all the World Leaders, especially including George Bush of the US and Tony Blair of the UK - that they may be guided to act wisely in all their efforts to create a Peaceful World and Environment in which we can all live together in love and harmony - as spiritual brothers and sisters.

Copies of this email are being sent to all my mailing lists - and to everyone in my own personal address book - please forward copies to all your friends so that they too may join us in our WORLD PEACE MEDITATION.................

With much love and many healing blessings


Dear Reiki People,

Please send Reiki to the decision process concerning the possible invasion
of Iraq by the US. President Bush is meeting with key people now and over
the next several days and weeks to discuss this possibility. This is a
very serious decision. Please take some time to send Reiki to this
process so the highest good for all concerned takes place. Please pledge
to send Reiki everyday until the situation is resolved.

May the relationship between the US and Iraq be blessed with the wisdom
and compassion of Reiki.

William Lee Rand

Thank for your interest in the WORLD PRAYER PROJECT...

6 September 2002

At this moment, conversations continue concerning possible military action
by the United States and its allies against Saddam Hussein. President Bush
says he is weighing all options and that he hasn't decided if such action
will be necessary. He pledges to make his case for such action before the
United Nations prior to initiating any military involvement. In such an
environment, with war considerations and possible action imminent, inspired
thinking is paramount by U.S. leaders and government agencies, as well as
those making decisions or providing inside information within Iraq. Our
intentional prayer can help raise this level of discourse and understanding.

Consciously join together with prayer group members and others around the
world and connect inwardly with the spirit of the one God of Love. Feel this
energy of love filling us all, and overflowing out toward all those involved
in the crisis with Iraq. See our energy filling everyone who can influence
decisions in this matter, moving them toward their highest awareness, which
will guide them toward any possible alternatives to war. Let's set this
permanent visualization in our minds, and reinforce the prayer throughout
each day whenever possible.

Again, let's think of ourselves as Peace Movers willing to quickly channel
love where it is needed. Let intuition and synchronically guide you as you
mention the WORLD PRAYER PROJECT to others who might be interested in being
in a group devoted to intensive prayer held as a constant image in the back
of our minds.

Those interested can be informed of future ALERTS by sending a blank email
to or by visiting our web site and clicking the


James Redfield, Salle Merrill Redfield

Regarding the Events on September 11, 2001 , HH Penor Rinpoche

Within the three realms of existence, karma manifests in a variety of ways. Beings are led astray by the effects of ignorance, self-cherishing and arrogance - three poisons which influence the majority of our actions. When we carefully evaluate the effects of these afflictive emotions, we realize that they produce unfavorable outcomes for us in both this lifetime and the next. One can understand that they are a source of suffering and harm to oneself and others. I am deeply saddened when I think of those who either do not understand this fact or understand but remain controlled by their afflictive emotions. When thoughtfully evaluated, it is clear that no benefit can result from trying to achieve one's objectives through hatred and attachment. Instead, one will achieve only unfavorable results.

It is important that we not take seriously the suffering we feel by failing to fulfill our desires. Always remember the far greater suffering of cyclic existence and the three lower realms. With an uncontrived state of mind, strive to realize the nature of reality. For the benefit of all sentient beings, generate the altruistic thought of enlightenment (bodhicitta) and perform the meditation of giving joy and taking on the suffering of others (tonglen). Pray to your guru and the triple gem with devotion and dedicate the merit accumulated by oneself and others throughout the three times to all sentient beings. By following these instructions, you will benefit both yourself and others in this life as well future lives.

I am deeply saddened by the tragic events of recent days and offer my condolences to those affected. People of many different countries were killed or injured at the World Trade Center and other places in the U.S. The attack has also caused a great deal of financial and economic damage as well. But I am fearful and saddened by the prospect of these events leading to war and becoming a major obstacle for peace in the world. I sincerely request world leaders to consider their actions carefully and decide upon a course that will be beneficial to all beings. May their decisions be clear and motivated by pure intent.

I pray to the triple gems for peace and happiness in the world, especially now in America. I dedicate the merit I have accumulated in the three times to the people who died in these tragic events and all motherly sentient beings. I request all my dharma friends, students and devotees all over the world who are directly or indirectly connected to me, to come together in practicing tonglen, dedicating merit and praying for peace without allowing ourselves to be carried away by delusion or afflictive emotions.

Penor Rinpoche
September 20, 2001

We are in the process of transcribing one of HH Penor Rinpoche's teachings on Tonglen. In the meantime, these links may be of help to those not familiar:

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