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Fig 1


A Natural Way to Wake up

The Body Clock does what nature does. Instead of the crashing sound of a normal alarm the Body Clock mimics a natural sunrise, from the first faint glimmer of dawn, gradually getting brighter and brighter to light up the room until it reaches its full intensity when an optional backup beeper sounds for reassurance that you will wake up. Most people disable this after a few days.

What's the theory?

We know that light governs the body clock, so waking up to dawn provides a signal to the 'body clock' which kee ps it in regulation.

Body Clocks work by using your body's natural response to sunrise and sunset to help synchronise your sleep/wake pattern. Each morning the light comes on very slowly so by the time you wake up, your body has already, subconsciously, been responding to increased light levels around you, and you wake up feeling refreshed.

This explanation probably goes back to when mankind was evolving, and our systems adapted so that our ancestors woke with the sunrise, which their systems recognised as being a gradual increase in light. Now with modern day living we wake up at the same time every day even when the days get longer or shorter.

Fig 2

Each clock also has a simulated sunset which gives your body the signal to wind down, so helping you to sleep. They all have a dimmable bedside light which is ideal for reading or soft lighting.

The Body Clock Sunray (Fig. 1) also has a digital display and a sunray light effect. The Body Clock Classic (Fig. 2) has additional features of a classic clock face with optional dial illumination, a FM/AM Clock radio and a Sunray light effect.

Fig 3

The Body Clock Advanced (Fig. 3) has additional features of an intelligent LCD digital display which fades to a low level when you want to sleep. A security option so the light comes on at random intervals between 4-11pm as if the house is occupied. Variable sunrise/sunset duration so you can choose your best level between 15 and 90 minutes. 'Sleepsound' white noise option which masks outside noise - especially useful for shift workers and a snooze feature.


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