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Magnetic Insoles

Acupuncture Magnetic Insoles are made from durable plastic with one hundred and twenty 800 gauss multi-pole magnets strategically placed inside (96,000 gauss total).

They have been designed with massage modules that stimulate the reflexology points to help the body's internal organs and to give a fingertip massage effect to relieve the feet. They can also be worn the flat side up for added comfort.

By improving circulation the insoles boost energy, ease aches and pains and improve health. Reflexology has been around for thousands of years. If it didn't work we wouldn't use it today. The soles of our feet have over 7000 nerve endings which run all over the body. The Japanese have a saying "look after your feet and you can walk your way to heaven". All sizes available - as you trim to size.

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Magnetic Insoles (1 Pair )
(800 Gauss per magnet)
£29.95 incl. delivery

More powerful and effective than other insoles.

Magnetic Insoles ( 2 Pairs )
800 Gauss per magnet

£49.95 incl. delivery


Copper & Magnetic Bracelets


The benefits of copper have been utilised for over two thousand years and are said to have helped with a number of health problems. With these bracelets it combines the two technologies (magnetic and copper), to give you one great product.

Inset into the copper bracelet are six 1500 Gauss (9000 total) Silicone Coated Magnets. The two tone bracelet is pure copper but gold and silver plated.

Copper/Magnetic Bracelet
£29.95 incl. delivery

Copper/Magnetic Bracelet Two Tone
£29.95 incl. delivery

Copper/Magnetic Bracelet & Two Tone
£49.95 incl. delivery


Magnetic Strap - Bio North 2 South


The Magnetic Therapy Bio North 2 South has been designed for simple wear and is extremely comfortable even in the work place and comes with a 2000+ gauss magnet that is placed directly over the pulse in the wrist.

The Bio 2 delivers a highly penetrating powerful magnetic field to the body.

Magnetic Strap (2,000+ Gauss)
£24.95 incl. delivery


Magnetic Pad & Water-making Kit


You can use this powerful magnet to put directly on to aches and pains as it comes supplied with its own velcro strap. It eases aches and pains but will also speed up the healing in the area of application. It can also help to fight infection and arrest disease.

The Positive Pole encourages life in all its forms, aids poor digestion. It also strengthens weak muscles and builds up calcium. It can also be directly applied to broken bones, broken joints and fractures.

The Negative Pole arrests infection and allows nature to heal. It also works with burns. Use the Negative Pole to alleviate pain and then use the Positive Pole to promote tissue growth. It increases resistance to infection and diseases. It works with Arthritis where the calcium build up in the joints is slowly dissolved.



It is also very useful and good for sprains in the hands, feet, wrists, ankles, arms, legs, shoulders, hips etc.. It is believed that by creating a balance in the body you are creating the right environment for health and well-being.

The Magnetic Pad can also be used to magnetise water. Magnetising water transforms it into a special liquid. In many countries magnetic water is used as a basic type of medication in conjunction with magnetic treatment. Magnetised Water can be used either in addition to magnets, or as a therapy in its own right. Applications include internal and digestive imbalances and can help to eliminate certain substances, fight imbalances within the body and build up your natural defence system.

The preparation is simple, take a bottle of water (tap or bottled) and strap on the Negative Pole (red side) of the magnet for about 12 hours. This magnetic water can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Magnetic Pad & Water-making Kit
(1,500 Gauss)
£24.95 incl. delivery


Magnetic Pet Collar


The Magnetic Pet Collar helps your pet when asleep, relaxes muscles and eases aches and pains. A simple and natural pain relief for all animals.

This adjustable collar will fit comfortably on all your pets. It also comes with a quick and easy fastener with an attachment for your lead. The collar contains a rare earth magnet, strong enough to emit all the beneficial effects your pet needs.


"Bonnie has not been for a proper walk for just over two years due to osteo-arthritis. We tried the magnetic pet collar and last weekend, not only did she walk to the park but she spent nearly an hour chasing around. I'd recommend it to everyone." Bonnie's owner.

Magnetic Pet Collar
£24.95 incl. delivery





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The Magna Mattress Pad is a soft and quilted full double mattress (45"x 28") that simply lies over your existing mattress under the bed sheet. (80,000 gauss total). The mattress is great for increased energy levels, recovery, improved circulation and general well-being.

The New MagneTech Healer creates a much stronger pure bipolar magnetic field than before. Bone fractures heal much faster, Oxygen absorption via the lung increases, Blood circulation to the body's extremities improves, Scars after an operation heal faster

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