What is the meaning of life?
( apart from sex, money and having children)


Life in itself is an empty canvas, it becomes whatsoever you paint on it.
You can paint misery, you can paint bliss.
This freedom is your glory.


Experiences, Things & Events have the meaning that you choose to attach to them!
Greg B.

"The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind."
- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

"Your Emotionally Charged Dominant Thoughts Create Your Life!"


This is my message in the bottle.

I'm sending out an SOS to the world,

I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.

[Police lp playing while I editing]

This is a very brief summary of the definition & meaning of life.

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"Life is a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable."

Helen Keller

"Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires but according to our powers."

Henri Frederick Amiel

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Norman Mac Ewan

"They can conquer who believe they can."

John Dryden

The more you move away from negative ego and selfish craving, the more meaningful your life becomes. Paraphrased from by Dr Wayne Dyer


Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly
ST Francis De Sales


From the above analogy it is clear to see that life is not at all what most people believe it to be. As the aphorism at the beginning of this chapter indicates, life for the average man and woman is nothing more than a dream, and their actions nothing more than folly. And yet this does not imply that life is not real, or that it cannot be real, nor does it imply that our actions are useless. What this aphorism does imply is that life is not what men and women believe it to be, and that if we base our actions on this false sense of reality, then our actions must perforce amount to folly.

The aphorism above describes life beautifully, even though it is perhaps one of the most radical statements with which any apprentice has to contend. People have been so conditioned into believing that they know what life is, that it is not easy to put aside all the many misconceptions, preconceived ideas and prejudices with which all of us have grown up.

The Mists of Dragon Lore by Theun Mares
on Page 50

Definition of Life

Oxford Dictonary Definition

- Life - state of functional activity and continual change peculiar to organised matter -

life is activity and constant change - a flow of actions - this is observable and verifiable

This fits with Buddhist 'Law of Impermanence'

Life is an amazing flow of interconnected events and relationships bringing friends and family together and apart in the cycle of pain and pleasure - samsara, maya, rebirth.

So how does Life change?

Seems that everything that is born into existence / given life goes through several stages:

birth, growth, peak, maturity, decline, death

It seems entropy /eventual death and decay is inevitable.

Physical Mortality is one of the few guarantes we have in life!

Life goes in cycles - the seasons, the orbits of planets ,

Life seems to go in spirals - like the galaxies, fractals,

Life seems to evolve - evolution in consciousness, physical / mental / emotional / spiritual evolution. - from dense matter to lighter matter, from within without

and thus life seems to obey certain laws - Natural laws, Universal laws, Physical laws etc. Such as Gravity, Newtons laws and cause and affect - Karma (see below)

see pages on karma, rebirth, polarities, balance , Tao,


Organized Matter

Life shows signs of organization - Order

physical - birth, growth, decline, death. All natural life plants, trees, humans, have certain ratio - phi - golden mean ratio - (this fits in with spirals above) grow at a certain rate - see sacred geometry

emotional - social (families, relationships), ethical,

mental - logic, maths, morals, ethics, principles , art, etc.


Life show signs of 'chaos' - irrational, freak weather,

This is the paradox - maybe chaos is divine law, beyond our rational mind!

Maybe Life / God is organized chaos

Life / Nature is simple, rational minds complicate things

Life is ruled by natural law - this leads on to next section

see pages on relationships, mind, personality, sacred geometry

'functional activity'

To have meaning in life, is to have a purpose ie. serve others doing what you love to do

So what is our function? Perhaps our function could be to fulfil our purpose. How we function depends on our stage of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

If you are living on the lowest level of consciousness, living mainly attached to the first body / level then you will be concerned with food, money, sex, survival, security.

Unfortunately this is where most of us are at! Most of us are operate no differently to what some perceive to be the lowest forms of life!
The journey of evolution / enlightenment / ascension is up the ' Tree of Life' to - union with the divine / limitless and unmanifest. Below is a simplified table of seven level of consciousness for full table see here. Obviously we can split the categories into 7, 12, 14, 144, etc, levels but the point is the same -

move from- ignorance, selfishness, ego, greed to
service and devotion to others, developing generosity, patience, compassion, respect, understanding, wisdom, insight, unconditional love - developing bodhichitta (buddha nature mind-stream) and High Virtues (positive habits).
to - union with the Divine / non being / Void - leaving the wheel of Karma, gaining status of 'Never Returner' or as you can choose to stay until all sentient beings are enlightened - Bodhissatvas

Most of us react to the environment and our negative egos and instead of responding with inner guidance.

"You see what you want"


The Seven Bodies - Maitreya Ishwara
Seventh Body is nothingness, the beyond. The inconceivable.
Divine Death, non-being, nirvana
Sixth Body - cosmic body revealed when being transcended.
Consciousness, witnessing, pure awareness
Fifth Body - spiritual body is the Being, revealed when ego dissolves.
Unlimited by space/time - being touched through meditation
Fourth Body - mental /psychic body - heart / love meditation, prayer, devotion & non-doing
Third Body - Astral Body - Power, creativity, work, intelligence, expression,
Second Body -emotional body - relating, sharing, intimacy, emotional healing
First Body - physical - Food, sex, money, security

This is a possible configuration of filters that we use to perceive life. So if you are operating from the first body / chakra - you will react / respond by either fight or flight - in order to survive. If you operate from higher levels you will respond from higher morals / values / virtues / awareness.

The aim is to be able to see that there are many different ways of looking at a particular situation. Be detached, but do your best and see all perspectives (from other side, from other viewpoints, objectively).

You can even imagine a board meeting of all of these bodies - each giving their perspective.Choose the right response - for the highest good of all, and be responsible for the consequences.

