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For - There is truth to Astrology


It's not so much whether or not you believe in star signs as much as is there truth in them!

I believe they help predict certain behaviours. People of same sign tend to have similar personality traits

I tend to meet and get on better with certain signs.

Although everyone is an individual we are all linked / interconnected

The time of year, position of the planets at time of birth / conception may well have an effect on your personality. That's what Ayurveda teaches. Your name chosen is based on time & date of your birth.

Likewise I like the way Native American Indians (N.I.) deal with this issue - time of year / season that you were born is related to your personality.

eg. Aries, born in spring - so according to N. I. - Aries are Falcons (Hawk clan -Fire element) - Falcons personalities are like a seed coming up in spring - energy bursting out - full of vitality, adventurous, wants to see what's going on....However has to learn how to conserve energy.

Hermes - 'as within so without, as above so below'

The moon's gravity pulls water, this planet is 80% water, we are 80% water , womens mens-truations cycle is affected by moon so obviously emotions are affected also.

We need a balance in Life. eg. Yin / Yang etc.

This yet again boils down to belief's


Vs. Astrology is a load of rubbish

It is a major generalization to stereotype people and put them into pigeon holes - people are individuals.

People only attribute a sign's characteristics to those characteristics of a person that they want to -

People see what you want to see - hear what want to hear

Horoscopes in newspapers and magazines are often made up.

Where do we draw the line - which other predictive belief's are true: Chinese Birth Year, Numerology, Palmistry, I Ching, Tarot Cards, Magic ball?!

Obviously family, school, society, genes, childhood contribute to making up somebodies personality.





Believe what you want to believe, but don't live life to the letter of your daily horoscope, and don't only date people of certain signs. Be aware learn something from every person / type of person.

There is nothing wrong with having starsigns as a hobby - it is often a good conversation starter. However don't go mad - only speaking to certain signs - be open minded it could be wrong, but then again it could be right.

One can use these characteristics to make better decisions when having relations (business or social) with certain signs. Afterall forewarned and prepared is good and you've got nothing to lose.

I have found certain astrologers are more accurate than others. But generally I don't believe in the daily horoscopes

If you don't believe in star signs then your sign is probably one that does n 't believe in such matters!! eg Pisces

You can probably develop or see any of these tendencies in yourself - maybe that is the point - go out with your compatible signs and learn good traits from other signs. Having a relationship with your certain signs can be most beneficial - perhaps leading to a balanced personality.



Basic Concepts of Astrology


Key Words
1 - Aries Personality- self - 'I am'
2 - Taurus Posessions, money I have
3 - Gemini Relating, growth, mind, intellect I think
4 - Cancer Past, home, family roots, emotions I feel
5 - Leo Self-expression, creativity, children, entertainment, responsibility I will
6 - Virgo Development, Productivity, service, health, diet I analyze
7 - Libra Love, partnership, mating I balance
8 - Scorpio Psychic, sex, death, karma, legacies I desire
9 - Sagitarrius Spiritual Understanding, realization, travel, philosophy, systems I understand
10 - Capricorn Completion, proffession, doing your thing in the world, I Use
11 - Aquarius Community, Friendships I know
12 - Pisces Psychic, inner space, prison, subconscious I believe

The first six signs are subjective in a nature - oriented towards the one (myself). The second six signs are objective and move towards relationships from self to others.

Every three signs repeat a cycle of

1. To be -
2. To use -
3. To learn

Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

From - How to clear the negative Ego, by Dr Joshua David Stone



The Twelve Schools, Colleges and
Challenges of Life


Capricorn "I Use"

Developing a RIght Relationship to how you use things and people in life. The positive aspect would be, how can I use this to help others as well as myself.

Aquarius "I know"

The key challenge of Aquarius is developing that deeper inner knowing that goes beyond faith.

Pisces "I believe"

The key challenge of Pisces is coming to a right relationship to self and God in terms of one's beliefs.

