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Qigong and the Immune System

Recently, I read a book "A Great Revolution in The Brain World," written by Dr. Haruyama, a medical doctor from Tokyo University. In this book, the author describes very carefully how qigong and meditation cause the human brain to release beta-endorphins.

According to Dr. Haruyama, beta-endorphin is one kind of peptide hormone that is formed mainly by Tyrosine (one kind of amino acids). The molecular structure is very similar to morphine but with different chemical properties. Many scientists have found that beta-endorphins can activate human NK (Natural Killer) cells and boost the immune system against diseases and cancer cells. That explains why some patients can cure some diseases simply by practising qigong meditation.

For a long time, many scientists believe that human immune system is autonomous and does not have any outside control. However, Dr. Felten discovered that human nerve fibers are in fact physically linked both to the human immune system as well as the nerve system. As a result, more and more scientists start to believe the immune system can be controlled to a certain degree by the human brain. The idea has led to the development of a new area of medical science: Psycho-neuro-immunology, and has attracted many peoples' attentions. Some scientists believe this is the reason why people who practice mind adjustment in qigong can be more in control of their health. The Experiments There are more and more scientific reports today supporting the fact that qigong can effect the immune system and endorphon levels. Dr. Higucchi, in his article "Endocrine and Immune Response During Qigong meditation" (Journal of International Society of Life Information Scince Vol.14, No.2, 1996), reported about some tests conducted on two groups of people. All the members in the "Qigong" group have practised qigong for at least one year while those in the other group (the "Control" group) havenot. Everyone in both groups was checked for their endorphon level before, during and after meditation. After meditating for one hour, most people in the Qigong group showed an increase in endorphin level. By contrast, most people in the Control group showed no significant change while some showed a 35% decrease in endorphin level. Since a higher endorphin level is associated with better enpowerment to the immune system, some doctors start to believe that qigong can be a good healing method for some patients. Actually, beta-endorphins not only can strengthen the human immune system but also are very effective for pain control. For a long time, the mechanism of pain control by acupuncture has been a mystery to scientists.

Recent studies show that acupuncture stimulates the hypothalamus within the human brain and induces the release of beta-endorphins that affect the nerve tracts and control the pain. Practising qigong can achieve the same releasing effect of beta-endorphins, as does acupuncture. This provides a good explanation as to why qigong can be very effective for some patients who were suffering from chronic pain.

Qigong and the Human Brain Why qigong and meditation can effect the release of beta-endorphins from the human brain? The exact mechanism is not yet clear. However, some scientists believe it may relate to the significant change in the alpha-wave of the EEG (brain wave) patterns. About four years ago, a number of scientists found the alpha-wave of EEG at the frontal lobe of a meditator during qigong state has a much stronger intensity than those taken from a non-qigong meditator. Since the frontal lobe of the human brain has a lot to do with human mind activities as well as a close link with the hypothalamus, a major source for the release of beta-endorphins, many scientists believe the increased intensity of the alpha-wave at the frontal lobe will stimulate the hypothalamus to release more beta-endorphins. That could possibly explain why the mechanism of qigong meditation effects the release of beta-endorphins so as to improve the immune system and the overall health.

Obviously, the release of beta-endorphins can only explain part of the picture about qigong and the mind and body interaction. But this is a good start. With continuous research efforts, I believe we would have a much clearer picture in the next few years. So far as qigong is concerned, Dr. Yan Xin has reminded us: "Save Qigong with Science." Of course, Dr. Yan understands that qigong still cannot be fully interpreted by today's scientific standards. I believe what he really means is that only with a solid scientific foundation will qigong be accepted by the rest of the world and thereby making qigong a real contribution to human health. I respect this attitude and I strongly believe this is the right way to promote qigong.

from Chi magazine

- Boosting Your Immune System and Becoming an Integrated Master of Self

The immune system is our protection. When our immune system is low or irritated due to environmental and internal factors then our chance of infection and dis-ease is much greater.

When we are stressed, angry or irritated for 3 minutes, our immune system becomes run down for up to six hours - blood pressure, adrenaline, codeine levels increase. and . After being stressed we are more likely to dis-ease or illness.

Likewise having mobile phone on stand-by in our pocket (next to body) decreases our immune system substantially. As do fluorescent lights, pocket calculators and all RF and EMF equipment over a certain safe level. Studies have shown that Power Cables, geopathic stress and Electromagnetic waves may be linked with cancer and Leukemia.

When we have inner peace, our body is in harmony with our mind and spirit and our tolerance levels can be increased at will. Studies have shown that meditation for five years decreases your physical/ biological age by up to twelve years ( Deepak Chopra). Meditators and Buddhists report much less instances of disease.

When we are calm our minds are clear, focused and joyful. We 'respond wisely' instead of reacting with a 'fight or flight' response. We see the beauty in others, instead of their 'faults'. We compassionately witness instead of judge. We see enemies as our teachers, we see problems as seeds for opportunity.

