Cancer Industry Cover Up ?!


Remember: always first consult your doctor or medical practitioner.


In 1986 McGill Cancer Center scientists surveyed 118 oncologists who specialized in lung cancer. They were asked if they would take chemo if they developed lung cancer. Three-quarters replied that they WOULD NOT TAKE CHEMO. From "Reclaiming Our Health"of the by John Robbins, 1996. Published by HJ Kramer, Box 1082 , Tiburon , CA 94920 .


Patients and even doctors and themselves are losing faith in the effectiveness of conventional therapies against degenerative diseases such as cancer, ME, etc.

The cracks are showing. The following is a holistic view at cancer Offering leads and possible solutions and I am not condemning anyone in particular. The world is like this now, and this will soon pass. However ignorance leads to suffering. So all I am doing is searching for a 'cure' for my mum and maybe it might help others too. Below are a few points that have stuck regarding the conspiracy side of it:

Rockafella - Oil baron moved into pharmaceutical companies

Pharmacy comes from greek 'pharmakeia' meaning sorcery and witchcraft

pharmacist - from greek pharmakon - poisoner

RADIOLOGY: Very harmful in many ways. Spreads the cancer and weakens the patient's resistance to other diseases. Serious and painful side-effects, including heart failure. No evidence that treated patients live any longer, on the average, than those not treated. Statistical rate of long-term survival after metastasis is close to zero.

CHEMOTHERAPY: Also spreads the cancer through weakening of immunological defense mechanism plus general toxicity. Leaves patient susceptible to other diseases and infections, often leading to death from these causes. Extremely serious side-effects. No evidence that treated patients live any longer, on the average, than untreated patients. Statistical rate of long-term survival after metastasis is close to zero.

VITAMIN THERAPY: Non-toxic. Side effects include increased appetite, weight gain, lowered blood pressure, increased hemoglobin and red-blood cell count. Eliminates or sharply reduces pain without narcotics. Builds up body's resistance to other diseases. Is a natural substance found in foods and is compatible with human biological experience. Destroys cancer cells while nourishing non-cancer cells. Considering that most patients begin vitamin therapy only after they have been cut, burned, or poisoned by orthodox treatments and have been told that there no longer is any hope, the number of patients who have been brought back to normal health on a long-term survival basis (15%) is most encouraging. For those who turn to vitamin therapy first, the long-term survival rate is greater than 80%. Turning, at last, to the question of cancer research, we find that it is plagued with the same frustrations and self-induced failures as cancer therapy. Almost all current research projects are preoccupied with the question of how to cure cancer rather than what is cancer. Consequently, the basic problem of cancer research today remains one of fundamental rather than applied science.

from Excerpt from 'World Without Cancer'

Any treatment that you can obtain and self-administer threatens to remove your doctor from their treatment program. Although your doctor may not object to this, the American Medical Association (AMA) is strongly opposed to such a trend. For this reason the AMA has pushed for legislation to prevent the public from ever being exposed to alternatives. They have succeeded:

From the Office of Technology Assessment United States Congress, Archive of 1990, "Because their practices fall outside of standard medical practice, physicians who offer unconventional cancer treatments are vulnerable to the civil charge of malpractice."

From Dr. Moss's book, Questioning Chemotherapy (see Links) the estimated worldwide sales of all anti-cancer agents for 1997 is $11 billion. This includes cytotoxics and hormone treatments; cytokines; and anti-emetics. Cytotoxics (harmful compounds like chemo) represent about two-thirds of the market or about $7 billion.

If you operated a drug company and had a well known product that doctors were always prescribing, wouldn't you do all you could to promote your product and prevent competitive products from being used? What kind of promotion does a $7 billion a year product inspire?

Drug companies have the ear of most doctors. Mean while, Sheridan can't even get acknowledged by the medical community because he isn't a medical doctor.