Aries - "I am"

The challenge of Aries is coming to a right relationship to self, and understanding one's true identity. Is your identity in your personality, body, what you do, or the content of consciousness; or is it as the "I", the consciousness, the chooser, the soul, the spiritual being?

Key lessons are coordination, conservation of energy and completion.

Taurus - "I have"

The key challenge of Taurus is coming to a right relationship to the things you have or possessions. Is your identity in the things you have, or do you have the proprer involvment but detachment?

Gemini - "I think"

The key challenge in Gemini is developing a right relationship to your mind. Are you master of your mind, or is your mind your master/.'Gemini deals with the twins, the dual force of opposition between heavenly and earthly energies. The lesson is to harmonize one's spiritual an earthly life.

Cancer - "I feel"

The key challenge here is to develop a right relationship to one's feelings or emotions. Is there the understanding that it is your thoughts that cause your feelings and emotions? Are your feelings and emotions under your control or are they running you?

Leo "I will" (22/7 - 22/8)

The key challenge here is in developing a right relationship to the use of will or power in one's life. Is power used in a top dog manner for dominion over others and to keep self always in the limelight? Or can power and will be used in a spiritual manner for unconditional love, equality, and for the highest good of all concerned?

The key lessons of the Leo are impersonal love, coming from the heart, detachment, and serving the Spiritual Self rather than the ego self.

( Just as writing this I hear on TV - "the Trout is the perfect hunter - master of realm. Only one way to catch it - turn power of hunter against himself - entice the trouts instincts to strike - with a fly. But then prey fights back - hook: power without caution is death" ) 8:15pm 12/01/02 Sky One UK

Virgo (22/8 - 22/9)

The key challenge of Virgo is developing a right relationship to analyzing mind. In its proper usage there is the ability to correlate, digest, and collect facts in service of a spiritual purpose.

The key lesson is being more loving rather than negative and critical.

Libra (22 Sept - 22 Oct) "I balance"

The key challenge of Libra is the balancing of inner and outer worlds. The sign of Libra focuses on relationships. There is the need to be involved with life but not lose self in a relationship or life in general.

Positive: friendly, outgoing, conscientious, just, will to do good, cooperative, focus on marriage, love, cohesiveness, travel, diplomatic.
Danger Areas are: people pleaser, and seeking approval from others, dominating underneath.

Scorpio 22October - 22 Nov - "I Create"

The key challenge of Scorpio is developing a right relationship to one's creative energies. Do your creative energies serve your personality or egotistical self, or Higher-Spiritual - self?

Sagittarius 22 Nov - 22 Dec - "I Perceive"

The key challenge here is the development of inution and understanding of the higher mind and spiritual aspects of life.

Friendly, outgoing, optimistic, extroverted, sports, gambling, takes chances, independent, future focused, travel, direct.

Lower: Superficial, procrastination, nervous, tactless


Material Happiness and Fulfilmnent


Spiritual Evolution, path of greater resistance - of moon experience which is needed.

The houses are similar in meaning to the signs. The first six houses are personal; the second six houses are collective or relationship-oriented. The houses are stationary and each house has a unique environment of its own; Twelve Heavenly Houses", so to speak, that exercise control in a special sphere of life on this plane. Travelling in and out of houses are the twelve "Signs of the Zodiac". Each sign has its own influence when combined in meaning with whatever house it happens to be in at the time of transit.

The ascendent represents the beginning experience - the astrological sign that is rising over the horizon at the moment of the person's birth, with the ten planets weaving around the Zodiac adding significant influence to the signs and the houses. Every individual's astrological character is a combination of the house, sign and planet according to the picture of the heavens on the day of his or her birth.





