Developing / Focusing your Awareness

- key to happiness, health and freedom

Being aware in the moment is the essence of many esoteric, mystery, spiritual and ancient schools & teachings.

Excerpt from , "Friendship with God" by Donald Neale Walsch

"I have come here to wake you up. You are awake now. You are aware. Awareness is a state of being. You are being aware. From this state of awareness, you can choose any other beingness. You can choose to be wise, or wonderful. You can choose to be compassionate and understanding. You can choose to be patient and forgiving.

Can't I simply choose to be happy?


How? How do I do that?

Don't do it. Simply be it. Do not try to 'do' happy. Simply choose to 'be' happy, and everything you will do will spring from that. It will be given birth by that. What you are being gives birth to what you are doing. Always remember that.

But how can I choose to be happy? Isn't it happiness something that happens? I mean, isn't something that I just am because of something that is happening, or going to happen.

No! It is something that you can choose to be because of what is happening, or going to happen. You are choosing just to be happy. Haven't you seen two people reacting entirely differently to the same outer set of circumstances.

Of course. But that happens because the circumstances meant something different to each of them.

You determine what something means! You give it its meaning. Until you decide what something means, it has no meaning at all. Remember that. Nothing means anything at all.

Out of your state if beingness will meaning spring. It is you who are choosing to be sad. Or choosing to be angry, or mollifired, or forgiving, or enlightened, or whatever. You are choosing. You. Not something outside of yourself. And you are choosing quite arbitrarily.

Now, here is the great secret. You can choose a state of beingness before something happends, just as you do after something happens. Thus, you can create your experience, not simply have it.

You are infact, doing this right now. In every moment. Yet you may be doing it unconsciously. You may be as someone sleepwalking. If so, it is now time to wake up.

Yet you cannot be totally awake while you are thinking. Thinking is another form of being in a dream state. Because what you are thinking about is the illusion, you have placed yourself there, so you should give it some thought. But remember, thought creates reality, so if you've created a reality that you don't like, don't give it a second thought.

"Nothing is evil, lest thinking make it so."

Precisely. So every once in a while, it might be good to stop to thinking all together. To get in touch with a higher reality. To pop out of the illusion.


Excerpt from Friendship with God, Neale Donald Walsch, pp 198 - 206



Awareness will never experience non-awareness, death. The one who is already dead (not the one who appears to die) is the one who says, "Life is mine. God is MY life." The "my" who says "mine" is the possessor, the liar from the beginning. This one can be loosed and let go here and now if one will simply, consciously, be what he is already. What is that?

Unencumbered, unjudging, unpossessed, motiveless, opinionless Awareness ITSELF. No effort is necessary.

What is the activity of Awareness?


Does Awareness have authority to judge?

Awareness is Awareness, not an evaluator. It makes distinctions, not judgements. "This is a hickory tree," it says. "That is a mountain." It is the poor judge who agonizes over bad hickory trees.


It is not enough to proclaim that there is no human identification while one continues to identify himself as one; nor is it enough to attempt to enjoy the benefits of two identities, one considered "real" and the other "unreal." Most especially, it is futile to work one against the other so that a human sense of self will fare better because of a knowledge of a "higher" order of being.

Listen to the simplicity of the New Idea: Spirit is being this Awareness of being.

The function of Awareness is Spirit's responsibility, and it does not belong to another called you, me, he, she or it. We are not concerned about he, she or it, however; we are concerned with the only one we can be concerned about--this Awareness being I.

What must we do in order to let Spirit--Infinite Intelligence, Power, Authority and Being--be all in all?

We simply let go the futile notion there is a "me" or a "you" using this consciousness. It is as simple as that. If one thinks this is to be languid and lazy or to languish in an ivory tower of mental escapism (as intellectualism--and Macbeth--inevitably charge), let him try it! Just let him try it! Very quickly he finds it far removed from "doing nothing." To those bold enough to offer up the old ego in honest sacrifice, this "world experience" breaks forth into astonishing, joy-filled, "busy" adventures.

by W. Samuel - Full article on reality page


The essence of many holistic approaches or spiritual paths is that you develop awareness - train your mind

The aim is to stop the mind wandering and clinging to distractions and thoughts of past, future - worry, fear, greed etc.

Be here now! Rest in peaceful awareness!

Be aware of the voidness / emptiness of reality!

eg. Meditation, Buddhism etc.

eg. Alexander technique - being aware of posture in the moment

eg. healing - being aware of energy

healthy eating - conscious eating, Conscious Parenting

etc. etc.



