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About 400 years before Christ, Plato said:

‘The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul and if the head and the body are to be healthy, you must begin by curing the mind. That is the first thing. Let no one persuade you to cure the head until he has first given you his soul to be cured. For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.’

The words whole, holy and heal come from the same word meaning Oneness. They are all the same.

'China, Japan, India, Tibet, Americas, Africa, Australia & have had a natural holistic approach for thousands of years eg. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture, Tai Chi, QiGong, Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Meditation, Massage, etc.

Many of these can be used as complementary therapies - that means they can work alongside conventional medicine. Complementary Medicine "complements" the patient at physical, mental, emotional vital force and spiritual energy levels of consciousness and is Holism in practise.

Alternative ' therapies were the norm until conventional medicine in the 19th century. For example herbs, flowers, tree bark, mushrooms, water & plants (as well as sound, light, massage, yoga, prayer, meditation, dreams, astrology) have been used to relieve and cure dis-ease for thousands of years - known to have medicinal properties. Asprin is derived from tree bark.

Conventional medicine often treats humans as machines, with separate parts - likes cogs in a machine. Instead we need to look at the mind-body-soul connection.

Remission or Curing' is often only on the physical level. For true healing the original seed (eg. trauma / radiation) of the problem needs to identified and resolved and then the body needs to return to balance.

When one has cancer, conventional medicine is only 25% of the available options. If one only listens to the doctors one is only using 25% of the resources. By all means see a doctor but also get several other opinions.

Thinking you've got no options can only make things worse. Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, lack of territory, lack of direction, lack of self -love, all contribute to a run down immune system and lead to dis-ease.

The doctor's diagnosis is only based on of Scholastic Medicine and not on Oriental, Natural, Traditional Medicine which has been used for thousands of years.

Most doctors have not learned much about - Nutrition, Power of the Mind, Qi / Ki / Prana, Power of Love, Prayer, Mind, Wisdom, Karma, True Purpose, Soul Purpose. Doctor's have often forgotten about principles and teachings of Hippocrates and Aristotle.

The optimum strategy is a holistic, balanced and an integrated one. Healing can happen on any of the four levels - Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Healing is not necessarily curing. Healing is about becoming happy with life and with who you really are in the present moment.

Therapies such as Reiki, Qigong, Meditation and Herbal Medicine have proved results on increasing blood count, boosting immune system and releasing stress and studies are currently possible . So they can work well in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Remember the body is set up for survival & preservation. It is designed to be healthy, whole and balanced. A broken bones heals and becomes stronger.

If body-mind-soul are connected then it makes sense that the soul or mind also want to survive. Survival for the soul means happiness and tranquility on the physical. If the soul is not happy, joyful, singing - it will want to return to it's maker.

The mind and body are servants of the soul

You have the power to decide.

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Types of Complementary, Alternative, &Traditional medicine / Therapies

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Various Arguments For & Against Natural, Integrated, Complementary, 'Alternative' & Traditional Therapies




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Against Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Rationalism - Anti-Quackery

ie. All Quackademics, Quackery is non-sense


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Thoughts and Factors regarding the debate of Alternative vs Conventional Therapies


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Using Discernment and Looking for the Truth behind it all


"Since truth is the only meaningful foundation upon which we can make wise decisions, how then can one establish what is really true? Increasingly more people are finding that making wise decisions is becoming more and more difficult because of the ultra-interconnected world in which we live. Constantly forced into our consciousness is an incessant barrage of counsel, advice, and promotions. It is done by a bewildering array of media, Internet, and other means. On a given subject we can receive multiple strongly delivered, carefully crafted messages with solutions. But often two of the solutions can be diametrically opposed. No wonder some are confused and are not sure how to make the right decisions."

"To further complicate matters, others try to persuade us that our decisions must be socially acceptable and politically correct. Some pondering of that approach will reveal how wrong it is. Since social and political structures differ widely over the world and can dramatically change with time, the folly of using that method to make choices is apparent."



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“the theory-ladenness of evidence”

Palaeontology (Cambridge Introduction to Philosophy and Biology) states that:

“The theory-ladenness of evidence can come in different strengths:

Your background theories might tell you where to look for evidence. For example, geological theories might tell you where to do your fieldwork if you want to study, say, the evolution of early land plants.

