Spiritual Beings

For - We must be more than physical beings

We all have psychic, telepathic and healing abilities

We all have auras

We only use 5 - 10% of brains

we can make contact with spirits through medians, spiritualists etc

Spirits are all around us just on a higher vibrational frequency

Father, Son & Holy Ghost

we are spiritual beings having a physical experience - In this world but not of this world!


Not enough proof or scientific explanation

Many Medians are fakes

It's just to make people deal with death better - believing that there is a future and loved ones will be reunited

Other Issues

Ghosts = spirits

Ouija boards

I have attended spiritualist church twice. Email me if you want to find out what weird stuff happened.

I can feel other people's energy with my hands - without touching - my hands felt much hotter when I hovered above areas of sickness ie. stomach ulcers

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