'Energy follows thought'

Bringing your awareness / attention to something , brings energy there,

'you manifest what you focus on'


close your eyes and just focus on on of your hands. Soon, if you can keep focused and calm, you will notice the temperature in your hand rising.

Relax. Just stop thinking, start feeling, just being aware of your senses. eg. breath, hearing, taste / smell, sight (focusing on one object), etc.


Who am I?

I am the awareness / silence that I am

I am the silent witness, who observes, without judgement

This is what Awakening / becoming enlightened / god - realized is about - being consciously aware in the present moment reality - the eternal ever-refreshing flow of Is-ness

With awareness you get insight, acceptance and relaxation.

I am whatever I identify with!!

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10 levels of Awareness

Donald Neale- Walsch dreamt the following levels (from Seminar in London 2000)

  1. sufferer
  2. seeker
  3. finder
  4. hoper
  5. believer
  6. knower
  7. experimenter
  8. experiencer
  9. expresser
  10. become one with that which you express

So many seekers become seekers due to suffering.

The highest level of awareness is to become one with what you express (eg, Truth or Love)


To develop Awareness:

take a step back from self - visualize self from above / outside self

Be aware of

Most people are stuck, playing the roles mentioned above (eg. poor me to get attention).

Most people react like robots acting from previous beliefs, attitudes, experience, habits etc.

Most people are already stressed and angry before they realize / are aware of their bad actions / attitude. Usually to late by that stage - already said something painful.

Most people identify themselves with the primary roles - most people think they are their fears / habits / beliefs etc.

Through cultivating and training the mind you can detach from the situation/ loaded statement / action / critism etc.

By meditating and simply becoming aware of our roles / habits etc. we get an extra split second to decide whether or not to react / shout / get stressed or irritated.

So a meditator might actually notice 'becoming stressed', more - not because he / she is getting more stressed, than before, but because he /she has become aware of it. (However there may be a period of accelerated irritation / stress as we learn / unlearn lessons and traumas)

The trick is to become aware of the primary selves and realise that ' I am not my fears / roles, I am the awareness of the roles that appear'

This is not limited to self either - I am the awareness of the psychosocial role playing!

The enlightened being is always fresh - no fixed belief / desire only preferences - everything is new, as if for first time again! and if you don't get what you;ve been aspiring for then no worries - you accept and understand that it is part of life.

Seven Types of People & corresponding professions

  1. The Power Type - Government Politics
  2. The Love Type - Education & Teaching
  3. The active type - Finance, Trade
  4. The artistic type Sociology, race and culture cooperation
  5. The scientific type - Sciences inc. medicine & psychology
  6. The devotee type - Religion, ideology
  7. The business Type - Structuring of society

for more info on the 12 rays see ray page and

'The complete Ascension Manual, By Dr Joshua Stone'

Fear & Ego

Be aware of your fears

- fear of

Be aware of your ego

- Be aware when your negative ego is operating.

Negative Ego operates from fear, insecurity, doubt.

Ego's try and manipulate people to gain energy. As soon as voices are raised you are probably speaking / shouting from a ego perspective -

not getting what I want

or - 'I do everything, no-one cares' (poor me / martyr)

or 'I am right, you are wrong' (proving point)

or 'what's in it for me'

or ' nobody tells me what to do!'


Be aware of doubt, feeling's of lack of self-worth

staying fit & healthy

being aware of your of your emotional, mental, spiritual, & physical habits & processes

ie. eating, sleeping, breathing, meditating

Be aware of the flow

Awareness of when you are in the flow or out of it - feeling in harmony with life or out of sync.

Be aware when your inner peace is disturbed.

Balance you Yin / Yang - left brain - right brain

Be aware of when you are operating from left or right brain

When you get angry at somebody /thing , become aware of your ego and motivations

detach self from situation - take a step back - watch self like movie - become aware of control dramas

are you reacting from fear? (fear of losing power / control / approval etc.)

Often we blame others for our anger, stress, rage - however it is always up to us whether or not to get upset - there is always a gap between stimulus and reaction!

The truth according to many teachers and guru's is that we deserve that situation because our karma

The paradox is that we should thank our friends / lover's / family for getting us stressed - so that we can learn about ourselves!

We should be saying sorry to them!!


'you don't like in others what don't like about yourself'

Life is like a mirror!

As within, so without, As above so below (Hermetic Law)

Polarity - Play of opposites, cycles,

See Beauty / divine in all - plants, people, stones, thunder etc.


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