Chakra's & Their Meanings

A chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel

A common system of chakras outlines that there are 7 main energy vortices.
According to ancient texts a chakra is where 216 nadis / meridians (energy channels) cross over each other, forming energy spirals.

There are thousands of minor chakras eg. on, hands, feet, ears etc .

The 7 chakra system can be useed to illustrate many interested things - see below

Chakras have been linked to

Depending on who you read the chakras may be assigned different colours - don't miss the point - the colours on the highter chakras just emphasise a change in vibration (frequency)

The higher chakras are not necessarily more valuable than the lower ones- just higher in morallity

  Sanskrit Name Location Color Central Issue Orientation to self Goals Rights   Identity Demon/ Trickster Element Excessive Characteristics Deficient Characteristics Herbs/Incense Gemstones   Deities
Root (1) Muladhara (root/support) Base of spine red survival, grounding Self-preservation Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity trust To be here, to have 1 Physical Fear Earth Heaviness, Sluggish monotony, obesity, hoarding, materialism, greed Frequent fear, lack of discipline, restless, underweight, spacey cedar Lodestone, ruby, garnet, smoky quartz, obsidian, onyx, jet, hematite, bloodstone, red jasper 1 Gaia, Auriel
Sacral (2) Svadhisthana (sweetness) Abdomen, Genitals, lower back, hips orange Sexuality, emotions, desire Self-gratification Fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality, feeling To feel, to want 2 Emotional Guilt Water Overly emotional, poor boundaries, sex addiction, obsessive attachments Frigidity, impotence, rigidity, emotional numbness, fear of pleasure orris root, gardenia carnelian, coral, agate, jacinth 2 Diana, Neptune, Pan, Gabriel
Solar Plexus (3) Manipura (lustrous Jewl) Solar Plexus yellow Power, will Self-definition Vitality, spontaneity, strength of will, purpose, self-esteem To act 3 Ego Shame Fire Dominating, blaming, aggressive, scattered, constantly active Weak will, poor self esteem, passive, sluggish, fearful carnation amber, topaz citrine quartz, tiger eye,


Amon-Ra, Brigit, Athene, Michael
Heart (4) Anahata (unstruck) Heart "area" green Love, relationships Self-acceptance Balance, compassion, self-acceptance, good relationships To love and be loved 4 Social Grief Air Codependency, poor boundaries, possessive, jealous Shy, lonely, isolated, lack of empathy, bitter, critical lavender, jasmine emerald, tourmaline, rose quartz, emerald, 4 Aphrodite, Frejya, Christ, Raphael
Throat (5) Visshudha (purification) Throat blue Communication Self-expression Clear communication, creativity, resonance To speak and be heard 5 Creative Lies Sound Excessive talking, inability to listen, over-extended, stuttering Fear of speaking, poor rhythm Frankincense, Benzoin turquoise, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, green aventurine 5 Mercury, Apollo,
Brow (6) Ajna (to perceive) Brow indigo Intuition, imagination Self-reflection Psychic perception, accurate interpretation, imagination, clear seeing To see 6 Archetypal Illusion Light Headaches, nightmares, hallucinations, delusions, difficulty concentrating Poor memory, poor vision, can't see patterns, denial Mugwort, star anise lapis, quartz, sodalite, blue sapphire, 6 Tara, Isis, Themis
Crown (7) Sahasrara (thousandfold) Top of head, cerebral cortex violet Awareness Self-knowledge Wisdom, knowledge, consciousness To know 7 Universal Attachment Information Overly intellectual, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation Learning difficulties, spiritual skepticism, limited beliefs, materialism, apathy Lotus, Gotu kola amethyst, diamond, white chalcedony, moss agate, salenite/desert rose, white opal, moonstone 7 Zeus, Nut, Inanna



Balancing Chakras with Sound & Chanting

In my opinion if you want to feel balanced, charged and happy - therei snothing easier, quicker, cheaper and more natural than chant some sacred sounds.

This really works, try it!

Edgar Cayce's mantra:


Have an open heart when doing this

Don't try with half effort - open up - let the sounds flow out through you


Hindu - Sanskrit Seed Sylabbles     Tones from Djwal Khul    
LAM middle c Root O (oh) red 1
VAM   Sacral SHU (shuck) orange 2
RAM   Solar p YA (yawn) yellow 3
YAM / SAM   Heart WA (way) Green 4
HAM   Throat HE (he) Blue 5
OM   Brow HU (hue) Indigo 6
AUM   Crown I (eye) Violet 7

More about Sacred Sounds and toning here


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