The Q Link Pendant -
Neutralises the Effects of EMF Pollution

As Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) disrupt and
fragment the human energy field we feel:

Drained of Energy
Often Irritated
Mood Swings
Mind Chatter

The Q Link harmonically strengthens the human energy
field and users report:

Less Stressed-out
More Energy & Vitality
Centred & Grounded
Body/Mind Integration


In today's fast-paced, high technology world our bodies are increasingly forced to interact and adapt to an environment that is becoming ever more chaotic, toxic, and stressful.



At the same time every day more and more of us seek new ways to realise our highest potential - whether it be the experience of total health and longevity, enhanced personal energy, or the exceptional athletic or work performance that results from body/mind integration. The Q-Link's copper induction coil antenna is charged by your own personal energy field - activating advanced bio-resonance functions to strengthen, tune-up and enhance your bio-energy field (chi, prana). The Q Link works like a bionic tuning fork to help naturally fortify your primary energy field against the constant assault of EMF, toxic chemicals, and polluted air.



"I have tested the Q Link's effectiveness utilising Applied Kinesiology (AK) with many patients against computer screens, my X-ray generator, power lines, cellular telephones and television sets. It has not failed to negate weaknesses created by these evoked environmental stressors. I've never seen these excellent results with a product before."
J. Angleitner D.C. DIBAK
(Diplomat of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology)



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Q-link Classic Pendant - DISCONTINUED
£49.00 incl. delivery

Qlink SRT3

Qlink SRT3 White

Q-link SRT 3 Pendant
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£79.95 incl. delivery

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