Native American Indian Earth Medicine


Otter ~ Aquarius
Wolf ~ Pisces
Falcon ~ Aries
Beaver ~ Taurus
Deer ~ Gemini
Woodpecker ~ Cancer
Salmon ~ Leo
Brown Bear ~ Virgo
Crow ~ Libra
Snake ~ Scorpio
Owl ~ Sagittarius
Goose ~ Capricorn

According to this system your most compatitble people are in the same clan

For Example = Fire - Hawk Clan, Aries, sag, leo) Air - Butterfly (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra )

Scorpio - Snake, renews self - like snake shedding skin

Crow (Libra)

Personality: Charming ,friendly, g d natured, tolerant
feelings sensitive
intention: justice
Nature: cooperative
Positive traits: Idealistic, Romantic, Diplimatic
Negative Traits: Indecisive, Frivolous, GullibleResentful
Sex drive: strong
Compatibilities: otter and deer (other air signs)
Conscious aim: partnership
Subconscious desire: Harmony and beauty
Life path: harmonisation
I Ching: Chen. thunder
Desire for achievement

must cultivate: Decisiveness. constancy, impartiality, inspiration
must avoid: indecision uncertainty inconsistency
starting totem: crow, grizzly bear, butterfy, ivy, azurite, falcon

crow is part of butterfly clan
strong influence by elemental air explains why they find themselves always active and on the move
and constantly shifting their attitude
towards things
butterfly clan ppl are the organisers and bringers of new ideas, the enthusiastic communicator
there are world wide more than hundred species of crow.
stocky.. powerful beak and strong legs..
scavenging balancing activity in natures scheme of things
crow also rated as teacher bird because of its intelligence and ability
to be comfortable in sky and ground
tribal habits

There is much more information, for each sign on the following topics:

Earth Influence:
Solar Influences
Influencing Wind:
Influencing Elements:
Elemental Clan:
Birth & Animal Totem:
Plant Totem:
Mineral Totem:
Polarity Totem:
Personality Expression: Adult, Child, Parent
Romance & Sex
Affinity Colour:
Advantageous Times
Outward (Conscious)Aim and Inner (subconscious) desire
Spiritual Alchemy
Primary Function & Life Path
The Iching Diagram
How to Cope with ...

Book definitely worth a Look:

Native American Indian Earth Medicine by Kenneth Meadows -

I found this book amazingly accurate -so did all my friends - even sceptical ones!




Chinese Astrology

Chinese Year Begins Feb 22nd

1977 & 2001 - years of the snake


Are we controlled by planets & the Earth's Geomagnetic Resonance?

Fred: The geo-magnetic resonance's of the Earth's crust varies with Time in a predictable manner with planetary positions and our alignment with various portions of our Galaxy in relation to the Universe.

HS* Oh, ya... although I would say, that most of us succumb to this alignment... not being strong enough, as this point, to direct our patterns... those who are "off the grid" develop their own patterns and are not subject to the laws that mortals are, although they are still subject to the Laws, they are not subject the them the way that the regular guy on the street is, and can work with alignment on a field that determines further development on other levels once through with this one.

Fred: The Zuni and many others who had traced this flux over centuries were aware of dealing with 'ascended' trans human ancestors who were in contact with the 'Gods.'

from UCS mail forum



Vedic Astrology


Vedic Astrology" is the science of ancient India that reveals your past, present and future.

To the ancient sages of India, a person's "fate" was a result of the accumulated effects of their actions from previous lives, and could be known to some degree by examining the planetary patterns at the moment of their birth.

They perceived that a child is born on that day and that hour when the planetary influences are in mathematical harmony with his or her individual karma - the effects of their past actions.

Out of their compassion, they bequeathed the mankind Jyotisha, or The Science of Light, an ancient and very powerful form of astrology used to diagnose karma. This diagnosis then serves as a basis for helping to guide a person in their life and prescribe powerful, personalized spiritual techniques (upayas) for enhancing positive



Star Sign Personality Traits

Have you ever noticed that you tend to meet only certain star signs. Or you always get on with one type of sign. Or all your best friends/ partners have had the same star sign?

Or it may go in phases eg. keep meeting new Aquarius & Pisces, but never really met them before.

Throughout the last few years I have become aware that there seem to be patterns, clusters and correlations between people of the same signs of the Zodiac.

