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T'ai Chi is about breathing and relaxing as we move through the changes of life, continually filling and flowing with life energy. By filling with Qi, we become, like Qi, nurturing to all things.

Why do T'ai Chi?

Tai Chi's Philosophy of Living

T'ai Chi means "supreme ultimate". By practising T'ai Chi, our mind centers, and we become the supreme ultimate point in the Universe - a clearer, lighted point from which all that we will ever dream and achieve flows. You become an absolute point of healing, healing yourself, and by so doing, healing the world around you.

T'ai Chi celebrates being alive. Daily practise of T'ai Chi's forms cleanses your body and mind of stress, awakens your senses, and opens you to the limitless energy of life, Qi..

T'ai Chi gives you an edge, no matter what it is you strive to succeed in. Moreover, T'ai Chi teaches you to be happy, excited, and thankful for everything that we are right now. This is a wonderful way to live, being here now, to savor the tremendously exquisite live's we've been given; content and yet ready, willing, and able to take on the noblest adventures in life.

Remember that you are a miracle. You are here to do miraculous things. Somtimes that miraculous thing is just being kind. Enjoy this life; it's the best game in town. Play T'ai Chi, breathe, and everything else will take care of itself.

T'ai C'hi Checklist

T'ai Chi Health Tips

The above was excerpted from "The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong" by Bill Douglas.

I totally agree with the above! I do feel like I'm holiday most days - even though I am sorting a lot of things out! When Qi is flowing - everything slots into place - I get to places at the perfect time and a great parking place is usually waiting. On not so good days, minor accidents happen (breakages, spills, scratches, bumps etc.) and less pleasure and more pain is experienced. Greg.

In Tai Chi Chuan they say "Where the mind (yi) goes the energy (qi / chi) follows."

eg. Close your eyes, relax, take 3 deep breathes, then focus your attention on your hands for about a minute - notice them getting warmer!
Be careful what you think about! and why!


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