Your background theories might tell you why your evidence counts as evidence. For example, suppose you are looking at carbon isotope ratios in rocks in order to draw conclusions about the amount of photosynthetic activity in ancient oceans. You have to rely on background theories that explain how the carbon isotope ratios are related to photosynthetic activity.

Your background theories might tell you how to interpret what you see. Different scientists, with different theoretical commitments, might see the same thing but interpret it differently

Your background theories might influence or even determine what you see. Different scientists, with different theoretical commitments, might look at the same object but (somehow) see different things.”


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Main article: Philosophical skepticism

Skepticism is a position that questions the validity of some or all of human knowledge. Skepticism does not refer to any one specific school of philosophy, rather it is a thread that runs through many philosophical discussions of epistemology. The first well known sceptic was Socrates who claimed that his only knowledge was that he knew nothing with certainty. Descartes most famous inquiry into mind and body also began as an exercise in skepticism. Descartes began by questioning the validity of all knowledge and looking for some fact that was irrefutable and in so doing came to his famous dictum: I think therefore I am.

Foundationalism and the other responses to the regress problem are essentially defenses against skepticism. Similarly, the pragmatism of William James can be viewed as a coherentist defense against skepticism. James discarded conventional philosophical views of truth and defined truth to be based on how well a concept works in a specific context rather than objective rational criteria. The philosophy of Logical Positivism and the work of philosophers such as Kuhn and Popper can be viewed as skepticism applied to what can truly be considered scientific knowledge.[32]


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When Choosing a Therapy


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Herbal Teas
& Herbal Supplements




In general, some cancer patients use herbal supplements to relieve their symptoms and to treat their cancer. Herbal supplements, though, are not a substitute for mainstream cancer care. What's more, using herbal supplements while undergoing chemotherapy could reduce the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents due to possible herb-drug interactions.


PLEASE NOTE: There is much information and dis-information on the internet. Use discernment and don't fall for false hope as well as complete quackery stories.

if a cure is completely natural, and so, under federal law, not patentable. Now if there’s no way to make money from it....some people may go as far as to supress etc.

This website if for information purposes only.

The best solution, in my opinion, is a customised, personalised specialised integrative approach led by and monitored by a medical practioner.




Qi Gong & Cancer


Increase Your Ability for Self Healing
(and how to heal and vaporize tumours / cysts)

Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng, a child prodigy from the ancient Wudang Mountains.


Since 1979, "the Chinese have cured hundreds of cancer victims through chi gong," and many thousands have used this practice to prolong their lives, reports Paul Dong, a journalist and chi gong practitioner and teacher based in Oakland, California.10 Dong, who was born in mainland China, went to China in 1984 to investigate chi gong. Case histories of recovered cancer patients are frequently reported in chi gong magazines. This physical-mental exercise has aided remissions in many lung cancer patients who found conventional Western therapies ineffective. On December 2, 1986, the New York Times reported that the twenty-six chi gong clinics in China had successes in treating some cardiac diseases, paralysis, and neurological disorders. The modern use of chi gong to treat cancer originated with Guo Lin (1906-1984), a Chinese painter who was afflicted with uterine cancer in 1949 and was treated by surgery. The cancer recurred in 1960, with metastasis to the bladder. After another operation, Guo Lin had another recurrence and doctors told her she had six months to live. Turning to ancient chi gong manuals left to her by her grandfather, a Taoist priest, she practiced chi gong two hours every day, and in six months, the cancer had abated. Convinced that chi gong was responsible for her recovery, Madame Guo, in 1970, began giving lessons in what she called New Chi Gong Therapy. By 1977, cancer patients from all over China were pouring into Beijing to take part in her chi gong therapy classes. Guo Lin reportedly helped hundreds of cancer sufferers attain remissions while prolonging the lives and easing the pain of thousands more.11

Extract by Paul Dong:

Besides one's own practice of chi gong, another method of treat-ing cancer is through the use of a chi gong expert who can provide relief by transmitting external chi from his body to that of the patient, thereby purportedly killing cancer cells. Dr. Feng Li-da, vice-president, General Hospital of the Chinese Navy, Beijing, and professor of immunology, Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has done many experiments in this area. She reported that by transmitting external chi for one minute, a chi gong expert can destroy 90 percent of colon and dysentery bacilli, and in ten minutes 60 percent of a flu virus. In sixty minutes, the rate of destroyed uterine cancer cells is also around 60 percent, and that of destroyed gastric cancer cells 25 percent. A twenty-gram tumor on a mouse disappeared within a five-week period of external chi treatment. A few of the experiments referred to above were reported in the follow-ing press release of November 28,1983, by the New China (Xinhua) News Agency:

