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Motivational Quotes

"Success generally depends upon knowing how long it takes to succeed."

C.L. de Montesquieu

"The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."

Benjamin Disraeli

"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want."
- Ben Stein

"Aim at the sun, and you may not reach it; but your arrow will fly far higher than if you aimed at an object on a level with yourself"

"Aim for success not perfection... Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism. Confronting your fears and allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier and more productive person."


"This one step, choosing a goal and sticking to it, changes everything."
- Scott Reed

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."
- Chinese Proverb

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal: Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."
- Thomas Jefferson

"Great minds have purposes, others have wishes."
- Washington Irving

"To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing."
- Elbert Hubbard

Quotes by Jim Rohn:


Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.

Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don't fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.

Don't take the casual approach to life. Casualness leads to casualties.

Success is the study of the obvious. Everyone should take Obvious I and Obvious II in school.

It's too bad failures don't give seminars. Wouldn't that be valuable? If you meet a guy who has messed up his life for forty years, you've just got to say, "John, if I bring my journal and promise to take good notes, would you spend a day with me?"

Success is not so much what we have as it is what we are.

Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to read, but more importantly, what's your plan to read?

Average people look for ways of getting away with it; successful people look for ways of getting on with it.


Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.

There are no new fundamentals. You've got to be a little suspicious of someone who says, "I've got a new fundamental." That's like someone inviting you to tour a factory where they are manufacturing antiques.

Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn't going to get the job done.

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.


"The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly."

"We must learn to help those who deserve it, not just those who need it. Life responds to deserve not need."

"My mentor said, 'Let's go do it', not 'You go do it'. How powerful when someone says, 'Let's!'"

"Good people are found not changed. Recently I read a headline that said, "We don't teach people to be nice. We simply hire
nice people." Wow! What a clever short cut."

"Managers help people see themselves as they are; Leaders help people to see themselves better than they are."

"Learn to help people with more than just their jobs: help them with their lives."

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From Vic's Desk:

Is abundance just a concept we are meant to think about, rather than an experience we are meant to have?

Sometimes I wonder. Don't you?

I mean, our entire culture is designed around getting us to want more. In order for us to want more, we must be convinced we are missing something - we must feel a sense of lack. And advertisers have perfected the art of creating that feeling in us - that's why advertising is such a huge industry. That's why our economy is so big. Think about it.

So is it any great miracle that we feel as if we're missing something most of the time? Our commercial culture has conditioned us to feel that way.

In this culture, abundance is all about money. And it's about image rather than substance. In other words, people value what others think of them more than they value the fundamental nature of their lives.

Our society has become confused about what abundance really means. And I'm writing you this letter today because I believe you are someone who understands this. You see through the artificial commercial culture we live in, and you understand the value of self-discovery and new ideas But more than that, you want to grow and enrich your life. After all, that is why you're a Higher Achievement Newsletter Subscriber.

Now, if we are to experience an abundant world, there are three primary tasks for us to undertake on the journey to a life of total abundance.

As envy, greed, and competition flow from lack, so do compassion, service, and cooperation flow from a clean spirit.

Learn how to incorporate the spirit of abundance into your life and save 10% when you order Laurence Boldt's The Tao of Abundance: Eight Ancient Principles for Abundant Living online today. And because March is Motivational Month you'll also receive a free gift with your order.


Vic Conant
President, CEO
Nightingale-Conant Corporation

(from Vic Conant newsletter)

It depends on what YOU define as success?

Knowledge = Power = Control = Success ??

Or does success = being rich or famous, or winning gold, or scoring a goal, reaching no.1, working for a worthwhile cause, helping the environment, being stud of the year?

Or would you be successful if you had lots of family and friends that loved you.

Or is success just being happy with yourself

Success = Money = Happiness?

Perhaps people attach too much importance to being in control of their personal empire. Busy businessmen/women end up with lots of money but no time to spend it, and not enough time to spend with their family and friends

Many rich people aren't really happy with themselves or their lives - you end up wanting more money or realise that it's not that great - can't trust anyone - especially 'Gold-diggers'.

However, Money = status + finer things in life + blinding parties

Material gain is only one of the components of success

Success could be defined as the

'Continual Expansion of Happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals', therefore

Success can be seen as the 'ability to fulfill desires with effortless ease'

Deepak Chopra


In order to succeed and win you need to

Quite often people who were disadvantaged excel in life - directed towards something - fate/ destiny ? eg. bullied children become top boxers / fighters

"The greatest wealth is to live content with little, for there is never want where the mind is satisfied." Lucretius

What is your biggest weakeness can lead to being your strongest strength.

Also see Seven Spiritual laws for success, recited Deepak Chopra's

and page on 'Winning'

I am successful now

- I am happy with myself - inner peace

I am worthy of prosperity and Abundance

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