Take them with a pinch of salt and also realise it it possible to transcend your star sign, in fact that is the point.

Gemini -males - air sign, intellect, go own way, confuse people around them - then get what they want, seems as though they are after money but maybe their just working for the family, difficult for them to show emotions. Tend to be politicians, diplomatic & successful good business men. (My Dad is Gemini and also a good friends are). Can learn inutition from Sagitarius

Scorpio - Hypnotic piercing gaze /stare. loyal , mystical, psychic sex sign, like to do what others call impossible. keep things to self & only open up to very close friends. Bad memories but never forget a hurt (prone to resentment). . Very demanding of attention eg, when your talking with someone else and they want your attention: you'll know what i mean! Regular issues with Cars / Vans. Ally - aries (Good friends).

Aries - Interested in self-knowledge & experience - fire sign - like a rocket - initiators, starters, transformers - usually does what feels like - energetic, adventurous, ambitious, logical, fun, like to party, like a challenge. Can come across as stubborn, selp opinionated, selfish, jealous, fear of losing power and control. Have a lot of physical and mental energy. Need to aware of head & neck problems. Quick witted, sarcastic, crafty. Tend to be aloof & Interogators? But can BURST OUT with 'Truth' that hurts, especially at family get togethers. Good business starters, but impatient. Courageous, Romantic, Natural leaders but dont want to be. Can speak without thinking - can put foot in it - but honest, truthful (most of time) and loyal. Can burst Often Unemotional / tough on outside but deeply emotional and sensitive on inside. Never short of friends. Like to be around the opposite sex - flirty & sexy although tend to be faithful. Aries females have usually got nice bums or at least know how to move them (eg. when dancing).

Ideal Aries - no need for power, control, or approval of others. More in touch with creativity, intuition (Sagitarius) and feminine side, more trusting - balanced by Libra. Learned to conserve energy, from Leo.

Leo's - fire sign - like campfire -love to be complimented but hate to be criticised, like being centre stage. Fear of losing approval and power.Need to be aware of back problems - working too hard - not knowing when to stop. Opposite: Aquarius - known to have a trusting bond.

Leo male - self - pride, think best, fear of losing power & approval (brother is Leo) - may suffer depression in life (around 20's-30's years of age). Most leo's I know went through depression.

Leo female - likes to looks after home & famlily, pride, loyal, will back up close family partner. Like to critisize others - interrogators? (Mum - Leo)

Sagittarius - philosophers, intuitive, fire sign, outgoing & friendly. Like Change - positive - sincere, warm, jovial , negative - tactless, boisterous, restless -

Libra - Venus, Goddes of Love, like beauty & quality - creative, emotional, tend to talk a lot, wear heart on sleeve. Are very visual - often visualize negative outcomes as soon as something is mentioned. Lose sense of reality when drink too much or take drugs. Want harmony in life to try helping others. Tend to be play out 'Poor me', 'People Pleasers' and 'victims' roles. Can be very indecisive. Often don't know what want in life. Libra men often very feminine. Trusting sign. Just want partner happy. (brother, grandma and couple of ex-girlfriends). Opposite Sign - Aries.

Pisces women - Water sign, passive, receptive, 12th sign of Zodiac, timid. protective, caring, can be moody, passive, tendency to be doormats. Arguments/ issues with at least one child. May live in different country to child.

Pisces men have a bad reputation. They also tend not to believe in star signs!

Don't know these signs as well:

Capricorn - like to have status, quite wise sign - not always right though! When nervous, dont stop talking. Looks on surface like want money.

Virgo - Down to earth, sensitive, intellectual, analytical. Looks after hair. Opposite sign - Pisces


Observations - Balancing Poles


I believe that the star sign characteristics can form part of our personalty. By having a relationship with the opposite sign we can learn about the opposite, what we are not, to find out who we are, and even who we can be.

For example

My Brother Peter is Libra. I am Aries. Pete started his earlier years in life as a Poor me, victim Libra always trying to please others before himself. Librans tend to be creative, visual, emotional and indecisive. They like to talk alot, interrupt and keep others happy.