A meeting for the evaluation and demonstration of the action of chi gong on certain bacteria had recently been held, presided over by Feng, Li Da, deputy superintendent of the Navy General Hospital and director of the Immunology Research Division. Test tubes filled respectively with coliform bacillus and dysentery bacteria, golden and white staphylococcus, and virus were handed over one by one to a chi gong master, who held each of the tubes firmly in his hand for a minute to release external energy (chi) at it. A projector displayed the image of each experimental sample on a screen. Under an electronic microscope, the bacteria were shown to be expanding, cracking, and dissolving, being killed by chi gong. From the immunological standpoint, Feng has thus demonstrated that chi energy is an objective reality. Furthermore, she has confirmed that chi gong is effective to a certain degree in treating B-hepatitis. There is also encouraging preliminary evidence of the therapeutic effect of chi gong with respect to the treatment of guinea pigs suffering from ascites ( an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen) caused by cancer. Dr. Feng declared that in mainland China chi gong has now advanced from the prescientific phase to a new epoch in which modern methods are employed in its study. The study of chi gong has been conducive to the development of immunology and other sciences. Another example: A Japanese cancer victim, Ansei Shonin, who had a tumor in the lower part of his head, deeply imbedded in his nasal cavity. Made a special trip from Japan to Beijing's General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army to undergo external chi treatment. A chi gong expert performed twelve days of external chi treatment, and as a result Ansei Shonin's tumor, as large as an egg, shrunk, and his pain was distinctly eased. Why external chi works toward strengthening of the cells and the immune responses of the body in the case of healing a disease, and appears to kill or otherwise interrupt and reverse the growth of cells (or bacteria) in the case of cancer (or the influencing of bacterial cultures) is not known. To the best of our knowledge, it is due to the different intent of the qi gong master. This may be similar to visual-ization or imaging therapy, as applied in Western alternative medical approaches. As part of the therapy, the determination is made in advance whether the patient will visualize growth of healthy or destruction of cancerous cells in his or her own body.

In conclusion, then, cancer victims apparently can achieve effective treatment by practicing chi gong as shown by Master Guo. But one might suggest that if the patient is too weak or for other reasons unable to practice chi gong regularly and vigorously, external chi should be tried as a cure or used as a supplement to chi gong. Finally, as described in the previous chapter regarding practices in the Bei Da Hei Clinic, combinations of "internal" and "external" chi with dietetic therapy and Western medical science may all be attempted when looking for a cure for cancer.




Articles - Qi Gong & Cancer - Scientific Evidence



Actual Qi Gong Practice & Cancer


Videos - Cancer & Qi Gong


There is a video cassette named "Mr. Zhang Xiangjiu Qigong Treatment Exhibition " which displays so many astonishing cases of disappearing tumor at a sudden, jointing the fracture instantaneously, making 37 year's deaf & dumb to hear & speak, 20 year's blind to see the bright and paralytic to go on foot by himself. links


Founders, Originators, Masters of QiGong



Qi Gong Hospitals / Institutes



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Herbs, Agriculture, Herb Research, Botanical - Organisations

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Organisations & Associations

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) is the Federal Government's lead agency for scientific research on complementary and integrative health approaches.


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Choosing which Alternative Therapies



Reviews of Therapies

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) are therapies of proven or unproven efficacy that have been used to promote wellness, to manage symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment, or to treat cancer. When properly combined with standard cancer treatments, some complementary therapies can enhance wellness and quality of life, but others may be harmful during or after treatment for cancer. Most, but not all, are natural products.

MD Anderson's Integrative Medicine Program provides information for health care professionals and patients regarding the current understanding of complementary medicine and to assist in the integration of these therapies with conventional treatments, where appropriate. Our intention is to provide evidence-based information to improve the lives of patients who choose to use these therapies under the direction of informed physicians.





Shops, Supplies


More Cancer links click here

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Encyclopedia of Complemetary Medicine

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for full list of cancer books, audio & video click here

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