We see life as a glass 'half full' , full of opportunity, infinite potential, happiness and love
instead of seeing life as half empty - full of misery, despair, greed, and suffering

In this guide we are looking holistically how to build up your immune system - not just on the physical level, but on four dimensions - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Levels.

Theses tips for dis-ease prevention will also help slow down cancer growth / metastasis / recurrence.Also if a family member or somebody you know has long term illness, it may be a good sign to start looking after yourself as well.

Some people say it is too late to change. However I don't agree. I feel once one becomes aware of self destructive habits, it is natural to transcend them and never look back. I know myself - I have changed considerably in a relatively short period of time. However you may need some courage, vigilance, patience, endurance. It is possible to develop generosity, acceptance, compassion, understanding and trust at any time - as long as we are ready.

Be the change you want to see!
Mahatma Ghandi

If you want family members and friends to change and become more healthy - you have to lead by example. People follow courage, wisdom, vision and action.


Building up Your Immune System

Positive Body

Edgar Cayce recommends six organic almonds per day as a cancer preventative

Healthy Diet - Mainly Organic Vegan, Non Gm, not processed, no dairy, not frozen, less cooked food, - Mainly green leafy veg, Sprouts, raw uncooked food, grains, pulses, soups

Use steaming and stir- frying - as transition.

Juices - Eat lots of Green Leafy Veg , Barley Powder, blue / green algae, Plenty of Veg / Fruit Juices

Bitter foods are generally healthier than sweet ones.

Natural Healthcare Products - eg. Hair Care, Face Care, Skin Care etc.

House - clean, tidy, hygienic, Feng Shui; avoid clutter, sharp edges, or secret arrows

avoid electric equipment near you for long periods of time - eg. radio alarm clocks, Power supply transformers, mobile phones, fluorescent lights (unless full spectrum)

avoid any a/c currents near your bed eg. heat blanket - especially amplified by springs in bed

Give up - smoking, drinking and all toxins

Regular Exercise - Tai Chi, Qi Qong, Yoga, Swimming, Brisk Walking etc.

Regular breathing exercises - pranayama, qi gong

Supplements, Vitamins, - Q10, Selenium (Brazil nuts full of selenium) , Folic Acid - A, C, E

Anti cancer foods - Blueberries, Tomatoes , Broccolli (Green leafy veg), Carrot Juice, Beetroot, Green Tea, Flaxseed oil, Bees Pollen, Shark Cartlidge, B17 Laetrile, Pomegranate oil, Almonds & Brazil nuts,

Please note: many nuts are difficult to digest, so soak them overnight in pure water, in a jar or grind / make butter. eg. walnuts

Detoxification is very important, juice fast for 3 - 4 days every change of season, more if desire.

Drink plenty of water - pure, filtered or distilled - to detoxify and because of dehydration

Spend some time in the sun - it improves immune system

Read up on latest gene therapys. Get a E-M wave and RF tester.

Don't be too attached to your body. You are not just your body - you also have mind, emotions and spirit. You are a mind-stream full of attitudes, beliefs, programming, fears, desires, experiences, memories, karma etc.

  • see pages on - cancer diet, eat raw, be vegetarian, breathing, tai chi, rejuvenation & immortality, geopathic stress


Positive Mind

Keep mind active but trained. Read religious/ spiritual texts . Watch less television.

Where thought goes, energy follows. Police your thoughts! Be vigilant of your thoughts.

Have positive thoughts - use positive affirmations, visualizations

Become aware of your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, attitudes, reactions, and negative ego.

Develop will power, concentration, equanimity, centerdness, inner peace, one pointedness of mind, focus, compassion, acceptance.

Be aware of your motivations and intentions

Be detached but involved in life. Have preferences instead of desires. Discern instead of judging. Choose peace instead of being right.

Realize the nature of reality - every'thing' is impermanent and operates in cycles - Life / Death, Male / Female, Positive / Negative, Four Seasons, Pleasure / Pain Orbits etc.

Have a bodhi mind - awake mind with alturistic intention

  • read about: Mind, awareness, mindfulness, Buddhism, Enlightenment


Positive Emotions

Reduce stress, fear, anger, desire, guilt, hatred etc. - by regular meditation, reiki and introspection - compassionate witnessing

  • Don't take things personally, don't take self seriously, don't need to defend self or justify self
  • Be independent of the approval of others
  • Don't Judge others, and you won't be judged
  • respond, don't react
  • Be humble not arrogant - have inner sparkle and shine
  • Commune with nature -go to the sea, woods, fields etc.
  • Become aware of astrology and how that effects your emotions

Become aware of your centre (Taoists call it the Second Brain - in the - Lower Tan Tien - abdomen, behind the navel) - be aware when you lose your centre ie. become stressed / anxious etc. and realize why you lost your centre

work on your emotions, where they came from - maybe from childhood instances, traumas etc. Trauma plays a large role in cancer. eg. Losing spouse, death, divorce etc.