I on the other hand always knew what I wanted and went for it. Maybe a bit selfish. I only did what I felt like. Aries tends to be logical and courageous.

Now over the past few years and especially recently my brother has taken a step - instead of always talking and being the centre of attention and entertainment he has become more like Aries - good listeners and observers. Now he is doing what he wants - pleasing himself before others - now he is becoming more happy - being in touch with self .

Over the past few weeks (at time of writing) I have gone more towards being like a Libra - talking a lot, in touch with intuition and feminine side.

Now we both went over to the other opposite sign of the zodiac - playing out opposite roles / personalities

Because we are aware of this and are we are learning we can become more balanced individuals - made up of both the signs.

The ideal Aries - Libra (or any other sign) in touch with true self, no ego attachment, no fears of losing power, approval, and control. Non - judgemental, no doubts or worries, no anger.

This theory may back up why some people don't fit into typical sign characteristics - maybe they are already balanced or maybe thay have multiple personality syndrome!



Opposites attract

I believe that we have a natural bond / chemistry with our opposite signs. Opposite signs often have a chemistry or deeper level of understanding. They also admire attributes in the opposite sign that they would like for themselves.

Aries & Libra are opposite signs in the Zodiac. I myself (aries) had a relationship (with Libra) for over four years, and I feel we both grew and learned from each others' differences (which may have annoyed us at the time).




Having relationships with our opposite signs - may lead us to becoming more balanced individuals.

However according to several systems of Astrology individuals in the same element / clan are most compatible -


Fire - Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Air - Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

Water - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

However their are exceptions eg. Aquarius & Aries signs, or Capricorn & Libra are compatible.

You may well be suprised with some compatabilities - maybe you've had good relationships with a sign that you are not compatible with. Or maybe you cant see yourself with a certain sign which is supposed to be compatible.

For example with Aries and Leo, when they first meet there may well be a friction/ tension which may seem unpleasant/ uncomfortable, however on deeper acquaintance they find that they like each other to a deeper level than possible with other signs. (Not always like this, can be hit off really well, but then have strong arguments - as neither sign want to back down. (Leo Pride & Aries Stubborness) :-)

Also Scorpio & Pisces dont necessarily mutually hit it off, but in the long run are compatible.


We often argue about similarities that exist between people, eg. especially with family who are most similar (and whom we are most emotionally attached too).

Quite often we don't like in others that which we need to improve about ourselves.


But don't get too worried about just looking for that partner with the right sign, you could be waiting a long time!


1st March '04

Past Week
Capricorns interested in Politics, Their Partner (Libra) may feel slightly inadequate/ need to learn.

Past Month
Parking Tickets (Aries & Scorpio)
Scorpio's Van Stolen
Libra Burgarled (Fri 13th)

Past few months
At work - Leo having power struggles/ communication troubles with Pisces. Scorpio - regular challenges, especially with cars/vans.

New Feature: observations of patterns, clusters & coincidences with relation to Star Signs and Time.

Transcending Astrology

The goal of understanding Astrology is to understand your life better and thus have peace of mind and direction. Also we should learn from each sign and integrate the positive into our life. The goal is to go through each house / sign, learning the lessons at each stage.

It is said that you are reborn in each sign to experience life from different angles. You could potentially learn all the lessons from each sign / element in one lifetime.

Become aware of the sign and characteristics, however don't be attached to your role in life.

I believe star signs make up part of the personality and can influence our emotions. However personalities can change, and aren't your true self. Your true self is balanced, inherently good and has potential for any characteristic. Find your true self; by learning about self (habits, beliefs, fears, life lessons etc,) and through relationships with different signs.

There are similarities but everyone's personality is individual - based on experiences, memories, habits, beliefs, ego etc.

I believe there is unity and indiviuality simultaneously, just depends who's looking, how & where!



