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Are you heating your brain with your mobile phone?

Over the last few years much has been written in national newspapers and various government reports about the possible health hazards of mobile phones and Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's) are manmade modern day life pollution, they are invisible and cannot be felt. However we are constantly being bombarded by them from the radio, TV, pylons, high voltage cables, computers, fax machines, mobile phones as well as many domestic and office manmade electrical appliances. The higher the field the worse it is for you. When you drive under power lines in the car the radio gets interference but as we are made up of energy it is affecting us in the same way - it's interfering with our own energy fields.

Mobile phones have recently had a lot of attention because the fields are high and you are holding the phone right next to your brain. Users of mobile phones have reported anything from feelings of warmth behind the ear, to headaches, memory loss, discomfort, fatigue, tingling, concentration loss, dizziness and burning skin, among other things. This could be due to the fact that mobile phones run on a frequency from 0.8/0.9GHz to 1.8/1.9GHz, which means that in one ten minute phone call you have hit your energy field at 1.14 billion times, which cannot be good for you.

Mobile phone companies are now trying to produce phones that give out less radiation. If it is not a problem why are they doing this? At point of sales now they will have to display a health warning (just as cigarettes did some years ago) that they may be hazardous to your health. Mobile phone companies have now been asked to come clean after it was discovered that Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola were developing shields for their phones. If it's not a problem why develop shields?

The Phone Dome is a device created with microcrystals which attaches anywhere to the mobile phone. The unique qualities of these microcrystals incorporated in the Phone Dome, act as an energy cell that creates a positive energy alteration within the harmful radiation fields emitted from all mobile phones. It works as a positive effect generator by changing the negative effects from the EMF's to a positive one so that they become biocompatible to your own energy field. The EMF's therefore no longer have a detrimental effect on the body.

The inventor of the Phone Dome has spent over 20 years on research and development concerning radiation and its effect on the human body and has produced various devices (such as the Compu Dome PD 108) to counteract the electromagnetic radiation effects. Over the last six years he has studied specifically the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body and has brought out the Phone Dome to counteract this.

Dr. Roger Coghill, one of the leading authorities in the UK on mobile phone radiation, has carried out independent tests on the Phone Dome and now recommends the use of it. Testing with Kinesology and through the SE5 Plus (radionic equipment) have both given this product the thumbs up.

The Phone Dome will not interfere with the antenna or the workings of the phone, and can be attached anywhere to the phone (front or back) and on any make or any model.


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