Check expectations, fantasies for GOD, or self, or others

Chaos is never going to stop - it is natural law

Chaos is divine law beyond human logic

Chaos is change is GOD

Chaos works in mysterious ways - no rational explanation - beyond logical mind


madness may arise from:

Madness can come from contemplating abstract questions that we can never answer.

For example - Who knows maybe Hitler enlightened more people than Buddha?

This is a question which has no definite answer, and requires us to delve deeply into definitions and strategies.


Am I here because of ego, intuition or group consciousness - sometimes we don't know until later. (Maybe all three)

There is no point to certain questions - the questions and answers

Antidote to Madness

Osho tells us the antidote is

Meditation, Meditation, Meditation -

Correct posture, Relax, Take a few deep breaths

Become aware of your mind.

Be alert and Vigilant like a policeman

Notice splits, crazy thoughts etc.

When getting hectic crazy thoughts, become aware of this , and then just drop the clinging and grasping to thoughts - simply release all the thoughts and just be. - just listening, or just breathing, or just aware of awareness

If you are neurotic or thinking too much - get into 'having or making something' with your body - do something and really get fully engaged in whatsoever you do.

eg. tidy up or help others

Or get into simply being - questionless, simply passively aware of the present moment - no clinging to thoughts.

PS. If suffering from depression or mental illness please consult a proffessional. This is simply for informational purposes only.


In greek the word depression means to be against sadness

If you go a little deeper, a big part of depression is the realisation that I'm in fact different to how people want me to be and I have no choice to be as I am.

So a lot of depression, when it's not totally inherited or hormonal in nature, is people having a resistance towards what they see but they don't know how to deal with it.

In this life you have to learn to use the language of other people so you have to learn to make compromises in order to integrate yourself in society without denying yourself or being against yourself


The word therapist in Greek, is someone who is helping someone in his / her own observation of a situation. So they have to learn to see things differently. For example, even in competition, you all have one thing in common, which is the Out of Body State - the potential for the qualities for love, sharing, empathy, bliss... So instead of looking at the narrow frame that they seem stuck in, help them to look at the bigger frame abd you wilkl then help them to communicate.

Manuel Schoch

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