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Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver for Pennies an Ounce

Colloidal Silver is broadly acknowledged as a universal agent for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Used for years, it has recently become more popular and well-known.

It used to be common practice to put a silver coin into a bottle of milk to keep it from souring, or into a bottle of water to purify it. The ancient Greeks & Romans used to put silver into their urns and in the Middle Ages royalty, eating with silver utensils, were less susceptible of succumbing to the ravages of the plague.



In retail stores colloidal silver sells between £15 - £25 for an 8oz bottle. By making your own with the Colloidal Silver Maker you can make your own for around 10p for the same 8oz bottle. This is 200 times cheaper than buying it ready-made.

Colloidal Silver has been called "Nature's Antibiotic". It is silver suspended in a distilled water solution. Silver is a powerful, natural, universal prophylactic and antibiotic. It is a natural disinfectant and broad-spectrum antimicrobial-agent that kills bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, and parasites; over 650 disease-causing pathogens or organisms.

Besides being a precious metal, silver is a TRACE MINERAL, essential to the body. Trace amounts of silver are prophylactic, or protective, in nature and helps to strengthen the immune system. As the body ages, the ability to assimilate silver decreases. This leads to SILVER DEFICIENCY and an impaired immune system. Once the immune system is weakened our defenses go down and we are less able to fight off various diseases.

Colloidal Silver is the only safe way to obtain silver as supplement. It is bio-available to allow direct permeability into the body's tissues. The Colloidal Silver Maker produces Colloidal Silver with a particle size of around .001 to .004 microns. This is very small and therefore easy for your body to absorb.

Minerals, especially trace minerals, are more important for the body than vitamins, because without minerals, vitamins can not be utilized. Research has shown a direct correlation between mineral and vitamin deficiencies and illnesses.

CHELATED minerals are a popular choice, but they only allow 40-60% absorption, whereas Colloidal minerals have a 98-100% absorption. Commercial Colloidal Silver has been around since the late 1800's. It was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) in the 1920's as a safe antibiotic. A daily dose of Collidal Silver improves the immune system resulting in more energy, vitality, quicker healing and a reduction of bodily toxins.

Prices in pounds sterling incl. delivery within Mainland UK

Colloidal Silver Maker - DISCONTINUED
£93.95 incl. delivery

Colloidal Silver Replacement Silver Rods
£12.95 incl. delivery


The silver is approx 1.5mm wire and it is 99.9% pure (as pure as can get)
The silver is from a silver exchange in the city of London so it is bona fide real.

Usually posted within 1-3 working days



Frequently Asked Questions - Colloidal Silver Maker Rods:

Q. Will these fit my colloidal silver maker?

A. These rods are designed for the Zappertek Colloidal silver maker we also supply. However if you have a colloidal silver maker which has adjustable clips it should be fine but we cannot guarantee it.

Q. I'm interested in buying a colloidal silver maker. Can you tell me how long the rods last, i.e. how many fluid ounces (oz) or mililitres (ml) can I produce before they need replacing.

A. They make gallons and much no one has ever sat down to work out.

Q. So, how do you know when they need replacing??

A. When the silver goes into the water it slowly will make one rod shorter than the other, you can change them over and it will then start coming of that rod. Over years the rods will become 8cm then 7cm, 6cm etc. when they are too short to go into the water then they need replacing. I don't know anyone as yet who has used them so much that they have had to replace them. We do sell the extra rods and people like to buy a spare just in case. Some take them abroad for example and want to always have a spare pair.

Q. I would also like to know how the rods should be cleaned after each use.

A. The rods can be cleaned with just a damp cloth or a silver cleaner cloth – even wiped clean with a tissue. The rods can also be placed in a sealed plastic bag to reduce oxidation.


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