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Auras - E- M Fields


People can see other peoples' energy fields, known as auras.

Auras have been described metaphysically as the radiation of a person's spiritual energy through the body, along with the effects of thoughts and feelings being projected at them.

An aura is like a psychic X-ray. When properly interpreted it can reveal a person's mood, intentions, health, feelings and motives.

"Aura Vision saves money and prevents problems!." from 'You are Psychic'.

Auras can also be detected and filmed using an electromagnetic process known as Kirlian photography.

Energy fields can be manipulated to heal*. Areas of illness can be detected by a healer when they feel great heat in the hands




Bioplasmic or Energy Body (Aura)


Clairvoyants, with use if their psychic faculties, have observed that every person is surrounded and interpenetrated by a luminous energy body, called the bioplasmic body. Just like the visible physical body, it has a head, two eyes, two arms etc. In other words, the bioplasmic body looks like the visible physical body. This is why clairvoyants call it the etheric double, or etheric body.

The words "bioplasmic" comes fro bio, which means life, and plasma, which is the fourth state of matter; the first three being solid, liquid, gas. Plasma is ionised gas, or gas with positive and negative charged particles.

This is not the same as blood plasma. Bioplasmic body means a living energy body made up of invisible subtle matter or etheric matter.

Science with the use of Kirlian photography, has rediscovered the energy body. With thee aid of Kirlian photography, scientists have been able to study, observe, and take pictures of small bioplasmic articles, like bioplasmic fingers, leaves etc. It is through the energy body that prana, or life energy, is absorbed and distributed throughtout the whole physical body.


Meridians or Bioplasmic Channels


Just as the visible physical body has blood vessels through which blood flows, the energy body has fine, invisible bioplasmic channels, or meridians, through which ki and bioplasmic matter flow, and all are redistributed all over the body.

There are several major bioplasmic or energy channels, and thousands of minor ones. In yoga, these are called the major and minor nadis. Through these channels flows prana or ki, that nourishes and invigorates the whole body.


Scientific Research on Channels or jing luo (meridians) and xue (acupoints)


by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Jing luo (meridians) are the channels in the body through which the qi flows. Xue (acupuncture points) are the points on the surface of the skin that connect to the jing luo (meridians).

Meridians and acupuncture points are bad translations since jing luo are physically real but meridians are imaginary lines of the earth; and xue are just points on the skin that can transfer signals into the channels or jing luo (meridians) and are not necessary only used for acupuncture.

Research on channels or jing luo was done by Shanghai Fu Dan University, Shanghai Bao Shan Acupuncture Hospital, Shanghai Sixth People Hospital, Second Army Medical School, and Shanghai Chinese Medical School. MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CAT scans (computer axial topography scans), and autopsies were used in the research. The discoveries on the characteristics of meridian (jing luo) are :

1. Jing luo and xue (acupuncture points) are basically complex structures, aggregates of connective tissues, lymph ducts, blood vessels and nerves that possess complex biological functions.

2. The connective tissues deep under the xue (acupuncture points) contain larger amount of the elements like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, chromium than other tissues. Among them, the amount of calcium is proportionally higher than in any other tissues except bones, about 10 to 100 times higher. Calcium ions are important messengers in the regulating the functions of the body.

3. The collagens in the connective tissue of jing luo and xue are highly efficient in transmitting infrared signals. This suggests that the human body may possess an optical system that controls the functions of the body.


How to see auras

Get a friend to stand 18 inches in front of a white wall. Face the subject about ten to twenty feet away. make sure it is not too bright. Try in a darkened room, using night vision.

Look beyond them, past their shoulder at the wall.

After a short while you should see a 1 - 3 inch band of light glow around the outline, especially in head and shoulder area. This is the etheric body, the first layer of the aura.

After practice (may be even weeks /months) you should be able to colours. Soon you will see more and more and will be able to ditinguish between layers, and you will know what they mean.

Your ability to see layers maybe based on how far you are on the spiritual journey.


Tips To Improve Aura Vision

Don't try to hard or for too long - you will get tired.

All of us have psychic powers / senses, but many of us just don't know it!

There are four extra senses: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychic Feeling, Psychic Knowing. We all have the ability to develop any of these however we are naturally stronger in one or two of them.

Aura Photos - check Jelaila Starrs Aura or diana coopers



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Auras, Mark Smith - 'See auras in only 60 seconds'

You Are Psychic! : The Free Soul Method Pete A. Sanders Jr. (UK / US)


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