Related info:


Vedic astrology, jyotish, Earth Medicine, Chinese Astrology, Moon signs, birth charts, Tibetan Astrology

Kaballah & Astrology

Persian Astrology - according to Edgar Cayce - the oldest & most accurate version.


related reading



Books By Linda Goodman




Books by Lyn Birkbeck


Books by Edgar Cayce


Adds a new depth and breadth to traditional astrology., 29 April, 1999
Reviewer: from Buckeye AZ, USA
Authors Margaret Gammon and W.H. Church present in this volume an analysis of the Edgar Cayce readings and their many references to astrology and astrological influences.

Here we find, through the Cayce readings, the support of astrology as a study by which to understand ourselves, our spiritual path and development, and our life lessons.

Part One of this book explores the meanings of the planets and other astrological influences in the natal chart. In addition to supporting many of the traditional meanings of the planets, the readings explored in the book add greater depth and breadth to their interpretations.

As an example, Saturn's meaning was greatly clarified and expanded in this astrologer's understanding. Though at first glance, the readings seem to contradict the orthodox interpretations of Saturn, by holding both perspectives in the mind, we can more fully grasp Saturn's true nature. Traditionally considered to be a planet of restriction, caution, stability and the status quo, the Cayce readings indicate that Saturn actually is the ruler of change. By embracing both views simultaneously, we come to understand that Saturn is the discipline to implement change, to create progress, and represents ambition, patience, endurance and perserverance. Saturn is the Lord of Time - that which is eternal and ever changing. Thus it is the embodiment of the paradox that the only constant is change.

In reading "Astrology For The Soul," we come away with, perhaps, a new view of the astrological influences. Surprisingly, the readings specifically state that the signs themselves are of minimal importance, stressing instead the placement of the planets and their relation to the ascendant and zenith of the chart, as well as the significance (in many, but not all cases) of being cusp-born.

"...the constellations or...the zodiacal signs..., these are merely the wavering influences in the life [of the entity]." 8-1

The astrological influences are seen to be merely indicators, reflections of the spiritual experiences of the individual soul and its karma, and are not causative factors in and of themselves. Throughout the readings, Cayce emphasizes that we come into the physical at the time when the planets most reflect ourselves, that we create the conditions of our own charts, and not the other way around.

Certainly the signs' influences are mentioned and the authors include a number of them. Gammon and Church have done their homework, and describe the various references within the readings with clarity and the touch of seasoned astrologers.

According to Cayce, what the astrological indications DO offer us is an opportunity to discover what innate tendencies are available to us as individuals, which we may then choose to pursue, explore or develop. They also enable us to determine what ways in which we are likely to be led astray from our own developmental path, and to take measures to keep these in check, and to gain mastery over even our own "negative" traits.

A further look at the readings leads one to think that perhaps the constellations and signs are not emphasized because our current system is inaccurate.

"Hence the entity was born into the earth under what signs? Pisces, ye say. Yet astrologically from the records, these are some two signs off in thy reckoning." 5755-1

Indeed, the actual constellations no longer match the placement of the signs in present-day western astrology. The readings suggest that an accurate study of astrology would include the incorporation of the changing equinoxes. (pg. 80)

We are reminded, too, that our solar system is also in motion around a greater circle than accounted for in our present paradigm, and other influences may be important factors which we are overlooking. The authors point out, "the life readings are replete with references to Arcturus, the Greater Sun...with references to the Pleiades, Dog Star, Orion, the Great Bear, Polaris and others." (pg. 83)

Part Two of "Astrology For The Soul" is an exploration via the readings of the spiritual principles of the universe and how this "music of the spheres" relates the essential spiritual truths reflected in the various astrological indicators. This is followed by a very interesting exploration of sunspots and their cycles and potential influence on human life and events.

The authors present the material in an effective and thought provoking way, and support each conclusion with a generous sampling from the readings.

The Cayce readings, in discussing our relationship with astrology, remind us that we are creatures of free will and that our study of astrology can only enlighten us to our own potentialities. We must still make the efforts to develop our inclinations which lie reflected in our stars.


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