Obviously we can chose different filters to look at life. eg, archetypes / rays / star signs / attitude / beliefs / prejudice.

So once we are aware of this we have an array of responses available to our dispostition - we are empowered. We become more mature and we can be more detached from our ego impulses, prejudices, past, limiting beliefs & limiting self talk/ inner dialogue.

The journey of life (or many lives) is realization and integration of all seven levels. No level is necessarily better than any other - you need to have balance. eg. many psychics are not spiritual and don't necessarily believe in God. Life is about learning and about experiencing the different perspectives.

Other systems have different numbers (10, 12, 14, 22, 144, 352 etc.) however the principle remains the same - evolve consciousness, drop negative ego - ascend the Tree of Life - back to the Godhead / ParaNirvana / Great Tao / Unknown / Limitless Light. This journey is known as the path of - self realization, enlightenment or ascension.

We will discuss more on filters in what is reality' below.

related info: see pages on - chakras, 7 levels, 12 steps to self mastery,

Life has the meaning that you attach to it!


This means that life is how you choose deal with it.

However many of us aren't aware of this, and we think we are victims of circumstance, life etc.

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to cope with them.

Haven't you noticed how two people react in totally different ways in a situation - they perceive different things because they are looking at life / experiences / relationships through filters.

These filters are there because of beliefs, habits, attitudes, astrology, rays , archetypes, past experiences etc.

People react to people, things, events according to genes, social conditioning, & how they were brought up - using control dramas to gain energy / attention / power from others. eg. intimidating & victim or aloof & interogattor -

ego actions - proving a point or impressing or guilt tripping or poor me or aloof.

Depending on how attached you are to the situation (ie. ego - hopes, desires, fears, beliefs, experience, memories) will affect how you react to the situation.

If you are detached from your ego - selfish craving - desires & fears - greed, jealousy, anger you will respond calmly, and efficiently find the optimum solution.

If you are very attached to a certain outcome - for example getting somewhere on time, then you may get very annoyed with somebody slowing you down.

Likewise if you feel insecure, low self esteem, low self worth, self love - somebody can say anything and it pushes our buttons / pulls our strings.

If you feel secure with insecurity, self loving, self accepting, humble not arrogant, then you will act calmly and with respect & tact.

Your reality becomes what you concentrate/ focus on. If you are positive and happy you will attract happy and positive experiences and people into your life.

If you are miserable, negative & paranoid - guess what - your life will be full of negative experiences!

The way you think, act, feel and speak directly affects your reality!

Don't believe me, try it out! Start by examining your own habits, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, words, etc.

read 'As a Man Thinketh' by James Allen.

You will soon see that you have the power to choose a positive outcome instead of a negative one. eg. When somebody drives slowly in front of you and you are in a rush, instead of swearing and getting frustrated, take a step back -have a deep breath, choose to be relaxed. Choose not to get stressed! Look at their point of view, not just your own. Maybe the person who is driving slowly in front has had a bad day/week/ year. Maybe the person who seems to be annoying you is mourning the loss of a loved one.


Reality - Work

We have been brought up and socially conditioned in the West , in a culture of materialism, competition, profit, individualism and narcissism (egotism - eg. what's in it for me?)

The only goal for most people it seems is to make money, eat food & sex! However rarely do most people stop to take a creative pause - and smell the roses - see what they already have and have been missing for so long.

Our culture demands everything

I am not saying this is wrong - however it is taking it's toll on people.

Now if someone is constantly in a cycle of Mind-Body - or thinking-doing, thinking-doing, and does not stop to look at motivations, purpose & goal

eg. why am I doing this? Whom is it helping and how? How can I help self and others best? What are the lessons to learn from this situation? Am I being honest with myself & others?

There comes a point, usually when one is suffering, or when one has realized that money does not bring true happiness, or one thinks 'is this all there really is?' that one starts searching for some Truth -

Why am I here? -Who am I?

How shall I live to be happy & in harmony with others & life?

These are the questions that this website focuses on.

Read pages about


What is the meaning of life?

Below are the contents of the conclusion page

We're going to look at

Intro -

What does this all mean?!
WARNING SIGNS on the spiritual path
Source of teachings - Traditions, Masters etc.
Worthwhile goals


Dictionary Definition of Life
How life seems to function
Laws of Life - Karma, Impermanence etc.
What is real?
Is there God
Why suffer?
relative / absolute truth
Who am I?
Unity & Interconnections in Life

What now?

Changing the World
How do I actually live?
Living in Harmony with Others

HH Dalai Lama on Living Life
Mother Theresa on Living Life
Quick Tips & truths

The Key - The Shortcut
Meditation - Passive Awareness


More Thoughts:

Life is a journey of infinite choices!

Happiness comes with purposeful action - serving self & others -

Acting with enlightened self interest - being spiritually selfish

Life is a game, with many rules but no boundaries -

- The goal of the game is to resist evil temptations, and learn to love - let yourself be loved, and become conscious moment to moment

Once you know the rules, the game is more fun

' Don't be a bull in a china shop'

In fact it is not how you play the game, but how the game plays you!!

(read about Advaita - non-duality - God is the only Doer!)

Life is an adventure, with many up's and down's., enjoy them both

Life is amazing - you just have to look in the right places!

Life can be confusing, but acheivement, developing our talents and helping others is rewarding.

We live in a beautiful world (can be expensive)

Be careful what you wish for!

Live from your Heart, Head & Hands

"Better keep yourself clean and bright;
you are the window through which you must see the world."

George Bernard Shaw

more quotes

To put it simply: You shape your own reality. We give it colour, meaning when

We label things and react from our ego.

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