Vortex Water Energiser

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Water is the single most important substance for life on our planet. All living beings are made up of large amounts of water. We humans consist of over 70% water. It is therefore vital to have healthy 'living' water to sustain us. Sadly, in the industrialised world of today, aqua vivens (living, energetically charged water) is a rarity. In our drinking water supply systems, water is exposed to the detrimental energetic effects of straight unnatural water pipes, high mains pressures and chemical treatments. Water is not allowed to move in its natural winding way, thereby causing loss of life force. Negative energetic imprints from chemicals, such as fertilisers, pesticides and sterilisers remain in the water, even after physical removal of such substances.

Research by Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig and Prof. Schweitzer and others has shown that water can store information and picks up negative, as well as positive, energetic imprints via vibrational transfer. This "memory of water" phenomenon is attributed to the dipolar structure of water. Hundreds of water molecules group together and form clusters, in which colloidal minerals and biophotons (light energy) interact. These clusters are very sensitive structures and are impressionable by vibrational influences. In this way water acts as a receiver and transmitter of information.

The Vortex Energiser is a spiralling copper device. It contains highly energised water, which has been prepared using an innovative new process called implosion. Whilst this process is new to technology it is actually as ancient as the Universe. Implosion is one of the fundamental processes behind nature. The Austrian, Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology, saw implosion as the life generating principle and explosion as the life degeneration principle.

Because of the special water it contains and its form, the Vortex Energiser acts as a cosmic antenna and amplifier which takes its energy directly from the Quantum Sea of Energy (Ether), a subtle form of energy which is all around us. This means that no electrical power supply is required. Just placing the Vortex Energiser beside ordinary 'lifeless' water will cause it to become charged and healthy once again. Direct contact is not necessary as the energy is transferred by way of vibration. This process is similar to one tuning fork picking up the vibration of another tuning fork, even if the first one has not been struck. This is called resonance. Many people have testified that water regains a remarkable natural quality and taste.

Before you fix the Vortex Energiser permanently to the water mains pipe, we recommend you first use it on all closed heating and cooling systems, such as the central heating, the fridge and the freezer. Because these are closed systems permanent fixture is not necessary. 24 hours is usually sufficient to transfer the energy permanently.

To energise the domestic central heating system lay the Vortex Energiser on the floor with the apex pointing at and touching a pipe coming down from one of the radiators. Leave the Vortex Energiser in this position for 24 hours, preferably with the heating on. This will ensure that the energy will be taken on by the whole system. You may now do the same with the fridge and freezer. All food contains water and will benefit from being energised. This has been shown to improve taste and prolong the life of food and drinks. Simply put the Vortex Energiser in the fridge for a day to transfer the energy to the food stored within the fridge and to the cooling system. The energised cooling system will ensure that new food coming into the fridge will be energised even after the Vortex Energiser has been removed.

After you have dealt with the closed heating and cooling systems the Vortex Energiser can be permanently attached to your drinking water system. You need the Vortex Energiser here at all times (as your mains water is not a closed system) to ensure that all new incoming water becomes energised.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Here are two pictures of London tap water. Figure 1 was before the Vortex Energiser was attached, and shows no cluster structure and very small amounts of biophoton emissions. Figure 2, after The Vortex Energiser had been attached for ten minutes, clearly shows the increased structure and more vibrant biophoton emissions.

All the Vortex Energisers are 20cm high by about 18cm wide. The Silver and Gold plated versions will not tarnish and are ideal for hanging in waiting rooms or therapy rooms to create a good atmosphere and raise the energy vibration within the room.


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