Cancer 'cure' drugs offer hope to millions
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Nice rejects skin cancer drug use

October 14 2011


Who Controls the Cancer Industry
Some Notes

Major players including those Amercian Cancer Society, Food & Drug Administration FDA, NCI,

In 1880 Astar family, wealthy fur trade family slum lords and , provided initial funding New York Hospital which later became the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre - They dictated board of directors & who was to be the medical director of the hospital

In 1920's who the Rockafella's who controlled Standard Oil of New Jersey signed an extensive agreement with German pharmaceuticals IG Farven

Rockafella's began systematic contributions Memorial Hospital


Nitrogen Mustard - given to cancer patients

By 1960's board of Mem Hospit stood to lose or gain Lawrence Rockafella, Beno Schmidt chairman of board of M.S.K.

Exon - major producer of benzine, carcinogenic

G.m. responsible for 1/3 of air pollution according

Those who are making millions by making money on mass producing carcinogens (red dye, benzine) are also making money on the otherside by not only controlling cancer treatment drugs, and producing chemicals used for treatment - by substances these companies originally made.

Media ties

In 1988 2 board members were dir. of NY times corporation, 2 executives from reader's digest, 1 director of CBS, 1 president of warner communications

When story of promising alternatives

All cancer stories have to be cleared in New York through Science Editing Department of Associated Press of New York (where ACS and Memorial Hospital have virtual full control)

In 1953 John Swinton,'there is no such thing in this as an independent press, business of journalist, tools of rich men, intellectual prostitutes

AOL Time Warner

ACS - 400 million pounds per year

ACS founded in New York Harvard Club 1913 by John D. Rockafella and friends

Shaper of public opinion - urge for check up as soon as signs of cancer

61% of revenue goes on staff salaries, executive travel, supplies - less than 5% on patient care

In harper magazine,'emergency organization which must disband the day a cancer cure is found'

They'd go out of business

NCI - In 1971 National Cancer Act passed

A researcher applies for funding - such an application must be within bands of medical science - that's why NCI

alternative research - sham to appease congress

public pays for tax research - then pay again for drug that your tax money developed

FDA- govt. agency - to prevent harmfull or useless methods or treatments of cancer - entering the market

11 Intimidation, drunkeness, in subordination

Cure Rates

Cure - ACS '5 year survival after diagnosis

Among cure 2 million - ACS admits included people who still have cancer

Cancer Industry, Ralph Moss

The notion that

Earlier the detection, the more time - not affected real survival time at all

Steady increase

1in 27

1/16 in 1920

1/7 in 1950

1/6 in 1960


1980s cancer 'cures' 1/3, suddenly 49% survival

Variant on 5 year statistic -

relative survival rate - expected mortality rates (eg. getting run over by a truck) - lying with stats

NCI chose only figures for white people, ignoring death rates for blacks

nor for lung cancer patients (because death rates higher)

FDA and pharmaceutical advertising council - National Council against fraud

yet FDA


Doctors read journals.

Journals have articles evaluated by peer review (fellow doctors)

The articles in journals are written by professors researching new

drugs & therapies

They only get research grants if they follow the same old synthetic conventional route -to back up pharmaceutical companies.

One cause, One cure - not necessarily so

Alternative therapies were the natural conventional therapies until the early 1900's when medicine moved to synthetic substances - eg. vitamin C

A cure is

Law, definitions of

American Cancer Society Speaks

The advocates of Laetrile therapy have always emphasized that there is no cure, as such, for cancer. Since it is essentially a deficiency disease, one can only speak of prevention or control but not cure.

'Cure' - Can't claim that a product can cure cancer unless the product has been clinically tested.

Difficult to discern the efficacy of alternative therapies because usually patients go to alternative / natural / complementary on their last legs - when all conventional therapies have been tried.

Also the fact that conventional methods are used simultaneously, does n't meet the requirements of a clinical trial.


Just took seven years before one researcher had the courage to bring the Graviola story out into the open. It took five years of work by Japanese scientists before we learned about AHCC. Both are proving to be powerful cancer killers. Yet they were almost forgotten by the establishment. Just imagine the treatments for pain, heart disease, arthritis, aging, memory loss...and so much more...that are out there waiting for you to discover them.

statistics - ACS


How Quackery Harms Cancer - doctors against alternative therapies


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