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"Hypnosis is an inferred psychophysiological state characterised by increased suggestibility, and is thought to be an altered state of consciousness. Hypnotism is the study and use of suggestion with or without the presence of hypnosis, while hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which the use of hypnotism constitutes the core of the treatment."

What is hypnosis?

"Many people are intrigued by the image of hypnosis - the possibility of power, mystery and command. But the reality of hypnosis is far more amazing and practical than you could imagine. Today you will think over 60,000 separate thoughts. Most of them will be exactly the same as the ones you thought yesterday. Your habitual, repeated patterns of thoughts and action determine how you perceive the world and the results you create in your life. As much as 95% of our behavior is patterned, programmed and therefore, predictable. Hypnosis is the study of those patterns and programmes - how they are created, maintained and changed. In other words, hypnosis is the study of learning at a deeper level. Hypnosis is much more than hypnotherapy or stage hypnosis. They are applications of the principles of hypnosis through stylised processes with particular purposes in mind. But they both rely on the human ability to learn and change without the need for conscious interference." - mckenna-breen.com

We actually move in and out of altered states of consciousness all the time - however most of us are unaware of these changes.

In fact most people are walking about in a state of trance / sleep. (just as reading 'sleep' - I hear the word 'sleep' in a record on the radio - 10/12/01)

When one is alert and fully present - is a different state of consciousness to daydreaming.

Most people are walking around thinking about the past or future - or anxious about fears and desires - people rarely stop to smell the roses.

Hypnosis is useful in changing peoples attitudes to things

eg. I hypnotised my teacher quite quickly - I quickly changed his mindset from that of 'having to deal with lots of problems' to 'having challenges'.

He found this very beneficial - like a load being let off.

(while typing this just heard the word 'hypnosis' in a tune on the radio!! - 10/12/01)

Hypnosis by-passes the logical critical left-brain. This means that info goes straight in.

In fact hypnosis - de-hypnotizes people - often bringing them into the present moment - accessing higher states of consciousness.

You can not be Hypnotized to do something that is against your morals, ethics, will. - eg. you can't be hypnotized to cause major crime



Don Robertson will be presenting a special one-day, introductory level, self-hypnosis workshop on Saturday 22nd February 2003 at Harley Street in Central London.

o Receive a copy of the Self-Hypnosis Training Manual FREE OF CHARGE.
o Learn genuine self-hypnosis techniques with personal coaching from a professional hypnotist.
o Witness practical demonstrations of hypnotic techniques.
o Learn special rapid self-hypnosis induction and deepening techniques.
o Learn how to use self-hypnosis to generate physical and mental changes.
o Hypno-Meditation: Combine self-hypnosis with meditation techniques.
o Relax in an informal group setting, and learn with other beginners.
o "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" - full refund in the unlikely event that you're not 100% happy.

This workshop is open to everyone regardless of experience. Complete novices will benefit from simple instruction in basic techniques, other professionals can benefit from learning some of the unique or advanced methods employed.

Standard Cost: £100
Early Bookings: £70 discounted rate for bookings received before 12th February.

Send your cheque, made payable to "D. Robertson", to the address below.
Please include a note with your name, address, and telephone number.

Donald Robertson
10 Harley Street
London W1G 9PF

Contact Don Robertson at Advantage Hypnotherapy:
Freephone: 0800 195 9809
Email Don@UKhypnosis.com


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