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Inspiring articles promoting a healthy, conscious and balanced lifestyle


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Background of Sortlifeout

Sortlifeout was started it's online journey, in 1999 primarily set up by myself, Greg, as an information website full or inspirational articles focused on developing a Healthy Body, Mind and Soul.

This was primarily spurred on by finishing my degree in Business Mgmt. Bsc and finding out my Mum was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. Having been disillusioned by my impression of the modern corporate world (rat race?) and with such difficult news I felt it was time to study and find out all I could about alternative ways to heal and make the most of a the situation as well as a good opportunity for me  to reflect upon what is the most important in life.

In 2004 I formed a limited company and opened a Holistic Health online store based in the UK and most of the focus went there. The online store grew steadily over the years especially when we started selling via Amazon UK.

In 2015 when my wife was pregnant with my second daughter my interest was rekindled especially as I saw that awareness of Mindfulness was becoming more widespread, and that maybe it may be worth pursuing what was seemingly under the surface over the previous 10 years or so.

In 2018 due to various factors we have decided to close the online selling, but this may change in the future.

We have kept this website online as a good refresher for myself and for others that may come across it by chance. Now it's the summer of 2019 and I am considering revamping this website, (ie. getting it back on the search engines / mobile friendly) or at least developing an app or business model around the main premise of the website.



Who is this website for?

For Truth Seekers, open minded skeptics who like myself sense there is more to life than what is advertised on TV and drummed into us by Society / Social media etc. For those who sense that things are 'not always as they always appear to be'. For maximum benefit this website is for those who are logical, enjoy reading, studying and are disciplined and focused enough to put the knowledge into practice, testing to see what is written on paper and what has been taught over the centuries still applies today in the cauldron of direct experience.

We live in an amazing time, where East meets West, Science is meeting Spirituality and where we can dive into the connection where the outside world meets our internal experience.

What is the main issue with Society?

Well it depends what's your point of view. On the one hand the World in general is getting happier, more peaceful etc. But on the other hand pollution, depression, suicide are on the rise especially in more affluent countries.

What needs to be sorted out?

Our Priorities and values. It seems that the Western world seems, on the surface and in general, to be moving towards a fast paced consumerism based on low moral values, quick fixes and short term view. With more and more affluent people, and some space exploration ('The Overview Effect') some 'lucky souls' discover that chasing money does not bring them the happiness they were searching for. On the other hand others carry on unchecked and do not see the consequences of following their insatiable desires and wants.

How can we 'Sort Life Out'?

By becoming mindful of the issues at hand. Seeing where we are sending energy (quite often unconsciously) based on our past conditioning, automatic habits without checking ourselves and without looking towards the future benefit of the future generations on this planet. For this we may need to dive deeper into our own and collective past, to bring our wounds to the surface for the Sun of awareness to heal.

Is this website affiliated with any one particular Religion?

No, this website is inter-faith and is based on Timeless wisdom throughout the ages. Personally, I was brought up Roman Catholic but turned more towards Buddhism (primarily Tibetan Buddhism) when looking for answers when my Mum was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. It seems what HH Dalai Lama teaches is  based on solid reasoning, grounded in everyday reality, that really fits in with my own way of thinking.

Likewise in Buddhism I found answers more easily that fit in with my intuition to questions like - 'What is the meaning of Life?' and 'What happens after we stop breathing?'

I am not familiar with many other religions but from what I have read from experiences of Mystics there seems to be an underlying truth in all religions, especially the inner truths and religious experiences of the Early Desert Fathers, Christian Saint's, Muslim Sufi's, Jewish Kabbalists / Hasidic Jews, Hindu Mystics and other Yogi's as well as modern Scientists, and Philosophers throughout the ages.

Is this website about some rigid dogma, airey fairy woo woo or philosophical ramblings with no grounding in everyday reality?

No this website is based on using our intellect and intuition. Nothing should be believed or taken on board unless it is checked via your own reasoning, logic and direct experience.

What is the goal of this website?

This website is for those who are interested to assist them on their own path to a meaningful life.

What's in it for me?

 ie. Personally, selfishly, I will be happy if even just one person begins to see:

 - That 'the only constant is change' when everybody is looking for security.
 - We are all inter-dependently connected, co-creating reality when many people are still interested in primarily chasing their own fleeting desires.
- That seemingly polar opposites in life are not actually opposites but complementary and connected
- The 'sacred rhythm and dance of life in all things' even when life is so hard.

 To see that purely selfish thinking is not a long term solution to what looks to be a Global challenge.

Is there anything new here?

Hmm good question...No, not really. This is just ancient wisdom that has withstood the test of time. Most of this website is just regurgitated information and I am literraly standing on the shoulders of giant's. What's new (about 20 years ago) is the format and way it's been arranged and information cherry picked to suit my personal taste -

Perhaps my role with managing this website is like a DJ who may mix music tracks that are not of his own making, or a chef who may prepare and cook food that he has not grown himself.

The real test, as with eating a hearty meal is in the tasting the different textures and seeing how the flavours go together well or not etc.

There may be some personal insights and life examples thrown in (like spices / herbs into a coopking pan or maybe like samples & sound effects thrown into a mix) etc that may add a little something, but may also go unnoticed.

Is this website for everyone?

But of course I realistically do not assume that information on this website will be of the slightest interest to most people. Especially when everybody is rushing to work, pay the bills, play video games or to check the latest social media posts (not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with those). Perhaps only a very small percentage of people that have time and inclination to do the deep work and study that is required here.

Is this website free to use?
Currently is free to browse and there is no membership fee. However web hosting, numerous books, courses and web development costs etc. are not free.  Much time, effort and money has gone into building this website over the years so please feel free to donate if you feel so inclined.

 I have been very fortunate in my life to be able to spend so much time here, and share so much information so for that I would like to thank my Parents, Teachers and Life in General. Any donations will of course be much appreciated and confirm (externally at least) that I have not wasted a big chunk of my life here!



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 - Inspiring articles promoting a healthy, conscious and balanced lifestyle.



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