  • The key is detached awareness. Be involved but be detached. Live here now, today - make the most of the relationship with that person today - don't take anyone for granted.
  • Hug your loved one today - appreciate them, love, accept and understand them, now.
  • Be a Love finder not a fault finder - you will never be happy if trying to find fault in others all the time.
  • We don't like in others what we are uncomfortable within ourselves! Try it out - you may need to look below the surface.
  • No-thing is permanent. The only constant is change! This Too Shall Soon Pass!
  • See things as they truly are, with clear vision - with no fear or desire attached.

Don't be too attached to your emotions - many addicts are attached to their emotions - if feel low have adrink /smoke. Instead just be aware of craving and craved - take few deep breaths, inspect intention and let it go.

Be comfortable with insecurity. Have security in not knowing, not controlling. We don;t always need to now.

I forgive myself and I forgive others

I accept myself and I accept others

I Love myself and others unconditionally

Research Taoist Yoga - Internal Alchemy - Fusion, Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile by Mantak Chia

  • read pages on - emotional mastery, buddhism, control dramas, ego, attachment, fear, stress, anger , desire, delusion, mindfulness, awareness


Positive Spirit / Soul

Bernie Seigel tells a story of a young man who wanted to play the violin. However his parents told him to study law instead. Unfortunately soon afterwards the guy devloped a tumour in the Brain. He was given one year to live, so he gave up law and returned to his love, passion playing the violin. A year later he was in a concert orchestra and the brain tumour had gone.

Find your true purpose - develop your talents, utilize your creativity,

serve others with positive intention & motivation not serving with 'victim' or 'poor me consciousness'

faith and trust in higher power which is not separate from us (within / above)

Follow meaningful coincidences - they lead you to higher ground

Be aware of Karma - how you sow , shall you reap - build up merit / good karma - be harmless

Practice Meditation - Be aware of who is aware . Be aware of your own awareness

Develop equanimity, centerdness, inner peace, one pointedness of mind

Develop Buddha nature / Christ Consciousness / Goddess Within

The ultimate goal is God-realisation - Union with God - balancing heaven and Earth here now.

To become God-realized read the 12 step plan

  • Read about - karma, buddhism, awareness, meaning of life, how to live in harmony, coincidences, meditation



We are ultimately responsible for our actions and perceptions on the physical plane. We must take action before it is too late. However we must remain calm, peaceful and full of joy / bliss (happiness with no reason).

Any habit takes 21 days to become part of your regular routine. So the aim is to become aware of your bad habits, attitudes etc. and then replace them with positive thoughts and habits.

However take one step at a time - don't try to give up everything (smoke, processed cooked food, alcohol etc.) overnight. Temptation and craving will still be there. Drop things when the time is right - in fact they will drop of their own accord when you realize your connection to the Divine One Within. These substances will simply have no use anymore.

Healing means moving towards wholeness / holiness.

True Healing is maintaining Inner Peace; a perfect body is nothing without a peaceful mind.


When we have joy, peace and respect in our hearts we are whole and healthy.

The way to always be peaceful is to become a master of your self - Self Mastery - master of word, thought and deed moment to moment. This requires vigilance, courage and introspection.

'Know Thyself, and take nothing to Excess'

Be true to yourself

Balance your Yin/ Yang (Female / Masculine)

Balance your Left-logical Brain and Right Intuitive Brain

Practice harmlessness

Live fully present, mindful moment to moment

Develop the Eye of Awareness & insight to burn through ignorance and delusion.

Curb desires. More desires and expectations more pain and loss.

More attachment = more suffering

God = man - ego

ego = illusion of separation

God consciousness is available to us all, here now in the present -

super present, eternal infinite NOW!

God is truth, ever refreshing joy, Love

GOD is the Way, the Light

Be detached from the outcome.

Be detached but involved. Do what needs to be done, but don't be disappointed if don't get what you want.

Have preferences not desires. Surrender to a higher power. - don't limit the infinite!

Be on this world but not of it. Be detached from the body - you are not only your body - you are also your mind stream, emotions, physical attributes and awareness of all of these.

Reiki is the Way

Holistic Therapies such as Reiki work on all levels - Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual and thus are very useful for prevention, treatment and cure. In fact one could argue that the immune system is our soul / spirit! When we are feeling alive and vibrant, no-thing can harm us. When we are feeling low, depressed then we are vulnerable and susceptible to disease / infection.

Reiki heals reconnects our body to our soul to our source.

Reiki Masters have shown that cancer cells can be killed in a Faradays tube (cancer cells in container which is sealed and secure) - using positive intention, visualization, will power and Reiki Energy.

So either become attuned to Reiki yourself or book regular sessions. The attunements in Reiki correspond to Tibetan Buddhist Empowerments (eg. Bodhisattva Initiation) so are truly a path to everlasting happiness and full enlightenment.

Regular reiki sessions will cleanse out any negative mental, emotional, or physical energy - boosting you with spiritual energy - thus boosting your immune system. So regular sessions are very beneficial. Even just spending time with a genuine Reiki Master or Tibetan Buddhist Lama will improve your inner peace.


To serve is to Rule

Travel the Pathless Path - like a gust of wind



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