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Unfortunately this product is now discontinued .
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Amalgam Blocker Toothpaste -
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The Issue

Mercury and other heavy metals are constantly being emitted into the oral cavity from amalgam fillings, metallic crowns, bridges and inlays. In particular, the filling material amalgam, is the topic of much controversial discussion, because of its high mercury content (at least 50%).

It is, today, largely undisputed that amalgam fillings are the primary source of anorganic mercury pollution in the human body. It is therefore advisable to keep the emission of mercury and other components of alloys (e.g. silver, copper, tin) as low as possible.


The emission of heavy metals increases when one eats or drinks anything hot and/or sour. However, by far the highest quantities of mercury and mercury vapour are emitted by bruxism, frequent chewing of gum and brushing teeth.

For example, brushing one's teeth with an ordinary toothpaste causes the emission of mercury to increase by 5-10 times, returning to the original level of emission only after 1-2 hours. If one assumes that a significant section of the population brush their teeth twice, or even three times, a day, then an increase in the concentration of mercury vapour for between 2-7 hours per day would be the result. In contrast to this fact, brushing teeth with Original Tuebinger Toothpaste has a long-term minimising effect on the emission of mercury and mercury vapour and can even prevent it completely.


Just to complete the picture, it should be pointed out that rinsing out the oral cavity with water after brushing the teeth does not prevent increased emission of mercury vapour. The mercury load of saliva shows a similar curve. Here, too, the mercury content increases considerably after brushing the teeth and stays high for a long period of time.

The third point that should be mentioned is that conventional toothpastes also rub off and emit markedly more mercury and mercury vapour as the teeth are brushed. As brushing continues, the heavy metals are distributed over the oral mucous membrane and the gums. Use of Original Tuebinger Toothpaste - Amalgam-Blocker reduces this effect to a minimum level.



The Solution

  • Stops or minimizes long-term emission of mercury and mercury vapour from amalgam fillings after brushing teeth.
  • Reduces the emission of heavy metals from crowns, bridges and inlays after brushing teeth.
  • Prevents periodontosis
  • Hinders tartar formation
  • Does not contain colouring agents


The Recommendation

Recommended by the Internationalen Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahn-Medizin e.V. (International Society for Holistic Dental Care).

The Expert

The unique effectiveness of "Original Tuebinger Toothpaste" in high level reduction of mercury and mercury vapour has been confirmed in an independent double-blind study by expert Rolf Driehorst, Dipl.-Ing (FH) of the "UIS Private Umweltinstitut GmbH Stuttgart".


The Statement

Statement of the International Society for Holistic Dental Care

To avoid or reduce health risks from amalgam:

The surest way to avoid health risks from amalgam is by the total replacement of this filling material with alternative materials. If teeth have been filled with amalgam, the only complete protection is to have fillings removed by an expert. After removal of the amalgam, therapy may possibly be helpful to cause excretion of traces of heavy metals.

For those who either do not want to, or cannot remove their fillings, it is advisable to keep the quantity of released mercury, mercury vapour and other alloy components as low as possible. This applies particularly to women during pregnancy and lactation, because it is indisputable that mercury from the mother's amalgam fillings is passed on to foetuses and babies. [Research carried out at the

University of Munich verified that the mercury burden of the foetus is increased in proportion to the number of amalgam fillings the mother has (2, 3)].

Brushing teeth, the necessity for which is of course undisputed, leads to increased emission of mercury and mercury vapour from the surface of the fillings.

Possible risk from brushing the teeth may be prevented by the use of a toothpaste which, in addition to the desired cleaning effect, ensures that the quantity of released amalgam-mercury is kept as low as possible.

Original Tuebinger Toothpaste - Amalgam-Blocker, has been developed with this objective and has proved superior to all other tested toothpastes in research carried out to date. Experts in independent laboratory testing have confirmed the results stated here.

Furthermore, the quantities of other heavy metals released from dental materials, e.g. inlays, crowns and bridges, are diminished by brushing with Original Tuebinger Toothpaste.


Amalgam Blocker Toothpaste -
( + £2.00 p & p)

Current Stock Info & Availability
We are based in London, UK.

Availability: Unfortunately this product is now discontinued . As far as we know It is no longer being manufactured.

Delivery: Usually Sent within 24-48 hours (Currently out of Stock)

Postage & Packing: £2.00 within UK

updated: 10th Jan '05

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