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1) Ask yourself, if you won a 100 million pounds or dollars what would you do differently in life. What would you do on a day to day basis (after any inital decadence)

2) If you had perfect health for Six months and then you were going to pass away, how would you spend your last few time on Earth

3) Which one quality of your character, if you were to develop it further would serve you the most fully in life?

4) If you had a magic wand, and could grant any one skill or a ability, what would you choose?

5) What is it that gives you the most joy and satisfaction in life?

6)What legacy would you like to leave, how would you like to be remembered

7) What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew that you could not fail?

In life my main goals are (if any)

I love to (hobby, sport, interest, talents) List between 1 & 5

makes me feel inspired, enthusiastic and gives me joy

My ideal, realistic, job would be

My top three obligations are

My top five priorities in life are

Two fears I have are

In my life, I'd most like to change

Favourite worthwhile cause / charity

What, in my heart, do I know I have most to give the world?

Personal Info

Hi, my name is (optional)

I am from (Country)

Date of Birth (dd/mm) year

Occupation is Job is

Religion/ Beliefs /Faith

My main control dramas are


Present Life - It is like this now!


Further comments?

I am more of a

I think more

My favourite colour is

3 adjectives that describe why I like that colour are

(ie. the colour is warm/cold/ bright)

My favourite animal is

3 adjectives that describe why I like it are

Think of somebody that you don't get along with. Somebody that keeps coming back, making you feel frustrated. You may even hate or detest them. Name at least two apects of them (personality etc.) that you don't like.


Past - learn from past experience, but don't live in the past


When I was a child I lived mainly with

Mother's main drama(s)

Mum's main goal in Life

What my Mum would achieve if she had more time

Mother's Favourite saying / credo for success

Father's main dramas

Father's main goal in Life

What my Father would achieve if he had more time

Father's Favourite saying / credo for success

At school:

I was always better at



Belief's - Please fill in

Further comments:

Have you ever had a mystical or out of body experience? if so would you like to tell me more?


Final Section


My question is

I am here because

This site is and (feedback)

email address for reply

My website is http://


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These results are confidential. They will only be viewed by myself and will not be passed on to anyone.

I'll email the answers to you as soon as possible; depends on demand.

Please feel free to recommend this site:

Donations are welcome

Love, Light and laughter.


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